Simba and scar relationship quiz

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simba and scar relationship quiz

Quiz to test how much you know about this movie. 10 questions to The Lion King Quiz. Quiz to test What was Scar's relationship to Simba? Uncle; Father. If Mufasa and Scar are brothers, why does one have an American .. make Nala and Samba's relationship to incestual, but in the original script. Mighty king or lion cub? This Lion King quiz will reveal all.

Contrary to The Lion King, most of the characters in the play die at the end of the story. What is the name of the Shakespearean play that The Lion King is based on?


Question 18 Who is the voice behind Mufasa? Without the teachings that Mufasa gave Simba as a cub, Simba would have likely strayed from his path and never returned. Mufasa later appears in a cloud formation and sends a wise message. Because Simba listened to his father he was able to remember who he was and became the king he was born to be. The voice actor behind Mufasa captivates the emotions and power that is associated with the character of Mufasa. Who is the voice behind Mufasa?

This fictional land is based on the Serengeti; a region in northern Tanzania. This land contains many of the areas used in the Lion King. On top of appearing in the movie, this fictional land has appeared in games such as Kingdom Hearts 2.

What is the term used to refer to the fictional territory in which The Lion King mostly takes place in?

simba and scar relationship quiz

Question 20 with Nala by yous side in the circle of life as the king as my son Mufasa never really died since he will always be a part of Simba. While Simba goes on a spiritual voyage with a mandrill, he reaches a steady pond and views his own reflection. Upon closer inspection of his reflection, he sees not himself, but instead his father. Suddenly swirling clouds cover the sky and reveal an apparition of Mufasa. Complete this line by Mufasa: Look inside yourself, Simba.

You are more than what you have become. Through this process they have already named a few talented voice actors who would be great for roles in the movie. James Earl Jones is also set to return as the voice of Mufasa. Which of these voice actors was not present in the original The Lion King? Question 22 Is this statement true or false? Scar had a different role which was a much more complicated and a larger part of the story. According to the original The Lion King script, when Scar is about to kill Simba he gets caught in the act and this changes the story.

Everyone assumed that Scar had saved Simba from the stampede.

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Is this statement true or false? Question 23 What type of bird is Zazu? Zazu receives many orders directly from the king. One his most important orders was to accompany Simba and Nala while they went to the "Water Hole".

Question 24 What prevented the hyenas from killing Simba? Scar shows up momentarily and lies to Simba by telling him the whole incident was his fault. Run away and never return. Scar summons a trio of hyenas to hunt him down and kill him. What prevented the hyenas from killing Simba? Question 25 What cheap-shot move did Scar commit? Hit him when his back was turned Kicked him in the crotch Threw embers in Simba's face Spat in his face When Simba fought Scar, Scar used a cheap-shot to gain the upper-hand in a fight against Simba.

Once cornered by Simba on Pride Rock, Scar was outmatched. After Simba allowed him, Scar appeared to be walking away, but then used a dirty move to injure Simba. What cheap-shot move did Scar commit? Question 26 Is this statement true or false? It was not going to be based on a protagonist who acted in the face of good.

After the death of his father, Simba swore revenge on all of those who had betrayed him. Even though Scar had been the one who killed Mufasa, Simba did not know this and went into exile. Hunting Whispering Pouncing Being a lion cub, Simba had a lot to learn with his physical strength before he could become king.

While Mufasa and Simba were out, Zazu shows up to give the king a daily report. As the bird is blabbing on, Mufasa takes the time to volunteer Zazu as a subject in a lesson for his son. The lesson was a success and Simba learned a new skill. Meanwhile, Zasz learned that there was no ounce of humiliation he wouldn't be subject to.

Question 7 Where did Simba first encounter hyenas? Those nasty scavengers were much more trouble than they were worth, and Mufasa worked hard to keep them out. However, it wasn't long before Simba strayed right into their lap after being hinted about an interesting location. He traveled there out of sheer curiosity and came into contact with three powerful hyenas.

