Shu and inori relationship problems

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shu and inori relationship problems

It mainly involves the reunion of Shu and Inori as well as the war they find to remain at peace, though still with a strained relationship. Due to. Shu & Ayase--I really liked their relationship--I don't ship them but I think they Anime: Guilty crown #guiltycrown #guiltycrowncosplay #gai #shu #inori Guilty Crown Inori Yuzuriha, Otaku Issues, Noragami, Anime Guys, Anime Stuff. By this acceptance of the crown Shu and Inori switch places. A trade happens and Inori receives all of Shu's illness and he receives hers.

She is seen listening outside soon after. There, she tells two Anti Bodies to stay away or she'll kill them. However, they charge towards her and she shoots them, earning a shocked reaction from Shu. After the Leukocyte malfunctions, Inori appears before Shu but with a different voice.

shu and inori relationship problems

She asks him if he wants to save everyone and he says yes. She smiles at him and reveals a completely different Void, which was formed by joining her Void with Kido's. She is seen looking up at the sky after waking up from her unconsciousness.

She is seen later returning to school with Shu, who is very nervous about it. Upon arrival, they are immediately questioned by a few students, who bully Shu by saying he's a criminal adn warn Inori. She seems angered by it only for Shu to hold Inori's hand and pull her away, something she carefully looks at. They hear a slap from behind and look back, only to see Arisa Kuhouin slap the boy who said those things to them.

Later at Shu's home, Haruka sees Inori and notices the resemblance between her and the girl in Shu's memories but shakes it off. On the day of the 'party' Inori is seen with Tsugumi and Ayase who watch as Shu and Gai carry out their plan and rejoice when they become victorious. Shu must use Sota void to unlock the gates on the island to take the stone of beginning, so he's forced to use Inori as a decoy and bring Sota out and withdraw his void.

Later Sota and Inori were coming together to the beach side, but Shu hides in bush and watches them. Sota shows his own handmade video to Inori, the music video of Euterpe like Shu did before him, and Inori says "it's beautiful. When he asks Inori, she responds that voids will change if people's hearts change too. Later on the mission, Shu must take Inori's void to fight, but he cannot do it and runs away from Inori, so Gai is forced to cancel the mission.

After he went home, he finds Inori waiting for him to say farewell and give him a brand new song she made, but Shu starts to see illusions of Inori as Mana with the cancer virus like a monster. He panics and slaps Inori's hand away, causing the music drive to break apart and yells "Monster! Before the mission, Inori asks Gai about Shu, feeling curious about Shu and asked him if is she loves Shu.

Because she feels that way, Gai avoids it and says they'd talk about it later. Inori then says the song was not right, and that chaos was going to happen causing her to scream, "Stop it! They come up with a plan to soothe the virus, meanwhile Funell found Shu in a movie clubroom near the school, Tsugumi speaking to him through Funell, says everything was destroyed because he didn't come to help, and because of that Gai and Inori might be dead all because he abandoned them.

He manages to get back into shape and with the help of Hare he calls Arisa, Kanon, Sota, and Yahiro for their help. Inori stands on the top of the radar building in the airport and sings " Departures ", and the lights that stand over the building cure the people affected with the crystal cancer. Gai's cancer disappeared and he was able to rest. Shu came with his friends to rescue Inori using their Voids, managing to defeat the obstacles and reach Inori.

However, just as Shu was about to reach Inori, a mysterious boy appeared from behind her and pull her Void out, which forced her to stop moving. The boy attacked Shu with Inori's Void, but it ended up slashing Gai, who protected him. Inori was then taken away by the young boy. Inori was used as a sacrifice to bring back Mana, so she could cause another outbreak of the virus around the world but Mana's rebirth was prevented by Shu and Gai, however the sacrifice was already over and Mana infected Inori's body.

During this, Shu, Inori, Tsugumi, and Ayase hide out in the school and try to find a way to escape together. Sota had an idea to make a culture festival to cheer everyone up and have concert of "Egoist" in the festival. Inori turns out to have a split personality which actually is Mana's infected side controlling her which makes Inori stab Arisa's hand, kill forceful students, and kill a group of bandits. Inori starts to fear that she might end up killing Shu if it continues then remembers telling her about her void but remarking that Inori is Inori, which helped her understand that even if she was a monster with a fake heart and emotions, to her they were always real.

After they can escape from school through the red line, some group of students want to get revenge on Shu, just as Gai appear and cut Shu's right arm off, and "The King's Power" was absorbed into Gai. Inori holds Shu and runs from Gai, because they were together all the time. Shu feels hopeless by losing his power and his right arm.

