Tomato and potato relationship quotes

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tomato and potato relationship quotes

Oh, and cool pics about Tomato And Potato Love Story. Also, Tomato And True for most people Love Quotes, Funny Quotes, Humor Quotes, Quirky Quotes. What do tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers have in common? One obvious answer is that these are all food plants. We can grow these plants in. 27 quotes have been tagged as potatoes: A.A. Milne: 'What I say is that, if a man Linnaeus lumped the tomato into the same genus as the potato, a food with a.

I could never figure out what it was that triggered her, but I would come home from school to a glorious aroma. An Apfel-strudel, with paper-thin pastry wrapped around chunks of apples and nuts and raisins.

One Plant That Grows Both Tomatoes And Potatoes Trending On Reddit

The thick smoked pork chops called Kasseler ribs, braised in apple cider and served with caraway-laced sauerkraut. A rich baked dish with sausages, duck, and white beans. A traditional German recipe handed down from her mother.

tomato and potato relationship quotes

I haven't even thought of it in years. But when my mom left, it was the only thing I could think to do for Joe, who was confused and heartbroken, and it was my best way to try to get something in him that didn't come in a cardboard container. I never got to learn at her knee the way many granddaughters learn to cook; she never shared the few recipes that were part of my ancestry.

But hoppel poppel is fly by the seat of your pants, it doesn't need a recipe; it's a mess, just like me. It's just what the soul needs.

Plant Grows Both Tomatoes and Potatoes

I grab an onion, and chop half of it. Around the world, in fact, poor tasting tomatoes have become a bellwether for the dangers of intensive, unseasonal commercial farming.

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Everyone seems to remember eating tomatoes that tasted better than they do today. This could be due to the number of highly variable flavour components in tomatoes, and perhaps an indication of how they respond to different types of soil and sunlight. Whatever the reason, consumer feelings have become so strong that smart retailers have responded by stocking more flavourful varieties, including so-called heirloom or heritage tomatoes, older cultivars that might have the taste we remember.

I had the opposite experience to my Amsterdam one a few years back in South Africa where I found a box of small tomatoes, more pink than red, looking almost candy-like.

tomato and potato relationship quotes

And they really were like candy, not sweet, but sweetsour with a wonderful freshness of taste. Before I realised I had finished the whole box, just eating the tomatoes by themselves. I wonder if we will soon need this sort of consumer-lead change in India.

India's affair with tomatoes

Our tomatoes are still not as bad as those Amsterdam ones, but I have noticed a drift towards duller tasting tomatoes, often not ripe enough, despite their bright red colour. If you have access to a farm which grows its own tomatoes, allowing them time to ripen on the vine, or perhaps you stop in a small village mandi and look for the small tomatoes sold there, mottled and wrinkly with ripeness, because they were left behind when the bigger, better looking ones were picked too early and sent to the city — and you try them and get that amazing burst of true tomato flavour, you might understand what we are increasingly missing out.

tomato and potato relationship quotes

But I think part of the problem is that in India we are still evolving in our relationship with the tomato. We certainly eat lots of them along with onions and potatoes, they are one vegetable which often gets a hawker with a cart that only sells tomatoes.

tomato and potato relationship quotes

Yet the tomato is really quite a recent arrival on the world scene. It was taken to Europe and cultivated from the 16th century onwards, but suspicions that its bright fruit was poisonous delayed its spread.

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This quote is interesting because it suggests what got Indians to see value in tomatoes. Indian curries are commonly characterised as super-spicybut in fact their sourness is almost as important.

Like ornamentation on a building, spices are what you see first, but it is sourness that often gives curries their structure, the acid bite enlivening the bland starches we eat them with.

tomato and potato relationship quotes

Indian regional food has an amazing array of traditional souring agents: