Of the contractual relationship

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of the contractual relationship

In recent decades, the influence of consultants in our economy has increased continuously. Many large client organizations regularly involve consultancies in. Definition of CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIP: Legal kinship between parties of contract demonstrated by 1) a proposal, 2). In my last post, "To Protect And Serve" (link), we discussed the nature of the contractual relationship between the people and government.

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This relationship between you and government must be understood if ever you wish to stand up against this legal extortion via contract. The interaction of police with you as a contracted or licensed citizen is a prerequisite for this interaction.

Contractual Relationship: Everything You Need to Know

Agreeing to this contractual relationship is agreeing to being protected and served… and arrested, put in pain, and punished for non-compliance of contract. A police officer cannot lawfully interact with you unless you are legally contracted with his corporation governmentgiving him jurisdiction and authority your permission and consent to do so.

of the contractual relationship

As a citizen and licensed driver, you are within this contractual relationship. The best way to understand this need for police to verify your legal person through legal license or other identification is to revisit an old confrontation I had with the Salt Lake City Airport Police.

I was in a public area, not within a secured area.

Contractual Relationships in Project Management

As you are watching, you will realize what I was realizing as this event unfolded — that these police officers had no authority or jurisdiction over me or my actions because I did not sign a contract called a permit. If I had obtained this permit for free speech, I would have been subject to their will.

of the contractual relationship

But without the contract, they knew that they had no real power over me… except that of threat and coercion. So why would I then sign a permit limiting my rights and giving this idiot permission to protect and serve me by arresting me and serving me process? Cooperate with martial law military statutes or become a prisoner of the Civil War with no ending? Do you get it yet, folks? Now watch as the media spins this and makes us look ineffectual.

of the contractual relationship

Notice that I completely explained the situation, and gave the media the opportunity to report on the absolute violation by Airport Police of my rights. However, the key aspect for the implementation of service and protection is based on the definition of what a contractual relationship is.

This relationship must be fully understood if you want to fight against legal extortion through the use of contracts. Before the police interact with you as a licensed or contracted citizen i.

of the contractual relationship

Agreeing to a contractual relationship means accepting the service and protection of the other party as well as being liable to be arrested, punished, and put in pain for non-compliance with the terms of the contract. Before police can lawfully interact with an individual, the individual must be legally contracted to the government, which gives the officer the authority and jurisdiction through your consent and permission to carry out his duties.

of the contractual relationship

As a licensed driver and citizen, you have agreed to this contractual relationship, and, as such, are subject to its terms and conditions. Tortious Interference with Contractual Relations Law and Legal Definition Also known as interference with contract, procurement of breach of contract, induced breach of contract, or interference with a contractual relationship, tortious interference with contractual relations refers to the intentional interference of a third party to induce one of the contracting parties to break a contract.

This inducement causes damage to the contractual relationship between the contracting parties. The tortfeasor convinces one of the parties to breach contract against the other contracting parties or disrupts the ability of any of the contracting parties to fulfill the terms of the contract. In the latter case, the expected performance is affected, thus resulting in a contract breach.

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