One day Shu heard some music and found Inori singing Euterpe. Inori stopped and comes to Shu, she says thank you and she'll always be on his side, then she makes him sleepy and go out, and fight with Ghost unit. She uses the Apocalypse crystal as weapons like the claw, which is the power from the unfinished sacrifice, it's Mana power. In addition she fell to Gai, he used the bow void and shot her, which it become rope and stopped her.

Gai takes Inori to top of the headquarter tower, pulls her up and awaits to erase her memory, and use her body as Mana's vessel. Before Inori's almost devoured, Gai blame's himself because he helped Inori out from that day, but Inori didn't feel that way. She's grateful that she could survive, because she could feel the experience, and that let her meet Shu, who shows the regrets side of this world to her.

She says it's sad but beauty, Shu suffered and doubted himself, he has hurt people and she felt shame of what he did, and that's the reason why Inori loves Shu. Shu shows her the way to live like a human, even though she knows the truth that she's not human, she's just a vessel that one day her body'll be the others. Because of Shu, she could learn how a human is and get a chance to fall in love with someone like ordinary people. Then Inori lost the memory about Shu.

By that time Shu came into the headquarters, Inori with empty memory couldn't do anything, she sings Euterpe, only Shu could hear it and that sounds lead Shu to Inori, after the song, Inori's crying, and her tears turn into a crystal flower, after that she is fully devoured by Mana. Mana was reborn in Inori's body. Shu arrived by that time, and Mana went to Shu, but he punched her because she insulted Inori.

Mana felt sad and angry, that she let Gai use her void, which is the same void as Inori's. Shu began to fall, but then he saw some lights from Inori's flower crystal, her tears as crystal lets Shu use her power, her void and Shu meet Inori.

Inori tells Shu not to give up, helps everyone and stops Mana. It smells like food. Has Papa finished cooking? When she had seen Inori successfully getting on her feet, she couldn't help but show her a toothy grin, revealing the gap in which her lower left frontal tooth was supposed to be. It had been the very first of her baby teeth to fall out just a few days ago. Taking her mother's hand, she began guiding her out of the room, into the hallway and from there to the kitchen where, indeed, Papa Shu stood in front of a chopping board, cutting down veggies for the dish he was currently preparing.

He was doing so with a very listless expression as he used his arm to wipe off some of the sweat gathering up on his forehead. When Hanae saw that her father was apparently still not done preparing lunch, her high spirits immediately crumbled apart again and left behind but a weak zombie that scuffed towards the brunette man, crashing into him from behind and hugging him weakly.

Her father appeared to be slightly surprised when he felt something small bump into him from behind, but immediately began smiling once he noticed that the culprit had been no one else but his adorable little kid daughter.

It will be done soon, though. Inori couldn't hide her disappointment through her narrowed eyes while Hanae opened up her own ones wide in shock once she saw what it actually had been that the king was currently putting into the pot of boiling water. Did you just put broccoli in there? Broccoli is good for you. He added carrots, too! Hearing that, Inori immediately stepped back out of shock and regarded her dear husband with nothing but horror in her eyes, protectively hiding her daughter behind her.

Both could not hide the small blush on their faces because they actually knew deep down that Shu had been absolutely right. Don't look at it like it's the end of the world. Try it first, will you? He had expected to see many things upon his return, but not how mother and child would actually start pulling out each piece of broccoli or carrot they could spot in their meal and put it into the other one's bowl respectively. Only once Shu cleared his throat did they tense up and stop their actions immediately.

He had to muster all of his self-control not to start laughing at their adorableness. Their actions reminded him of the days he had forced Triton to eat his share of carrots, back when they both had been kids as well.

Though the blond boy certainly hadn't liked them any more than the brunette one had, Triton had used to be too much of a pushover to ever resist him anyway.

Shu started to grin at the memory. Meanwhile, the pink haired girls had given up their resistance and picked up their chopsticks to try out the Udon Papa Shu had made for them. Taking some of the thick wheat flour noodles in between their chopsticks, they brought them up and hesitatingly put them into their mouths, only to slurp them up almost immediately afterwards, their sorrowful eyes changing into sparkling ones from one moment to the next.

I've had plenty of time getting to know your tastes, after all. I know what I need to do to make my girls eat their food.

That was the moment Shu put both his fists on his hips and began laughing heartily. Shu couldn't help but get brought back from his trance-like state once he noticed how Inori refilled both hers as well as their daughter's bowl. A nervous smile could be seen appearing on the troubled king's lips. My, you two have quite the appetite, don't you? However, when his daughter held up her bowl again shortly afterwards, he shook his head to snap out of it.

Deciding that he had to act now, he went back into the kitchen to get a bowl and pair of chopsticks for himself, only to see his girls taking yet ANOTHER portion upon his return. He nearly let his bowl fall to the ground from shock as he looked at them in bewilderment. His dear wife alone had already eaten enough for two grown human beings, making him feel slightly dizzy. It couldn't be…was she pregnant again? She surely would have told him in advance, right? And what the hell was up with Hanae?

