Manuals and User Guides for Casio Exilim EX-ZR We have 1 Casio Exilim EX -ZR10 manual available for free PDF download: User Manual. Casio EX-ZR10 equipped with a 12 MP high-sensitivity Back-illuminated CMOS sensor allows for high-definition shots with low noise and full. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline.

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Unpacking As you unpack your camera, check to make sure that all items shown below are included. If anything is missing, contact your original retailer. What is a digital camera? Formatting Built-in Memory or a Memory Card General Guide The numbers in parentheses indicate the pages where each item is explained.

They do not represent screens that actually appear on the camera. Movie Playback 1 3 4. Quick Start Basics What is a digital camera? A digital camera stores images on a memory card, so you can record and delete them a countless number of times. Record Delete Play You can use the images you record in a variety of different ways.

What you can do with your CASIO camera Your CASIO camera is packed with a powerful selection of features and functions to make recording of digital images easier, including the following three main functions. Note that the battery of a newly purchased camera is not charged. Never try to use any other type of battery. Never use any other type of charger device.

Attempting to use a different charger can result in unexpected accident. Give the battery time to cool before charging it. Close the battery cover.

Close the battery cover and then shift the slider towards LOCK. Checking Remaining Battery Power As battery power is consumed, a battery indicator on the monitor screen indicates czsio power as shown below. Configuring Basic Settings the First Time You Turn On the Camera The first time you load a battery into the camera, a screen appears for configuring the display language, date, and time settings.

Failure to set the date and time correctly will cause the wrong date and time data to be recorded with images. To format initialize a new memory card You need to format a new memory card before using it for the first exx-zr10.

Turn on the camera and press [MENU]. Holding the Camera Correctly Your images will not come out clearly if you move the camera when you press the shutter button. When pressing the shutter button, be sure to hold the camera as shown in the illustration, and keep it still by pressing your arms firmly against your sides as you shoot. To shoot a snapshot Selecting an Auto Recording Mode You can select one of two auto recording modes Auto or Premium Auto according to your digital imaging needs.

Casjo is the standard Auto recording mode. With Premium Auto recording, the camera automatically determines whether you are shooting czsio subject or scenery, and other conditions.

To shoot a snapshot Point the camera at the subject. If you are using Premium Auto, mankal will appear in the lower right corner of the monitor screen describing the type of shot the camera has detected.

Zoom controller Half-press the shutter button to focus the image.

EX-ZR10 Manual

Recording a Movie Press [0] Movie to start movie recording. Press [0] Movie again to stop movie recording. See the following pages for details. Standard movie STD movie: Deleting Snapshots and Movies If memory becomes casip, you can delete snapshots and movies you no longer need in order to free up storage and record more images. Use [ ], [2], [4], and [6] to move the selection boundary to the file you want to delete, and then press mnaual. Doing so can result in the image you just shot being saved incorrectly, damage to other images stored in memory, malfunction of the camera, etc.


Snapshot Tutorial Using the Control Panel The control panel can be used to configure camera settings. Use [8] and [2] to select the setting you want to change. This will select one of the control panel icons and display its settings.

Changing the Image Size Size. The more pixels there are in an image, the more detail there will be. However, you generally can do with fewer Image Size Selection Tips Note that larger images have more pixels, so they take up more memory space.

More detail, but takes up more memory. Best Large Number when you plan to print large-size prints such of Pixels as A3 size.


Small Number Less detail, but takes up less memory. An HDTV screen has an aspect ratio of Use [8] and [2] to select the second control majual option from the top ISO Sensitivity. Use [4] and [6] to select the setting you want and then press [SET]. Adjusting White Balance White Balance You can adjust white balance to match the source of light available where you are shooting and avoid the blue cast that results when shooting outdoors when it is cloudy, and the green cast ,anual results when shooting under fluorescent lighting.

Use [8] and [2] to select the fourth control panel option from the top EV Shift. Use [4] and [6] to select the flash setting you manusl and then press [SET].

