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Read the topic about Spice and Wolf, Volume 16 End on I just went through volume 17, this is probably one of my favourite romance endings to date. Furthermore, Holo is unwilling to advance in a relationship because. It didn't feel like he developed their relationship more, and he didn't write Spoiler v17 and would have been better placed in another volume. Rather than swordfights and magic, the plot focuses on economics, trade, and peddling Thus, we have Spice and Wolf Volume Epilogue.

In the first of three short stories, sheltering from rain in an abandoned fort leads Lawrence to reminisce with Holo about his past encounter with the old knight who once maintained the fort, the knight from whom he got his trusty dagger. In the second, Col wonders about the dynamic between Lawrence and Holo as they assist another merchant in sorting out his coins.

In the final one, Holo learns why the inhabitants of a village they pass through are all too eager to hear Holo's stories. In the Afterword for vol.

He later decided, though, that the story would not be complete without a proper epilogue.

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Hence we have this novel, which devotes a little less than half of its page count to concluding the franchise and the rest to one final collection of short stories set at various points throughout the overall storyline.

The drama of the overall storyline ended in vol. So, too, do several other important characters whom Lawrence and Holo encountered over the course of the 13 volumes of in the core story; the name-dropping here is quite extensive. Though great for nostalgia, that is ultimately less important than how Holo and Lawrence are getting along. After five years theirs is a relationship equivalent to a married couple even if they never formally tied the knot: The story takes its time to lay out what else they have been up to: It also spends a little time on the particulars of Lawrence integrating into the Nyohhira government and mercantile structure, but this, first and foremost, is about Lawrence's time with Holo and to a much lesser degree Col.

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And that's exactly how it should be. Earlier in the series when Holo is desperate to avoid loneliness, she offers herself sexually in order to make children with Lawrence.

It is unclear if she assumes a marriage relationship or not, but she runs into Lawrence's own sense at that moment that without marriage this is an impossible option. However, this suggests that she has inwardly come to terms with one of the greatest problems with them marrying, their uneven lifespans. She's nearly ; he's Clearly, she is not expecting him to provide companionship forever. In fact, Holo has come to terms with the vast difference of their responses to time. Her struggles over this issue come up in the dream visions when, after encountering those of her own kind, Holo also discovers Lawrence's skeletal remains.

In spite of the certainty of heartbreak, Holo has told him she will nurse him when he is old. The topic of marriage needs further development, which includes knowledge of the light novels and manga. For example, Holo and Lawrence's pickup of Cole Todd, an idealistic young man, as a traveling companion in book 6 the end of the anime narrative turns their group into an almost family.

Refuse to part ways with Holo and also where he confessed his love for her. Two things that yet again will come into play in this volume.

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They are here to wait for a map showing them the way to Yoitsu. While they wait they run into a old friend Elsa who runs a church in a small town that they once visited. She is traveling with a book merchant named Le Roi. Who has a business deal for Lawrence to buy a old book with secrets about mining. This is important to Holo and Lawrence as it could mean the difference between Yoitsu being torn apart for mining or not.

So Lawrence decides to take him up on this offer. But doing this means they must travel away from Holo's home witch will mean Lawrence won't be able to keep his promise of returning there with her. This causes much conflict with Lawrence as he wants to stay with Holo. As days go by the map finally is delivered to them. Holo and Lawrence decide to look at it together. As they do Holo is overcome by emotions as she is finally able to see that it is still a real place.

As thanks for all of Lawrences help Holo gives Lawrence a kiss on the check. To Witch Lawrence sarcastically says that "I've been stabbed, beaten, and nearly bankrupted. And after all that, this is my reward. Witch Lawrence says certainly not. As even though he had gone threw all that in order to bring Holo to Yoitsu. A kiss on the check was the first time in their long journey that Holo had kissed him.

Later on while talking to Philon a man who runs a general store for mercenaries. Who tells him about a mercenary band that goes by the name of Myuri. Lawrence remembers that name as one of Holo's old pack mates. This makes Lawrence even more worried about parting with Holo.

As he does not want to bare her meeting such an old friend without him due to not knowing what their relationship used to be.

As he thinks they might possible have had a romantic relationship at some point in the past. Later in the day Lawrence and Elsa go to get clean clothes for Holo and Col. Who has just gotten wet catching eels to eat for lunch.

Spice and Wolf, Volume 16 End

As they walk Elsa then asks why two lovers like Holo and Lawrence just dont decide to stay together. Lawrence though argues that this is Holo's choice and that it is the right one.

Elsa how ever wont give up and asks Lawrence if it's what he wishes for. Witch of course it isn't but he can't think of a way to continue to travel with her. Elsa though yells at him to think. That is when Lawrence figures out a way to continue to travel with Holo. This is why Elsa is easily my favorite and most impactful side character in the story. As she is a very blunt and honest character and is trying to repay a debt she owes to Holo and Lawrence.

By trying to find a way to force Lawrence to chase after what he wants.

spice and wolf vol 17 ending relationship

If not for Elsa actions here who knows how different the story would have turned out. As Holo and Lawrence would have ended up parting soon after these events. As he goes and tells Holo this she isn't happy that he threw another one of her plans away. But decides to go along with another one of this fools, foolish schemes. Near the end of this Volume Holo decides to ask Lawrence why he is so dead set and not parting.

Since they have both said in the past even if they part they will met again. After some teasing from Holo she finally tells him the words he always wanted to hear. But you fool, you stupid fool, I I do love you so" This makes Lawrence so happy that he is unable to hold back. Pushing Holo against the wall and kissing her on the neck.

spice and wolf vol 17 ending relationship

Holo tells him to stop but he won't witch results in him getting decked in the face witch puts an end to it.

Lawrence getting punched hard enough to leave a mark though has a second meaning to it. As during this era before a couple was to marry. There was a custom of the women hitting her partner hard enough to leave a mark. This was to show everybody else that the man was already taken by another. Vol XV This volume begins with them traveling to Lesko in order to seek out the Myuri mercenary band.

They then find Luward the leader of this group. Who is surprisingly young for a leader of a mercenary band. They then have a talk once Luward hears Holo's name he's shocked. This is because he was told stories as a kid about The Wise Wolf Holo. Its also because his family for generations has been entrusted with passing down a message from Myuri to Holo if they were ever to meet her. The message is written on a giant wolf claw witch means Myuri has long been dead for.

On the claw the message simply reads "Its been awhile" this causes Holo to break down in tears.