Relationship of science and environment

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relationship of science and environment

Environmental science is considered separate from environmental studies, which emphasizes the human relationship with the environment and the social and. The Relationship between architecture and environment You can't build or design a good building without understanding their relationship with the natural systems and the To Authors: How to write a great scientific paper. Environmental health it is the branch of public health which covers all the aspects of natural and built environment that affects the human health,both the.

Related to this subject, in the last 30 years, providing the contribution of the scientists, some kind of meetings was arranged and some radical decisions were taken. In these studies, by emphasizing the importance of the environmental conscious in order to develop the environmental conscious of the individuals, it was brought out that the environmental subjects had to take position in every level of the primary education to the higher education.

However, environmental education is still its infancy in many countries, and systematic efforts are not being made to incorporate environmental concepts in any way into the school curriculum. Although there is some efforts related to environmental education, the current status in Turkey is at the stage of just beginning and the establishment of a baseline for planning an environmental education curriculum in Turkey is an urgent need as stated by Tuncer and colleaguesed byblishment of a baseline for planning an environmental education curriculum in Turkey is an urgent needf just beginn When it is thought that the basis of this study is to determine the environmental concepts placed in the curriculum, the data proves that there is a great necessity to add environmental concepts to the curricula.

The efforts related to the education of the environment conscious were started in by the help of United Nations and also in time more progress is made. Between the related studies, it was seen that the peak point was reached in in Rio. The document of Agenda 21, which includes the necessary plans and activities, has also the sustainable development plans of the current century in order to apply the Rio conclusions UNCED, By taking this document into consideration, in Turkey, Turkish National Environment Activism Plan prepared by The State Planning Organization SPO in is a useful plan according to the development plan and also the decisions are related to education.

The importance of the giving attention to the education for effective environmental protection was surely underlined in some parts of the relevant report. Especially, the chemicals are the first reason to cause environmental pollution and its importance should be included in the units or subjects about environment of science course books. With this opinion, especially developed countries take care of these items and give more places related to the environmental subjects in their primary and secondary school curricula Swan and Spiro, For instance, Weston Creek Primary School in Australia included environmental subject into its curriculum, name is integrated curriculumbesides science and technology subjects.

This program consists of 4 terms. In addition, The Michindoh and Goodwillie Environmental Schools in USA also include supporting environmental subjects in their primary and secondary school curricula for their summer term http: Beside this, the developing countries by giving attention to the decisions from the kind of conferences in the whole world, try to make difference in the educational programs by the help of their own facilities.

Environmental science involves different fields of study. Most often, the study of environmental science includes the study of climate change, natural resources, energy, pollutionand environmental issues.

Environmental science

In environmental sciences, ecologists study how plants and animals interact with each other, chemists study the living and non-living components of the environment, geologists study the formation, structure and history of earth, biologists study the biodiversityPhysicists are involved in thermodynamics, computer scientists are involved in technical innovations and computer modelling and biomedical experts study the impact of environmental issues on our health and social lives.

Environmental scientists and specialists use their knowledge of the natural sciences to protect the environment and human health.

relationship of science and environment

They must have a solid background in economics, sociology and political science. Importance of Environmental Science To realize that environmental problems are global Environmental science lets you recognize that environmental problems such as climate change, global warming, ozone layer depletionacid rains, and impacts on biodiversity and marine life are not just national problems, but global problems as well. So, concerted effort from across the world is needed to tackle these problems.

Environmental science seeks to teach the general population about the need for decentralization of industries to reduce congestion in urban areas.

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Decentralization means many people will move out of urban centers to reduce pollution resulting from overpopulation. To discover sustainable ways of living Environmental science is more concerned with discovering ways to live more sustainably. This means utilizing present resources in a manner that conserves their supplies for the future.

relationship of science and environment

This includes minimizing household energy consumption, using disposals to dispose of waste, eating locally, recycling more, growing your own food, drinking from the tap, conserving household water, and driving your car less. To utilize natural resources efficiently Natural resources bring a whole lot of benefits to a country. Environmental science teaches us to use natural resources efficiently by: Appropriately putting into practice environmental conservation methods Using the right tools to explore resources Adding value to our resources Making sure machines are maintained appropriately Thorough training of human resources Provision of effective and efficient supervision Using the right techniques to minimize exploitation To understand behavior of organisms under natural conditions Behavior is what organisms manifest to respond to, interact with, and control their environment.

An animal exhibits behavior as the first line of defense in response to any change of environment.

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To shed light on contemporary concepts such as how to conserve biodiversity Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth. The present rate of biodiversity loss is at an all-time high.

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Environmental science aims to teach people how to reverse this trend by: Environmental science is important because it enables you to understand how these relationships work. For example, humans breathe out carbon dioxide, which plants need for photosynthesis. Plants, on the other hand, produce and release oxygen to the atmosphere, which humans need for respiration.

Animal droppings are sources of nutrients for plants and other microorganisms. Plants are sources of food for humans and animals.

Environment, Science, Technology, and Health Relationship

In short, organisms and humans depend on each other for survival. Environmental chemistry Environmental chemistry is the study of chemical alterations in the environment. Principal areas of study include soil contamination and water pollution.

The topics of analysis include chemical degradation in the environment, multi-phase transport of chemicals for example, evaporation of a solvent containing lake to yield solvent as an air pollutantand chemical effects upon biota.

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As an example study, consider the case of a leaking solvent tank which has entered the habitat soil of an endangered species of amphibian. As a method to resolve or understand the extent of soil contamination and subsurface transport of solvent, a computer model would be implemented. Chemists would then characterize the molecular bonding of the solvent to the specific soil type, and biologists would study the impacts upon soil arthropodsplants, and ultimately pond-dwelling organisms that are the food of the endangered amphibian.

Geosciences Geosciences include environmental geologyenvironmental soil sciencevolcanic phenomena and evolution of the Earth's crust. In some classification systems this can also include hydrologyincluding oceanography. As an example study of soils erosioncalculations would be made of surface runoff by soil scientists.