Rockefeller and vanderbilt relationship

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rockefeller and vanderbilt relationship

The Vanderbilt family is an American family of Dutch origin who gained prominence during the . Vanderbilt (surname) · Vanderbilt University · Du Pont family · Rockefeller family · Rothschild family. In the 's, after John D. Rockefeller's formation of Standard Oil, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Thomas Scott colluded together in an attempt to. A new HISTORY miniseries, 'The Men Who Built America,' examines the lives and times of Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, J.P.

Vanderbilt family

William Henry, who outlived his father by just eight years, increased the profitability of his father's holdings, increased the reach of the New York Central Railroadand doubled the Vanderbilt wealth. He built the first of what would become many grand Vanderbilt mansions on Fifth Avenueat Fifth Avenue. Cornelius II's brother, William Kissam Vanderbiltalso featured prominently in the family's affairs.

He also built a magnificent home on Fifth Avenue and would become one of the great architectural patrons of the Gilded Agehiring the architects for the third, and surviving Grand Central Terminal.

rockefeller and vanderbilt relationship

While some of Cornelius Vanderbilt's descendants gained fame in business, others achieved prominence in other ways, e. Alfred's son Alfred Jr. Harold Stirling Vanderbilt — gained fame as a sportsman. He invented the contract form of bridge and won the most coveted prize in yacht racing, the America's Cupon three occasions.

An Expedition into Intuition - with Atlas Brookings, Mentalist: Vanderbilt and Scott v. Rockefeller

Topics vary from body language and the functioning of the mind, to the art of negotiation and anticipating the behavior of others - with odd detours along the way. Hopefully your eyes will be opened to the subtle mental processes that shape and drive your behavior and color the way that you interact with the world around you.

rockefeller and vanderbilt relationship

Wednesday, October 17, Vanderbilt and Scott v. Rockefeller In the 's, after John D. Rockefeller's formation of Standard Oil, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Thomas Scott colluded together in an attempt to get Rockefeller to pay a much higher rate if he was to ship his product using their railroads.

For years, Rockefeller had successfully played Vanderbilt and Thomas against each other as competitors, driving his own shipping rates lower and lower. But in a search for a competitive advantage, the two combined forces and agreed a standard rate. In today's marketplace, this is known as 'price fixing' and is illegal.

The Men Who Built America - A Preview | HistoryNet

But it wasn't in those days. It bears mentioning that at this point in time, Vanderbilt and Scott were among the richest, most powerful men of their day.

The Men Who Built America 1of8 A New War Begins

But he was a shrewd negotiator. He had proven that over the years through countless business transactions with the railroads.

rockefeller and vanderbilt relationship

The series shows the inherent conflict in a capitalist society: Even Vanderbilt falls prey to the lack of regulation on Wall Street when Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, owners of the Eire Railroad, simply print more stock in their company as he tries to buy a controlling interest, costing him millions.

The Men Who Built America is a docudrama, with actors in the roles of the industrial and financial giants and their competitors. Scenes shot at historic sites such as Harpers Ferry and the Strasburg Rail Road stand in for 19th-century locations no longer in existence.

rockefeller and vanderbilt relationship

Unfortunately, there are also an annoying number of scenes of the main characters walking in slow motion at locations that represent their business interests, used ad infinitum like characters in the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons running past the same background scenery over and over.

The amount of time spent after commercial breaks to recap what occurred in the previous 15 or 20 minutes also gets old quickly. This eight-hour series could probably have been cut to seven or less by eliminating these extensive recaps in every section of each episode.

rockefeller and vanderbilt relationship

The creators of any history-based program invariably have to be selective about what facts will and will not be included, but it is curious that in the first episode we are told about Vanderbilt creating Grand Central Station, the largest train depot in the world, and owning more miles of rail lines than anyone else in the world, but no mention is made about him financing the creation of Vanderbilt University in the decade following the Civil War.

The school was intended to be a Southern university that would strengthen ties between all regions of America.