Scandal 4x07 olivia and fitz relationship

Scandal s04e07 - Baby Made a Mess Episode Script. Then we can talk about what "hope" means. Olivia. Good night, Fitz. Hello? Mr. Winslow? Hello. Hi. Scandal 4x "Baby Made A Mess" review loveniaimani: “ Scandal or offended by Fitz's relationship with Olivia act that they got going on. Fitz and Olivia's ending on Scandal was totally predictable, and giving her and Fitz the chance to finally have a real relationship for the first.

It felt good and layered. She was someone who could be looked up to.

Scandal 4x "Baby Made A Mess" review

The Olivia Pope we saw in this episode Please, can she stay around? Cyrus is still being damn stupid fucking with his paid lover. David was really funny in his phone call with Olivia. They added the word super to the already quite clear maximum security.

Dahmer was in super-max. That place holds people who eat people. And you wanna what? Just waltz in there wearing all your white stuff, have a seat in one of the cells and drink tea with Jake. So David was cool.

Scandal s04e07 Episode Script

There was minimal Mellie in this episode which was great but she still managed to work my nerves in her last scene with Fitz.

She better go somewhere with them lies. I will never feel sorry for Mellie Grant. I am slowly getting interested in why those people who killed the teen girls had the pictures of Olivia. I have trust issue with the Scandal writers but they are really building this up into something so I hope they deliver. He was too weird for him.

Without a full back story, just being the quiet, weird dude in season 1 never worked for me. But for some reason, this season is the first time that I am not only liking Huck but I am rooting for him.

I have been feeling Huck since 4x01 when he was a dude name Randy. I am so scared for Huck. I want Huck to be able to see his son. I want him to be able to be normal or as normal as Huck can be. I want Kim to be understanding, cautious but still understanding. I just want this to work. Weakness is our strength. While thinking about what I was going to write for this part of the review, I started to think about that speech that Fitz gave in season 2 I believe it was 2x Fear that the life that I wanted to live would end in a ball of flames a million Miles from home.

It literally made me sick…Weakness is our strength. We have known since the first season that Abby had an abusive ex-husband so to actually see the effects of that abuse was phenomenal. It was fear…It literally made me sick…Weakness is our strength. Abby was running on fear but not letting her fear run her. Stand up at your podium with its presidential seal and tell the most powerful reports in the world who Chip is.

Who he really is. You would destroy his career, just like that. Think about all the lives you could change. We did that for clients for years.

They came and we fixed and we conquered. But what happened to those women, Liv? They became Anita Hill and Monica Lewinsky. They stood up, Liv.

They stood up and they told their story, but where are they now? She was married and got divorce because her husband thought that she cheated on him because she never told anyone that she was raped.

I love what he did for her in this episode. But I am skeptical about them trying it. Mama Pope got her groove back after being looked up for 22 years…Dominic dead.

Scandal s04e07 Episode Script | SS

Mellie was getting her cobwebs dusted off…Andrew gone. That was hard to type but I got it out. The face that launched a thousand ships.

Like, what is it that is so special about you? You have so much power over him. He revolves around you. You take orders like any other soldier. So we brought him, middle of the night.

Not even a follow car, just four agents and my president. I think he had to see it for himself, see that you were really gone.

We had a key from the landlord. The president went in and he just…The other three agents stayed outside in the hall, but eventually I went in too because of the sound. He was making this noise. He stopped when I came in. He tried you know? I could protect him from everyone except you. I could never protect him from you Miss Pope. I can see it. And you know they all love you.

And then, once you were begging, because I wouldn't stop until you were begging I'd finally kiss you. So you could taste yourself. And then And then what? That depends on how much hope there is. You found something Elizabeth said? I've gone through everything that she's said on the record in the past 24 hours, but there's no mention of West Angola at all. Obviously, I can keep looking if you - Go home. Go home because I'm fired?

No, because, Ethan, for once, you have not filled me with disappointment. I thought you'd have left. The thing I've learned in this business is that everybody has something. No, I did not. But I knew there was something wrong about that guy. Susan Ross - super-smart, mother of the decade, a sad widow. What could be wrong, other than a passing resemblance to Yosemite Sam?

Well, it turns out she's not a sad widow after all. She's not even a widow. Susan Ross wasn't married to the dead dad of little Casey Ross. Did you just say "Yahtzee"? Is anybody really gonna care about the fact that she isn't a widow? Oh, I think some people are going to care.

And those people are called Republicans, Abby! She's immoral, a sinner, a liar. And since she's also an ugly egghead they didn't want to vote for anyway, now they don't have to.

Susan Ross is going to lose. Olivia Pope is going to lose. And our guy, Charles Putney, is going to win. That's worth a "Yahtzee. Two of my front teeth are fake, and my collarbone hurts whenever it's going to rain. Charles did that to me. So, yeah, you won. What are you doing here? First, you blatantly disregard my orders to not get involved in Jake's situation.

And now you go sneaking off with Tom to badger him into What, exactly? Of course you had me followed. You're inside my apartment. Why would I be surprised? You do not disrespect me! Can I make that any clearer? Dad I am the one who protects the Republic. I am the one who protects you. Everything I do serves that purpose. I have spent a lifetime keeping you safe from harm, a lifetime worrying about your fate, a lifetime making sure that the path in front of you was clear of debris, a lifetime shining their shoes so that you might always see your reflection at every turn.

You do not see this. You do not believe this. You think I am some relic, some misguided, vicious dinosaur from my museum who attacks without thinking.

Let me assure you, I am not. When I strike, it is precise and it is for a reason. You do not interfere. You do not get in the way. You never, ever choose one of them over me again. I won't have it. What's clear is that you seem to have wasted a lifetime doing all the wrong things. Against me, you will lose. Bunk inspection - you know the drill.

I have a message from command. Someone's been following me, taking pictures for God knows how long. Why didn't you tell me? Your dance card seemed a little full, and we weren't going to tell you, but they found his body, and it'll be all over the news, so It was my call. What did Jeremy Winslow say?

Before he ate a bullet in front of me? He was drunk, rambling. But the meeting that night at his firm? Now we know it was about you. Grant, how does it feel to be a part of a tradition that dates back to ?

My husband and I are so proud and so honored by this, Sienna. And I know that a new China setting may seem frivolous in the face of world events, but our White House state dinners are absolutely crucial to this nation's foreign policy.