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Aug 31, Late J Jayalalitha and popular actor Sobhan Babu were rumoured to be in a relationship. Read this article to know more. All this, say her friends, has rendered J. Jayalalitha highly unpredictable, as the BJP MGR, her one-time live-in friend Shoban Babu—as people who failed her. Valampuri John were privy to her blow-hot-blow-cold relationship with MGR. Dec 5, Sobhan Babu, Telugu matinee idol, entered Jayalalithaa's life in the a juncture came in MGR-Ammu (Jayalalithaa's pet name) relationship.

It tailed behind to enter even into her love life. Although she was never married to Tamil superstar MG Ramachandran, famous as MGR, their names are taken by everyone in the same breath.

She was picked by him for films when she was just 16 and he 42, and they remained together till death parted them. He was her friend, guide and mentor in life, politics, finance — in short, everything. She started finding MGR overbearing and controlling, dictating everything from her pocket money to the clothes she wore. Then entered Sobhan Babu, Telugu matinee idol, in her life. Sobhan Babu was charming, much younger to MGR and was well read. Read full text In Amma: Her schoolmate Chandini and her [ I am so happy.

But he charmed her… She did want to to marry him in the traditional Iyengar fashion. Probably like Vyjayanthimala, who married Dr. Bali, a married man. She asked for my help to make an Iyengar thaali — mangal sutra. Jayalalitha became an extra-constitutional authority as the party's propaganda secretary. Though women politicians have existed in Tamil Nadu, including MGR's own cabinet, none had the charisma, the proximity to MGR and therefore the power as Jayalalitha did. When she addressed meetings no other party functionary, especially a male, would be seated next to her.

When Khushbu resigned from DMK a popular photo that did the rounds on Facebook was one of her bending, with folded hands, in front of Karunanidhi in an unedifying angle. Perils of being a woman politician are many. Again, Jayalalitha's world was rocked when her mentor and protector MGR fell ill suddenly inbarely a few years since her debut into the political world.

MGR's old acolytes, none of whom had any inkling of respect or regard for Jayalalitha, became a circle of coterie and she was left out in the cold. His oath of office ceremony was held in-camera. Those were Jayalalitha's years of political wilderness. On Dec 24th MGR passed away in his sleep. MGR's body was kept in state at Rajaji hall for public display.

Jayalalithaa’s marriage with Sobhan Babu: Truth or rumour?

It was rumored that relatives of MGR's wife and others, annoyed at Jaya hugging the limelight and sending a not too subtle message on who will carry on the leadership, tried to dislodge her from the spot by pinching her. Later Jayalalitha committed a snafu by getting onto the gun carriage that was carrying MGR's corpse for the funeral rites.

She pushed down headlong, again, in the full glare of TV live relay. MGR's party was split with one section headed by his wife and yesteryear actress Janaki with the other headed by his protege, and some would say his romantic interest, Jayalalitha. Male political leaders of Janaki's faction freely indulged in innuendoes and insinuations against Jayalalitha that crossed all borders of decency. One Janaki supporters went to the extent of saying "when we see Janaki we feel like folding our hands in respect but not so for Jayalalitha" the real quote was rumored to be even more objectionable.

In the following election Karunanidhi, who had been frozen out of power for over a decade thanks to MGR's legendary charisma, returned to power. Though MGR's fractured party was defeated it was Jayalalitha who emerged victorious with far more seats than Janaki's faction thus eliciting the mantle of MGR to lead his party. Jayalalitha entered another period of wilderness.

During those years she endured withering sexism from her male opponents. Ridiculing her habit of appearing on the balcony of her home and waving to her supporters Kalimuthu coined the phrase "balcony damsel". He'd later grovel before her to become speaker of the assembly. It was during this time that she suffered a serious accident. When Karunanidhi rose to present the annual budget Jayalalitha objected that a 'criminal should not read out the budget'. Asked about Mrs Gandhi's bloody injuries Karunanidhi obscenely retorted that a woman could bleed for other reasons.