How did so much food even fit inside such a small body? Where the hell did all the stuff go? Was her void a black hole or something? This was bad, at this rate… "Uh, hey. You two left something for me, right? An unpleasant suspicion dawned on him when he saw both of them tensing up at his words right away. Once he opened up the lid, the king of voids found himself staring at his area of expertise.

Though, sadly, it was of a different kind than the one he usually worked with. In the pot he found a void.

He felt like crying.

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He honestly felt like a poor farmer whose whole harvest had been taken from him by a plague of locusts. Pink and cute locusts, but gluttonous nonetheless. But amidst his despair, he suddenly felt a pair of tiny arms wrap themselves around his neck. He lifted up his gaze to stare into the beautiful crimson eyes of his daughter who offered him the shiniest of smiles before giving him a peck on the cheek.

The feelings appeared so pure to him that he thought he could almost see them shining, illuminating the room in the process. At this point, the king did not even remember what he had been so sad about in the first place. As he quietly uttered an embarrassed but also very happy laugh, he did not resist in the slightest when the girls pushed him down on the floor and snuggled up to him, where he put his arms around them both, feeling like he would sooner set the world on fire than ever letting go of these two angels of his, ever.

As they had lied there together on the floor, he was not at all surprised to notice how both, his daughter as well as his wife had already fallen asleep in his arms shortly after, causing him to merely smile at them in return.

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Like mother, like daughter. It never took either of them long to fall asleep. As he kept watching their peaceful sleeping faces, he, too, felt like joining them, disregarding the quiet voice of reason in the back of his head that told him that he still needed to make food for himself. This, in turn, earns Shu contempt from people who would gladly risk their lives for Gai, particularly Argo. The two settle their differences after the Leukocyte incident, though they still disagree from time to time, particularly when it comes to anything involving Inori.

Later, however, Shu is shown to actually look up to Gai, wanting to be more like him, but eventually realises he will never be him and decides to do things his own way. In later episodes, with his new allies and elevated responsibilities, Shu develops into a much more brave and sociable person, something noticed by Hare and others. His new-found bravery solidifies when wielding Voids in battle, becoming a determined, powerful and expert fighter.

Very early in the series, Shu gains feelings for Inori and falls in love with her. Many people easily see and frequently attempt to use this fact in their favour. He is disheartened when any male character gets too close to Inori, and is heartbroken when she has to leave during his breakdown, brought upon bu him mercy-killing Yahiro 's younger brother, Jun.

Hare's death was a major, emotional blow, and changed him dramatically. Misinformed by Yahiro over the details surrounding her death, Shu became a callous and emotionless person, implementing Yahiro's ranking system and taking control of the student body.

Shu publicly assumes a tyrant-like persona with an iron fist, under the belief that extreme discipline will lead them to safety. However, in private conversations with Inori and Ayase, he realises his own actions are wrong and wonders if he'll ever be punished for them. During this time, he becomes extremely reliant on his Void powers, referring to himself as a King. Subsequently, Shu enters a state of shock when the resurrected Gai arrives and steals his powers by severing his arm.

shu and inori relationship problems

After the loss of his right arm and Void powers, Shu enters a catatonic-like, unresponsive state, dwelling on his own mistakes, as well as dealing with the betrayal of people he believed to be his friends. During this time, in a reversal of roles, Inori takes guardianship of him, protecting him from the ongoing governmental hunt for her.

Inori eventually decides to let herself be captured so that Shu can remain safe, as they no longer see Shu as a threat. After Inori's capture, Shu comes to terms with his mistakes, assuming a calmer, more decisive persona, willing to go to any lengths to undo his wrongdoings even at great personal cost.

He holds Arisa at gunpoint to lead him to Inori, injects himself with a second Void Genome, despite the great death risk and even kills Segai in cold blood, saying he will willingly soil his hands to save everyone. He also breaks from his former demeanor, manifesting his Void and sheding his closed emotional atittude. Shu was also planning on sacrificing himself to cure the Apocalypse Virus with a peace of mind.

shu and inori relationship problems

Episodes Shu Ouma is seen watching a video of Inori singing before going to school with Hare the next day. She asks him about what he was doing last night, since he looked tired but he just shakes it off.

She tells him that there was a terrorist attack yesterday in Ward 24, explaining why so much of the GHQ were out guarding the area. Shu doesn't respond and just looks up at GHQ's base. After meeting with some of his classmates, Shu decides to eat his lunch at the back of his school in an abandoned building, only to find Inori, who he instantly recognizes, and Fyu-neru, who mistakes him for an enemy. However, after the whole misunderstanding is over, Shu tries to talk with her, while she tries to play cat's cradle with him instead.

