Professor xavier and magneto relationship

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professor xavier and magneto relationship

No matter what, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart will never fail to surprise you. The eccentric best buds have done it again and this time. I know that the actor that played Magneto is openly gay. Patrick Stewart has been married to women though unsure if currently married. Everything you've ever wanted to know about Professor X but didn't The complicated relationship between Magneto and Xavier is one of the.

Of course, something had to be done with the gems themselves following the fall of Thanos. This particular gem grants its wielder enhanced mental powers, which Xavier already possessed to some degree. After all, how many villains would take it upon themselves to rip out the brain of Charles Xavier in order to use it for nefarious means? Well, to eliminate the mutant race, of course!

professor xavier and magneto relationship

After fusing his brain with Professor X's, Red Skull brainwashes Scarlet Witch and plans to user her to kill all known mutants. Through a highly convoluted series of events that includes heroes becoming villains and villains becoming heroes, Red Skull was eventually stripped of his brain-fueled abilities.

High-profile comic book characters that have been around for years have racked up a number of WTF moments, including Xavier. While Nova ended up being stillborn, a bizarre — bizarre even by comic book standards — series of occurrences led to Nova eventually gaining physical form. In turn, this led to her performing such vengeful actions against her brother such as unleashing Sentinels on Genosha, which caused the death of over 16 million mutants.

The seemingly dynamically opposed mutants are really just two sides of the same coin. Both seek a similar outcome and have vastly different ways of achieving said outcome. However, Xavier and Magneto were almost actual brothers in X-Men cannon. Stan Lee once said during an interview that he originally viewed the pair as blood brothers and intended to make that revelation at some point. Professor Xavier is a pretty appealing guy.

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Professor X has had four well-known significant others over the years, and nearly all of them have succumbed to some horrible fate due in part to their relationship with Xavier. Gabrielle Haller was eventually killed as a result of the son she and Xavier had. He's not exactly relationship material. Period-specific thoughts on who people in wheelchairs can fall in love with aside, the panel is disturbing due to the implication that Xavier is sexually attracted to a woman that is essentially his surrogate daughter.

Incredibly, this plot point was revisited again during the Onslaught storyline, and was used as a plot device by Robert Kirkman during his Ultimate X-Men run. Patrick Stewart plays him in the s film seriesas well as providing his voice in some of the X-Men video games including some not connected to the film series. Professor X as he appears in his debut comic book, The X-Men 1 Story by Stan Lee. Art by Jack Kirby and Paul Reinman. According to BusinessWeekCharles Xavier is listed as one of the top ten most intelligent fictional characters in American comics.

Perhaps the most notable appearance of this character element is in the Onslaught storyline, in which the crossover event's antagonist is a physical manifestation of that dark side. Also, Onslaught is created in the most violent act Xavier claims to have done: In X-Men Augustthe new X-Men fight images of the original team, which have been created by what Xavier says is his "evil self In the four-part series titled The X-Men and the Micronauts, Xavier's dark desires manifest themselves as the Entity and threaten to destroy the Micronauts' universe.

In other instances, Xavier is shown to be secretive and manipulative. During the Onslaught storyline, the X-Men find Xavier's files, the " Xavier Protocols ", which detail how to kill many of the characters, including Xavier himself, should the need ever arise, such as if they went rogue. Fictional character biography[ edit ] This section may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding or removing subheadings.

Brian Xavier, a well-respected nuclear scientist, and Sharon Xavier. The family lives on a very grand mansion estate in Westchester County because of the riches his father's nuclear research has brought them.

He later grows up to attend Oxford Universitywhere he earns a Professorship in Genetics and other science fields, and goes on to live in first Oxford and then London for a number of years. Crucially, as he enters late adolescence, Xavier inherits the mansion-house he was raised in, enabling him not only to continue to live in it, but also to turn it in to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, which he begins together with the first of the X-Men.

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Brian, his father, dies in an accident when Xavier is still very young, and Brian's science partner Kurt Marko comforts and then marries the grieving Sharon. When Xavier's telepathic mutant powers emerge, he discovers Marko cares only about his mother's money.

