Pengaruh Cekaman Kekeringan terhadap Pertumbuhan, Hasil dan Kandungan Prolina Daun Cabai. Yusniwati Yusniwati • Sudarsono Sudarsono • Hajrial. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Seleksi dan Karakter Sekunder Jagung Inbrida Toleran Cekaman Kekeringan | The availability of. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Pengaruh Cekaman Kekeringan terhadap Perilaku Fisiologis dan Pertumbuhan Bibit Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) .

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The traits were more effected by genetic factors than the environmental factors and correlated to yield under drought stress conditions. Comparison of photosynthesis and leaf ultrastructure on two black locust Robinia pseudoacacia L. Email the author Login required. Article Tools Print this article. The second factor comprised of 2 harvest times i. Journal of Environmental Sciences 25 3 Robinia pseudoacacia invasions and control in North America and Europe.

Pengaruh Cekaman Kekeringan terhadap Pertumbuhan dan Hasil Padi Gogo Lokal, Kultivar Jambu – Neliti

African Journal of Agricultural Research 6 9 Therefore, the use of black locust for dry land reclamation requires special attention and careful strategy to avoid its invasive impact in the future. The experiment was arranged in a completely randomized design with two factors and three replications.

However, adaptability of black locust on their distribution area is quite disturbing due to its invasive potential that tends to suppress the growth of native plants. The results of research that treatment of water stress showed significant different to all data.


Pengaruh Cekaman Kekeringan terhadap Pertumbuhan, Hasil dan Kandungan Prolina Daun Cabai

Acta Ecologica Sinica 29, Response of rice crop to water stress begins with physiological process disturbance in the plant, such as reducing transpiration rate by means of stomata closure and reducing leaf surface area or leaf rolling. The carbon cycle and atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Plant water relations and control of cell elongation at low water potentials. Environmental assesment of black locust Robinia pseudoacacia L. Temporal dynamics of stomatal conductance of plants under water deficit: The silviculture of black locust Robinia pseudoacacia L.

Email the author Login required. Abstract The availability of drought-tolerant maize inbred materials are useful to develop a hybrid or synthetic drought tolerant maize varieties. Interactions of elevated CO2 concentration and drought stress on photosynthesis in Eucalyptus cladocalyx F-Muell.

User Username Password Remember me. Effect of elevated CO2 on leaf gas exchange in beech and oak at two levels of nutrient supply: Method of chlorophyll measurement.

Walau demikian, kemampuan adaptasi black locust pada cekamzn persebarannya cukup meresahkan disebabkan jenis ini memiliki potensi invasif yang cenderung menekan pertumbuhan tanaman asli setempat. Kirim email ke penulis Login dibutuhkan.

Pengaruh Cekaman Kekeringan terhadap Pertumbuhan, Hasil dan Kandungan Prolina Daun Cabai – Neliti

Kekerunganan exotic tall tree species in Japan: Effects of soils water and nitrogen availability on photosynthesis and water use efficiency of Robinia pseudoacacia seedlings. Cambridge University Press, New York. Dry land is one type marginal land, because of drought caused many negative impacts on plants.


The best result obtained by treatment of water stress is treatment field capacities WO. The degree of declining depending on the drought stress level and also on the rice genotype which have different adaptability and tolerance mechanism to drought stress.

Hamim, H and J. This website is maintained by: Biologia Plantarum 50 4 Abstract The research was conducted from November until May to determine growth and production of the Curcuma xanthorrhiza based on agronomical, physiological variables, and bioactive xanthorrhizol content.

This research aims to study the response of soil water stress to growth and yield of Jambu local upland rice. Annals of Botany 89 7 Technical summary of the working group I report. Selection of 31 maize inbred lines was conducted in nested experimental design in which the replicate was nested into the drought stress selection condition and normal irrigation.

Photosynthetic acclimation to elevated CO2 in a sunflower canopy. Physiology of Woody Plants. Drought stress treatment was applied during flowering to milk phase. High vapour cekamaan deficit and low soil water availability enhance shoot growth responses of a C4 grass Panicum coloratum cv.

African Journal of Biotechnology 5 13Research Journal of Environmental Sciences 5,

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