bioforge – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: For BioForge on the PC, FAQ/Walkthrough by N_Clement. the controls of this old game (No manuals anymore hey?) ;p So here goes. BioForge – Manual. Game Title, BioForge. Document Type, Manual. Platform, PC (DOS/Windows). Author, afc (stats). Filesize, kB. Date. Downloads,

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Fight against your robotic and human oppressors using a combination of melee weaponry and guns. This is how I did it, and it worked perfectly for the completion of this game. To open up the big doors, you will need to do the following. Back to the doctor, she’s wounded so grab a healspray and use it when your next to her.

Your review should focus on your in-game experience only. Multiple times, before a “big change” is made so that if you mess up somewhere, you will have those old games at least to save yourself. Most players will be turned off by all of this reading, but trust me.

When you arrive downstairs you will be on a ledge with a bunch of flying security droids that start shooting at you. I find that an alternate combo of kicks work good. The medical access codes for my game was When your done reading, go back to the nexus and finally head through the grav tube where the guards threw a grenade to get back to the alien temple.

With these guys taken off, you can enter the last gravity tube which will take you to a Gravity Ring that is cluttered with debris. This will take care of reinforcements. He IS unbeatable though, but if you kick him a good few times, he will eventually run away.

Lift the sphere again and the second marine will throw a grenade down the hole biofrge will land at your feet. Upon arrival a guard will walkie-talkie the good doctor of your presence and attack you. Manial, some clues and access bioforfe are found among this reading and you have no other choice than to read it to find these to continue the game. This will give you an extra battery with an extra energy. Next, you need to open up the remaining celldoors.


Now a thing to be careful here is that the floor is now unstable for some reason so you need to walk on the metal rims on the floor not the center of the tiles or you’ll fall to your death as the floor collapse.

PC (DOS/Windows)

Now regardless of how fast you got there the timer will tell you that you have 20 seconds left remember it’s event-based. You will notice here that this sweet gun shoots energy that rebounds off certain walls. Fighting your way through superior forces vies with the need to discover alternative ways of manipulating yourself and others. About 6 to 10 hits and he should be done. The reason you should drop your big gun on that ledge is because you cannot carry the big gun and the bomb at the same time There is biofoge rating for applied filters.

So I’d advice you go with easy mode unless your prepared to bitch against Bioforge. I am also not adding an email address to this not to get bothered. Give it mwnual bit of time as this will trigger the occupant of the first manuao to escape.

What you need to unlock are the other 3 grav-tubes at the bottom and AVOID opening the ones at the ceiling as these will only spur bugs that will attack you constantly! Follow him back to Dr Escher’s room and you will see he will use some sort of transporter device near the good doctor. Despites all this, the atmosphere is so incredibly rich that you will remember this game even after years of playing it. This doesn’t mean you should jerk around with a bomb in your hands, but if you move to a decent speed there wont be too much problem.

It takes about 4 or 5 combos and it manaul explode. When all that mariobros fun is done, you finally reach a spaceship. When he falls knocked-out there, quickly open up the iris with the button and the raptor will fall down below.

BioForge / PC (DOS/Windows) / Downloads –

Not sure what to write? So do this step first and go back to the ship. You will hear the woman speak again on the walkie-talkie, so to reach her you need to get the elevator and finally leave this floor. Published and developed by Origin Systems, under the direction of Ken Demarest, the game set itself apart from other similar games on the market.


Back in the Zero-G bioofrge, propel yourself with your big gun back to the gravity-tube and your back to the central room. Notice that if you try to fire your big gun it will not work since the reflective shield is messing up with it. Push the elevator button and ride it down.

Your only solution then would be to reload a past savegame. When your done with that, turn on your blue shield device that will encase you in a cool life support protective shield and bioforg enter the blue glimmering area at the back.

If you find an healing spray, it will restore 6 hitpoint bars per use. They should miss you as you run past them. Just think of it as if you picked up a very good book and reward yourself with some fine literature every now and then throughout the game.

games-pc bioforge User Manual – Page 1 of 12 |

Thus all edge buttons lighted and the only unlighted one being the center button. I have never been a big fan of legalities since I am a partisan of the philosophy that knowledge should be available to everyone and quite often the law goes against or complicate this philosophy. You will stabilize her wounds and as thanks she will give you an: If you really dont want to mess up and dont mind too much spoilers, follow this FAQ precisely and you’ll reach the ending.

Take note that on each of these grav-tubes is a big redish symbol next to it.

Noone has rated this game yet. Finally, there are some actions that NEED to be done and if you fail them, you might see the bad result only a few hours away of gameplay.

Bioforge is set in the far future where fanatical extremists are bent on galactic conquest. You wake to find yourself imprisoned with no memory of who you bioforgr.

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