At this moment, members of the GHQ come to take Inori away and before Shu can defend her, they threaten with charging him as her accomplice, causing Shu to duck in fear. After they take Inori away, Shu starts to blame himself for what happened but is stopped by Fyu-neru who shows him a map to where Gai is. They reach the location, only to be ganged up on by a bunch of thugs. One of them hits Shu in the face before Gai shows up and scares them away with an impressive show of martial arts.

They are interrupted by an explosion and it is announced that GHQ is attacking. Soon after, Shu is thrown back by an explosion caused by Ayase and she yells at him to get out of her way.

Gai shouts at Shu to protect the 'key' revealed to be the Void Genome and he runs away to find Inori, which he eventually does. Shu, in a moment of strength, rushes to save her, resulting in the Void Genome's capsule being destroyed, precipitating Shu's new power, the "Power of Kings".

After a brief flash of visions involving Inori, himself, fires and other currently unknown characters, Shu's power awakens, and he pulls a large sword out of Inori, sending a bright light, to the shock of all watching. Shu is fired upon by various missiles, all of which he diverts with the sword.

shu and inori relationship problems

He then destroys one of the GHQ's mecha with the sword and walks out of the explosion. As he's walking away, he's attacked by another GHQ member who fires missiles at him which he dodges by accidentally activating a new power that let's him stand on platforms that send him into the air. However, the missiles follow him and he is sent crashing into the ground. He gets up and is saved by Oogumo, who crushes the GHQ member's mecha using a special device.

shu and inori relationship problems

Shu then runs to Inori to see if she was okay and notices that Inori's Void goes back inside of her and is confused about what it was. He then receives a message from Gai through Fyu-neru to get Inori out of there in fifteen seconds. He later meets with Gai. They are interrupted by an awakened Inori who asks Gai if she completed the job. Gai retorts that he was very disappointed in her. Shu interjects by saying he was being mean and that she worked really hard.

Gai with the view that results were everything - therefore, she failed, since the Void Genome Shu had used was meant for Gai's own use. Gai explains that it was one of only three Void Genomes that Sephirah Genomics managed to create. It bestows "The Kings Power" onto its user. Gai explains "The Power of Kings" is using Inori's Void as an example, stating that Shu is no longer allowed to powerlessly stand at the sidelines anymore.

Before Shu can protest, Gai tells him that he can either sit quietly and be selected out of this world or he can adapt and change.

Later, it is revealed that hostages were taken by the Anti Bodies aka 'whitecoats' so Gai meets up with the rest of Undertaker and reveals his plan to the group as Shu and Inori stand by watching. Shu goes along with the plan and passes through a vent with Inori to arrive at their planned location, witnessing the extensive and cruel abuse of the Anti Bodies such as Daryl repeatedly kicking a woman in the face on the way. Funeral Parlor begins their attack, and Shu starts to fear letting everyone down.

Inori encourages him, and says that she belongs to him now before he activates his power. As Guin counts down from 10 upon which he will fire several lasers aimed at GaiShu rushes to Daryl's trailer, where Daryl is mentally inside his mecha, and pulls out Daryl's Void called the Kaleidoscope. Running to be right under Gai, he activates the Void, reflecting the lasers meant for Gai back onto the enemy, ultimately killing Guin and most of the other GHQ members in the process.

Shu stands in shock at his success before being offered by a now friendly Gai to join Funeral Parlor, which he ultimately refuses.

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The next day, in the middle of class, Shu stands up in shock, as Inori has just been announced as the newest member of his class. E Shu agrees with another classmate that Inori looks like a doll in real life, but is called a moron by Souta, who warns him not to say that to her face. Shu arrives home to find Inori and Fyu-neru there and Fyu-neru threatens Shu to not look because Inori was changing though it didn't speak, you could tell. Inori seems to have done some background information on Shu's family, which he is impressed about.

Shu opens the door after the doorbell rings and Yahiro appears. He says he came because he thought Shu was acting weird and brought a movie to cheer him up. However, Inori interrupts saying she got a call to go and meet someone and they leave. Shu tells Yahiro that he'll call him if anything happens. They meet with Gai and Shu says he had figured out that Gai knew what people's Voids were, since he knew that Daryl's was the Kaleidoscope.

Guilty crown (relationship between Inori-shu).

Gai is impressed by this saying Shu was sharp. He then tells Shu that someone from his school witnessed the events that happened with Daryl and orders Shu to remove the persons Void to erase their memory.

After 1 failed attempt to do so, Inori teaches him how to look someone in the eyes since making eye contact was vital. They succeed in finding the culprit, who is indeed Yahiro and after Shu pulls out his Void, they make a promise to each other. However, Yahiro betrays Shu by getting him arrested.