A case of attempt to murder had been registered against Karunanidhi and was still not closed when he was elected CM in Enraged by Jayalalitha's charge Karunanidhi reportedly told her to "go speak to Shoban Babu".

At this point bedlam ensued. Jayalaitha exited the assembly disheveled and shaken. She later addressed reporters in the same state setting the rumor mills afire. It was rumored that a senior member of Karunanidhi's party had attempted to disrobe and humiliate her. Dravidian party members, many of whom, including Karunanidhi, were bigamous were notorious for being disrespectful towards women.

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Their patron saint C. Annathurai, when asked about his dalliance with an actress, gave a repartee "neither is she a chaste woman, nor am I a saint who renounced all". Asked about rumors regarding a woman claiming him to be her husband Karunanidhi gave the famous reply, referring to his second wife Rajathi as "mother of my daughter Kanimozhi".

DMK party speaker Vetrokondan and others like him were known to indulge in not just double entendre but plain ribaldry concerning a childless MGR and spinster Jayalalitha in their speeches see a sample of Vetrikondan speech here https: It was a culture that both principal parties indulged in freely. ADMK party speakers then repaid in kindness with the predictable fodder of Karunanidhi's marriages.

Such was the culture spawned by Dravidian party politics. Later in Jayalalitha's years a stable of speakers that included cine-actor S. Chandran and others kept up the tradition. Prodded by Jayalalitha the Tamil Nadu government was dismissed using Article by the pusillanimous and toady Chandrasekhar government at the center. Jaya administered to Karunanidhi in the medicine he had given to MGR in The subsequent election saw an earthquake when Rajiv Gandhi was murdered in a sleepy town in the outskirts of Chennai.

Shocked by an assassination in their soil the Tamil voter punished the DMK, a party seen as hand in glove and sympathetic to the murderous separatist organization LTTE that had carried out the cold blooded assassination. I remember Prannoy Roy's election day special vividly.

The announcement flashed "DMK decimated. Karunanidhi had never lost an election personally ever. He had contested from the Harbor constituency. Kalimuthu lost and Karunanidhi limped to victory with a lead of just under votes. For the next 5 years, as Jayalalitha had done earlier after being assaulted, Karunanidhi never stepped into the Tamil Nadu assembly.

Unlike MGR and Karunanidhi Jayalalitha lacked any political grooming and was catapulted by turn of events into ruling 40 million people. Her first reign was absolute disaster marked by tyranny and corruption.

Taj Coromandel was ransacked just because T. Seshan, the former election commissioner and one who had said something critical of her, had stayed there. ADMK women's wing staged strip teases in court complexes to intimidate Subramanian Swamy who had launched a legal crusade against Jayalalitha after his associate was subject to a acid attack.

Celebrating an auspicious occasion Jayalalitha and her confidant Sasikala bathed in the holy waters of a Kumbakonam temple when nearly devotees died in a stampede due to security arrangements. DK's Veeramani later celebrated Jayalalitha as the protector of social justice. Subramanian Swamy sought the governor's permission to prosecute her for buying government land, in violation of rules, on behalf of a company that she was a partner of.

The governor refused to oblige. Later Jayalalitha would malign the governor, on the floor of the assembly, as having tried to sexually assault her. The Tamil Nadu assembly became an ugly spectacle of ministers prostrating at her feet and singing her praises without fail whenever they got up to speak.

In a shocking episode the newly elected speaker, Sedapatti Muthiah, prostrated at Jayalalitha's feet right inside the assembly. In another shocking episode, during a function, Jayalalitha sat on the speaker's chair while her confidante Sasikala, not even an elected member of the body, sat on the deputy speaker's chair. The nadir of Jayalalitha's first tenure was the ostentatious Rs crore marriage that she conducted for an 'adopted son', a relative of Sasikala. The bride was veteran thespian and yesteryear film colleague Sivaji Ganesan's grand daughter.

