Available in wide width up to 60″ ( mm). Woven Hook and Loop. aplix Hook. aplix Hook. Nylon standard hook. To be used with # and # loop . +44 (0) Index. Aplix Range. PAGES XX – XX. Aplix Specification. PAGES XX – XX. Aplix Specification. PAGES XX -. APLIX Sew Quality Hook & Loop is available in 50 yard rolls and features a soft unnapped loop that is great for applications next to the skin.

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Available in standard and aggressive strengths. To be attached to the substrate by the means of a mechanical fastener such as screw, staple, rivet or nail. You have been logged out because another session was opened with this username.

Good shear and cycle life when used with hook. High cycle life and shear strength when used with hook. Fasteners made of a mushroom gripping element and a knit loop, for applications requiring a thin closure with high gripping performance.


Also available with pressure sensitive adhesive. Economical standard nylon hook and loop with good cycle life. Available in wide width up to 60″ mm. Also available with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Up to 50″ mm wide.

Scratch à coudre Aplix 800 “crochet” largeur 25 mm

Polyester hook and loop. The self-gripping fastener is a combination of two elements, gripping and snagging. If this is not your username.

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To be used with and loop. It can be wrapped around a join seam or sewn into a specific area to mate withand hook molded in the seat pad.

_C FRHI-, APLIX | Buy now at ShopKLX

Please wait for the sales rep approval. The email address you provided matches multiple accounts. Our Woven and Knit Products are available in: Please contact your KLX sales representative for further assistance. The loop is the snagging element which is either woven or knit.

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High aplkx tension and peel strength and no loss of properties when wet. Please enter the email address associated with your account to recover your username.


Aplix # Hook Acrylic High Temp PSA

Recover Your Username Please enter the email address associated with your account to recover your username. This could be due to: Resistant to very high temperatures. Please check your email for login 80 it may take up to 24 hours. You are about to be locked out due to too many incorrect logins. Hook and Loop laminated to a rigid plastic.

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Woven and Knit Products More than 50 years experience in producing self-gripping fasteners makes it possible for Aplix Fasteners Inc. Available with pressure sensitive adhesive.

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