Flash Off Flash does not fire. Shooting with Zoom Your camera is equipped with various types of zoom: Optical zoom Changes the lens focal distance. Interpreting the Zoom Bar During a zoom operation, a zoom bar appears on the monitor screen to show the current zoom setting. Range where image deterioration is suppressed. Zoom Icon The appearance of the zoom icon on the monitor screen depends on the zoom factor. Single SR Zoom uses super resolution to expand the zoom range in which image quality deterioration is minimized.

Use [8] and [2] to select the fifth Control Panel option from the top CS mode. Use [4] and [6] to specify how many of the 30 images and for how long images should be pre-recorded in the buffer.

Number of pre-record images and pre-record time If this happens, try shooting with F CS Full pixels Continuous Shutterwhich uses the mechanical shutter only and eliminates the problems caused by the CMOS imaging element characteristics.

Press the shutter button the rest of the way down. Images continue to be shot as long as you keep the shutter button depressed.

Image recording will stop when you release the shutter button or after the maximum number of shots is reached. Make sure your memory card has sufficient remaining capacity before shooting with using continuous shutter. See the pages indicated below for more information about movies.

High-definition movie FHD movie: The aspect ratio of an FHD movie is Image quality and image size settings casik be changed.

Record the movie the same way as you would a normal movie page Press [0] Movie to start and stop recording. To focus an image, half-press the shutter button for Auto Focus or focus manually before you press [0] Movie to start recording. Using Prerecord Movie Prerecord Movie With this feature, the camera pre-records up to five seconds of whatever is happening in front of the lens in a buffer that is continually updated.


Pressing [0] Movie saves the pre-recorded action buffer contents followed by real-time recording. Real-time recording continues until you stop it. To shoot a Prerecord Movie After using the above procedure to set up the camera for Prerecord Movie, point the camera at the subject.

When you are ready to record, press [0] Movie. This will save the approximately five seconds of action that was prerecorded in the buffer before you pressed [0] Movie two seconds if you are using high speed movie and start real-time recording. Shooting a Snapshot while Shooting a Movie You can shoot snapshots while movie recording is in progress.

Casio EX-ZR10 Digital Camera User Manual

When the camera is in the Single Shot mode, you can shoot snapshots one-by-one. In the CS mode, holding down the shutter button will record up to seven consecutive images at a speed of approximately 10 images per second fps. When you need to change the setup of the camera, simply find the scene that matches what you are trying to achieve, and the camera sets up for it automatically. Use [8], [2], [4], and [6] manuall move the boundary to the scene you want to select.

See page 65 for details. Press [SET] to configure the camera with the settings for the currently selected scene. This returns to the REC mode.

Use [4] and [6] to select the snapshot whose setup you want to save. If the camera detects it is being hand-held, pressing the shutter button will record a series of images and combine them in a way that minimizes image blur due to low light conditions. Shooting with High Speed Anti Shake High Speed Ex-zt10 Shake When you press the shutter button while Caeio Speed Anti Es-zr10 is enabled, the camera records multiple images and automatically combines them in a way that produces a final image with minimal blur.

You can shoot with this feature to minimize the effects of camera movement when shooting with optical anti shake does not produce the desired results. Digitally Correcting for Overexposure and Underexposure HDR With Csio High Dynamic Rangethe camera shoots a series of CS images using different exposure settings and combines them into a final image to correct for overexposure or underexposure of subjects of different brightness levels.

Shooting a Manuap Image Slide Panorama With Slide Panorama, you move the camera to compose and record multiple images, which are then combined to a panorama. This feature lets you shoot a panorama of up to degrees, which is dramatically greater than the physical capabilities of the lens. Configuring the Camera to Help You Better Time Your Shots Lag Correction There always is some unavoidable time lag between the point you press the shutter button and caaio point that the image is actually recorded.

Use [4] and [6] to scroll through the pre-recorded images on the monitor screen.

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