If it weren't for his dad to save the day, Simba would've died.

simba and scar relationship quiz

Question 8 Who told Simba about the Elephant Graveyard? Zazu Mufasa Scar Being a young cub, Simba had a lot of curiosity about the world around him. Unfortunately, this came to bite him in the butt early in his life. He was informed about a shadowy place and specifically instructed to never go there. However, he eventually learned what was in the shadowy place: It's then that he decided he wanted to check it out for himself.

As we all know, he was walking right into the belly of the beast. Question 9 Who did Simba take with him to the Elephant Graveyard? He then carefully told them that he was hatching a plan to visit an Elephant Graveyard, and they were quickly in on it. After putting together a song number to distract some of the other animals, the two of them snuck into the graveyard to see what the place was like.

Unfortunately, he placed the both of them in danger. Question 10 What did Zazu say before leaving Simba with Mufasa after the incident at the elephant graveyard? I'll follow you next time Good luck He'll forgive you I'm sorry Simba and Nala stupidly went into the Elephant Graveyard where they were then hunted by hyenas.

However, it wasn't long before Zazu showed up to try and get them to turn back to the Pridelands. Eventually, it was Mufasa who showed up and beat the hyenas. After walking home, he dismissed Nala and Zazu because he wanted to teach his son a lesson.

Zazu takes Nala with him then grabs Simba by the shoulders. He says one sentence before flying off. Question 11 What are the stars according to Mufasa? Fireflies Heavenly lights The kings of the past After "teaching his son a lesson" about never disobeying him for his own safety, Mufasa lets Simba in on a little secret. He points his son up to the stars and explains what their significance is to him. This would stay with Simba for a long time and would eventually help him learn to become the King of Pride Rock.

Unfortunately, he would greatly doubt whether his father's words were true or not on that day. He learned that they were. Question 12 Finish this quote: One of the adjectives Simba used to describe him was being brave.

Mufasa quickly explains that he's only brave in certain situations. Being a king isn't about going out looking for trouble. In an ideal world, they would never have to fight. However, there are moments when trouble comes their way. That's when a king has to know how to fight and keep his people safe.

simba and scar relationship quiz

Question 13 Why did Simba go to the Elephant Graveyard? He was bored Because he wanted to be like his dad He wanted to conquer it He wanted to have fun Simba had a lot to learn about becoming king when he was just a cub. Once he heard about the Elephant Graveyard, he was ecstatic to go and take Nala.

It ended up in a total disaster and he nearly lost his life as a result. While talking with his father, he explains why he really went and he hoped it would help be a better king.

That's when Mufasa took the time to explain to him what being a king meant.

simba and scar relationship quiz

Question 14 What animals did Scar send into the valley? Rhinos Elephants Wildebeests After Simba was saved by Mufasa, Scar came up with an ingenious plan to make sure that both Mufasa and Simba met their end. With the help of some of his own friends, Scar caused a stampede of animals to travel into the valley where Simba was at the time. Because the young prince was in danger, it was only a matter of time before Mufasa would also go down to help.

Unfortunately, only one of the two lions would make it out alive. Question 15 How did Scar describe Simba's surprise?

simba and scar relationship quiz

Because of this, he decided to lead Simba into the valley under the false pretences of there being a special "surprise. Question 16 What animal did Simba roar at in the valley? Chameleon Zebra Antelope After Scar left to go get Simba his surprise, the lion cub was determined to work on his roar due being laughed at by the hyenas.

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There was an animal that happened to walk by at the time and Simba saw his opportunity. He roared a few times before it actually scared the creature, and he looked quite proud of himself. Unfortunately, that was when he turned around to see that there was a stampeded of animals barreling toward him.

Question 17 Who tried to go get help when Simba was stuck in the middle of the stampede? Timon and Pumbaa Zazu Bonzai When the wildebeests began barreling through the valley and Simba was trapped in it, one of the Prideland animals quickly took note and tried to immediately go for help.