After the wedding, Kurt moves in with the Xaviers, bringing with him his son Cain. Kurt quickly grows neglectful of Sharon, driving her to alcoholism, and abuses both Charles and Cain. Cain takes out his frustrations and insecurities on his stepbrother. Charles uses his telepathic powers to read Cain's mind and explore the extent of his psychological damage, which only leads to Cain becoming more aggressive toward him and the young Xavier feeling Cain's pain firsthand.

Mortally wounded, Kurt drags the two children out before dying, and admits he was partly responsible for Brian's death. Due to his powers, by the time he graduates from high school, Charles loses all of his hair.

He graduates with honors at the age of 16 from Bard College. X-Men 1 presents a different version of events, suggesting a scholarship to Oxford University rescued him from his abusive home, after which he "never looked back", suggesting he began his academic career as a very young man at Oxford.

The two agree to get married, but soon, Xavier is drafted into the Korean War. He carves himself a niche as a soldier in search and rescue missions alongside Shadowcat 's father, Carmen Pryde, [16] and witnesses Cain's transformation into Juggernaut when he touches a ruby with an inscription on it in an underground temple. During the war, he receives a letter from Moira telling him that she is breaking up with him. He later discovers that Moira married her old boyfriend Joseph MacTaggert, who abuses her.

In Cairohe meets a young girl named Ororo Munroe later known as Stormwho is a pickpocket, and the Shadow Kinga powerful mutant who is posing as Egyptian crime lord Amahl Farouk. Xavier defeats the Shadow King, barely escaping with his life. This encounter leads to Xavier's decision to devote his life to protecting humanity from evil mutants and safeguarding innocent mutants from human oppression.

Art by Carlos Pacheco. Xavier visits his friend Daniel Shomron, who runs a clinic for traumatized Holocaust victims in HaifaIsrael. There, he meets a man going by the name of Magnus who would later become Magnetoa Holocaust survivor who works as a volunteer in the clinic, and Gabrielle Hallera woman driven into a catatonic coma by the trauma she experienced. Xavier uses his mental powers to break her out of her catatonia and the two fall in love. Xavier and Magneto become good friends, although neither immediately reveals to the other that he is a mutant.

The two hold lengthy debates hypothesizing what will happen if humanity is faced with a new super-powered race of humans. While Xavier is optimistic, Magneto's experiences in the Holocaust lead him to believe that humanity will ultimately oppress the new race of humans as they have done with other minorities.

The two friends reveal their powers to each other when they fight Nazi Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and his Hydra agents, who kidnap Gabrielle because she knows the location of their secret cache of gold. Magneto attempts to kill Strucker but Xavier stops him.

Realizing that his and Xavier's views on mutant-human relations are incompatible, Magneto leaves with the gold.

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Charles stays in Israel for some time, but he and Gabrielle separate on good terms, neither knowing that she is pregnant with his son, who grows up to become the mutant Legion.

In retaliation, Lucifer drops a huge stone block on Xavier, crippling his legs. When he is released from the hospital, the two moved into an apartment in Bombay together. Amelia is troubled to find Charles studying mutation, as she is a mutant and unsettled by it, though she calms when he reveals himself to be a mutant as well. They eventually move to the United States, living on Xavier's family estate. But the night Scott Summers moves into Xavier's mansion, Amelia leaves him, believing Charles would have changed his view and that mutants should lie low.

Yet he is recruiting them to what she believes is a lost cause. Charles tries to force her to stay with his mental powers, but immediately ashamed by this, lets her go.

She later becomes a disciple of Magneto. Xavier trains her in the use of her telekinesiswhile inhibiting her telepathic abilities until she matures. Apparently, Charles had gotten over Moira in his travels to the Greek island of Kirinos. Xavier also trains Tessa in order to spy on Sebastian Shaw.

In addition, he seeks to foster mutant-human relations by providing his superhero team, the X-Men, as an example of mutants acting in good faith, as he told FBI agent Fred Duncan. In addition, he uses a special machine called Cerebrowhich enhances his ability to detect mutants and to allow the team to find new students in need of the school.

