Seven of nine and chakotay relationship quizzes

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seven of nine and chakotay relationship quizzes

Feb 13, Miles and Keiko* -- a great example of a comfortable and established relationship that withstood the test of time, as well as several tests of. Seven of Nine wanted Voyager to go to another cube, but Chakotay refused. .. She also explored a romantic relationship with Chakotay while running the program. On Wednesday 28 May , Ryan had her makeup and wardrobe tests. Seven of Nine is led to a place known as Unimatrix Zero where, unknown by the Borg Janeway and Chakotay's relationship grew closer after they had been.

He became attracted to her as she had more a presence and more responsibilities on Voyager. In a move that was out of character for Tom, because he was probably falling in love, he gave up 2 weeks of rations to gift her a locket as a present. Kes wanted to learn piloting, so he became her instructor. The deepened his feelings for her, despite trying to stave them off.

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Neelix became jealous of Tom because Kes was spending quite a bit of time with him. Q first ambushes Janeway by appearing in her bed in her quarters. He wants Janeway to become the mother of his child.

Arrogantly Q stated he could have chosen any woman in the galaxy.

Janeway and Chakotay: The Relationship that Never Was… Or Was It?

Not that fans expected anything to transpire - that would have really ruined Janeway as a character. He was part of a race that believed telepaths were dangerous to the Devore Imperium and conducted regular searches of ships entering their space.


Voyager had a group of empaths they rescued and managed to hide from Devore. Yes, his only plan was to trick her into exposing the telepaths, but sometimes, fake love is based on real emotions. The heartache would pass, but knowing Harry, it would also be unbearable.

She directly asked him if he wished to copulate. Later, she tried again by informing Harry she was willing to explore that side of the relationship and instructed Harry to take off his clothes.

seven of nine and chakotay relationship quizzes

It never had gone right for Harry with women, and his early interaction with Seven of Nine was equally as awkward. With no information for a long time, Mark continued his life with new friends and slowly forgetting about Janeway and his life with her. That seems harsh, but what else was he supposed to do?

Voyager couple probably goes to Neelix and Kes. Question by author bigkihap. Voyager" click to play it. Chakotay and Tuvok Neelix and Tuvok hit it off when Tuvok's memory had been erased.

seven of nine and chakotay relationship quizzes

While Neelix was trying to re-acclimate Tuvok to the ship, Tuvok became attached to the Talaxian. Seska and Torres were best friends when the series began. They'd been in the Maquis together.

seven of nine and chakotay relationship quizzes

I think their friendship broke down when Seska joined up with the Kazon. Janeway and Chakotay's relationship grew closer after they had been stranded on a planet in "Resolutions. Question by author Tetley Voyager' Trivia click to play it. Question by author Rogue Oblivion' which turned out to be an alternate crew from the Demon planetand the last time for real in 'Drive' to B'Elanna again.

Seven of Nine

Question by author nikyah. Question by author steeler Neelix and Tuvok This is arguably one of the best episodes in Voyager's seven year run.

seven of nine and chakotay relationship quizzes

This episode explores the definitions of life and the difficulties of loss. Tuvok and Neelix merge to become Tuvix. He contains the memories and feelings of both men but becomes a unique individual unto himself. In the end, he is asked to give up his existence so that the other men can return.

What other program was melded with The Doctor's to preserve him? Diagnostic Program Alpha The Diagnostic Program Alpha was another hologram program that the crew used to determine what the problem was with The Doctor. When no other solution could be found, Kes suggested the merging of the two holographic matrices. The plan worked, but not without a great deal of memory loss on the part of The Doctor. Question by reedy 90 In the episode "Warhead" the crew tries to save a weapon of mass destruction that has shown aspects of artificial intelligence.

When Torres and Kim try to disarm it, the intelligence transfers itself into a host body. Which member of the crew does it take over? Voyager" The Doctor click to play it. Question by author 25or6to4.

seven of nine and chakotay relationship quizzes