Jayalalitha and Sasikala appeared bedecked in jewelry from head to toe. Photos of their grandeur was splashed in TV channels and news papers including international press. The marriage spectacle angered many who lived in grinding poverty. That too seeing Sasikala who had no constitutionally guaranteed political power in such corruption funded finery angered many.

Sasikala and her family had gained notoriety, for land grabbing, as the 'Mannargudi Mafia'. A disenchanted electorate delivered a stinging verdict including a humiliating defeat of her own candidacy at Bargur. An unknown candidate from DMK was the giant killer. Flush with victory and euphoria the DMK foisted several cases on her in addition to the ones that Swamy had launched. When Jayalalitha was arrested in a case her party men went on a rampage.

In Dharmapuri a bus carrying school girls was way laid and torched resulting in the death of 4 students. Jayalalitha bounced back in the parliamentary elections when she aligned with the BJP. India's prime minsters who often owe their power to the cow belt of North India were prone to ignore South India. Jayalalitha changed that in when she withdrew her party's support to Vajpayee. Standing in the Rashtrapathi Bhavan grounds she declared, in Hindi, that she was no longer supporting the government.

No valid reason was given. Jayalalitha had arrived on the national scene, albeit, in an uncomplimentary manner. Vajpayee lost the trust vote by one vote, thanks to Mayavati who switched her votes at the last minute.

In a case of rank political opportunism, as is his tradition, Karunanidhi immediately aligned with BJP, a party he had ridiculed for stoking religious tensions and being inimical to minority communities, his vote bank. Karunanidhi who sought to pass on the mantle to his son M. Stalin presided over a decent administration that time.

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However, in the run up to the elections he failed to stitch together a decent alliance and Jayalalitha romped to power. She sought to return the favor of foisting cases by filing a case against Karunanidhi for supposedly taking bribes in constructing the many 'flyovers' that marked his attempt to stem the unmanageable traffic of Chennai.

The arrest episode and the drama enacted by Karunanidhi, not apparent in the first few days but only later as more evidence appeared, was a bad start to her second term. Battling legal cases Jayalalitha unleashed a despicable tactic of silencing her critics or terrorizing those she considered inimical, including a member of the judiciary and her own erstwhile adopted son, by foisting 'ganja' cases wherein contraband was planted by the police and later claimed to be found on the accused.

Jayalalitha shocked the Hindu community and her fellow Brahmins when the much revered pontiff of Kanchi mutt Jayendra Saraswati was arrested, on Diwali day no less, on murder charges. A critic of Kanchi mutt was murdered right in the sanctum sanctorum of a temple. Jayalalitha's government alleged that the murder was carried out on the orders of the pontiff who was irked by the critic. Her ardent supporter Cho Ramasamy reasoned that Jayalalitha would not have dared to do such an almost sacrilegious thing without adequate proof.

But when the junior pontiff too was arrested on the day the senior was released on bail it became plain that there was more to this than just the desire to get justice for a slain man. A welcome relief was the hunting and killing of forest brigand Veerappan, the largest manhunt in history, by a team headed by IPS officer Vijayakumar. The operation was everything that a previous operation headed by Devaram in her first tenure was not.

That she is tough on law and order unlike her opponent Karunanidhi, who had buckled to a ransom event by Veerappan earlier, was established again. The highlight of Jayalalitha's second term was the constitutional crisis she precipitated.

As she was yet to clear herself of the TANSI land deal conviction she could not contest in the elections. She nevertheless filed petitions for candidacy in 4 constituencies and was reject in all 4 because the limit for filing was 2 constituencies. She blamed the DMK government and garnered some sympathy, unfairly, on that count. Using the loop holes of the constitution she ascended the chief ministership since anybody can be elected by the largest seat holding party to be their leader provided they contest an MLA election within 6 months to become an MLA.