The X-Men dispatch them, but Trask sees the error in his ways too late as he is killed by his creations. This new team, composed of students of Dr. However, after rescuing Cyclops, McTaggert's former students were seemingly killed.

Upon Cyclops' return, Xavier removed Cyclops' memories of the death of Vulcan and his teammates; and began assembling yet another team of X-Men. After the mission, the older team of X-Men, except for Cyclops, leave the school, believing they no longer belong there, and Xavier mentors the new X-Men.

When they finally meet, it is love at first sight. She implores the professor to stop her mad brother, Shi'ar Emperor D'Kenand he instantly aids her by deploying his X-Men. When Jean Grey returns from the Savage Land to tell him that all the X-Men are dead, he shuts down the school and travels with Lilandra to her kingdom, where she is crowned Empress and he is treated like a child or a trophy husband.

Are They Gay? - Professor X and Magneto

It hurts Xavier to be on the opposite side of Lilandra, but he has no other choice but to challenge the Shi'ar Imperial Guard to a duel over the fate of the Phoenix. Xavier would have lost against the greater power of the Dark Phoenix, but thanks to the help Jean Grey gives him fighting her Phoenix personaXavier emerges victorious; she later commits suicide in order to prevent herself from endangering more innocent lives. During this time, Xavier assembles a team of younger mutants called the New Mutantssecretly intended to be prime hosts for reproduction of the aliens.

The X-Men discover this and return to free Xavier, but they are too late to prevent his body from being destroyed with a Brood Queen in its place; however, his soul remains intact.

The X-Men and Starjammers subdue this monstrous creature containing Xavier's essence, but the only way to restore him is to clone a new body using tissue samples he donated to the Starjammers and transfer his consciousness into the clone body.

This new body possesses functional legs, though the psychosomatic pain Xavier experienced after living so long as a paraplegic takes some time to subside. Subsequently, he even joins the X-Men in the field, but later decides not to continue this practice after realizing that his place is at the school, as the teacher of the New Mutants.

Callisto and her Morlocksa group of underground-dwelling mutants, get him to safety. One of the Morlocks partially restores Xavier's health, but Callisto warns Xavier that he is not fully healed and that he must spend more time recuperating and restrain himself from exerting his full strength or powers, or his health might fail again.

professor xavier and magneto relationship

Xavier hides his injuries from the others and resumes his life. The boy, Davidis autistic and suffers from multiple personality disorder and has vast psionic powers like his father.

After helping him and his team to escape from David's mind, Xavier promises he will always be there for him. Xavier attends the trial to defend his friend. Andrea and Andreas Struckerthe children of presumed dead Baron von Strucker, crash the courtroom to attack Magneto and Xavier.

Xavier is seriously injured. Dying, he asks a shocked Magneto to look after the X-Men for him. Lilandra, who has a psychic bond with Xavier, feels that he is in great danger and heads to Earth. There, she and Corsair take Xavier with them so Shi'ar advanced technology can heal him. And what does this turn of romantic events mean for the future of the franchise?

What were the five biggest movie letdowns of the summer? But circacultural divisions over race have been supplanted in the popular American consciousness by a debate over gay rights, and the latest X-Men film has updated Professor X and Magneto's adversarial relationship thusly. Sure, a lot of stuff blows up, so it's partly just a summer popcorn movie.

But the film can also be easily read as a gay pride allegory, as well as a story of true love gone horribly wrong. Now, about that sexual business in the storyline of the film. Don't fight it, folks. It's there, and it's real, and even James McAvoy is in on it. He says, "I think the movie would be less interesting, and much less fun, without [the romantic throughline]. I'm not sure, however, that the majority of moviegoers necessarily recognize the gay love affair, coded as it is, but I do think they'd notice its absence.

The late, great Vito Russo The Celluloid Closet would probably agree with this assertion, seeing as he found these kinds of coded gay relationships informing so many mainstream films over the decades.

Shortly thereafter, Erik and Charles set off to adopt a brood of X-babies they can raise at Xavier's mansion, during which Hugh Jackman 's Wolverine makes a brief cameo appearance and encourages the future superhero and supervillain to " go f--k yourselves.