Death Kn^qhts of Krynn begins a year after the defeat of Takhisis’ minions in Use the instructions on the Data Card to load the saved game and begin playing. dkk-back dkk-manual PDF dkk-journal PDF dkk-refcard PDF dkk-disk. frame top. What you see below is a giclee print on canvas of the original painting used for. Death Knights of Krynn Manual (pdf):: Death Knights of Krynn is the second in a three-part series of Dragonlance Advanced Dungeons.

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SEARCH indicates the party is to move slowly and examine their surroundings, searching for secret doors, traps, and so on. Show 0 new item s. Strategic SimulaUons, bic, Almanor Ave. Sold items may not be recovered.

A character cannot be modified once he has begun adventuring. Please help us forget fundraising and get back to Abandonia. If you are using an item in combat, the Aim Menu will appear if the item can be targeted. Refer to the Data Card for computer-specific movement information. This is an important command because diseased characters will not regain HP until they have a Cure Disease spell cast on them.

Use this rule book to answer any questions during play. This command is only displayed when a paladin has healing available. Abandoned Places – A Time for Heroes. On other systems you cannot move while in this view.


There is no charge for training characters. Shops sell items keynn party will need to survive. In addition to errors in the program, there are occasionally problems with the disk itself.

This game is based on the rules and background created by TSR. A cursor indicates the party’s current location. DEAD status means that the character has died.

Death knights of Krynn rulebook

To make the combat more difficult, choose either the Adept or Champion hardest level. When using spells from kf Encamp Menu or the Adventure Menu such as Find Trapsremember that one round equals one minute of game time one normal move and one turn equals ten minutes of game time ten normal moves.

Area provides an overhead view of the party’s surroundings, replacing the 3-D view. See the Encamp section for a description of the available commands. The character can be returned to normal with a Stone to Resh spell which is available at any temple.

See the Encamp section for a description of the available commands. DEAD status means that the character has died.

Computer Game Museum Display Case – Death Knights of Krynn

This is based on his readied armor, strength and total encumbrance. Menus are displayed either vertically or horizontally. The main Adventure Menu offers access to normal options. Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading Pirates of Realmspace Forgotten Realms: Encounter menus vary and list options for each situation.


CAST is only kbights to spell-casters with spells mankal. SELL indicates you wish the shopkeeper to make an offer on the highlighted item.

Death Knights of Krynn

There are villages of insane Dwarves, a village of Undead mayored by a lich, and a Dream Merchant. It also shows how to get right into the game without having to read through the rules.

Characters may only advance one level per class per training session. Select the item that the active character will buy. Death Knights of KrynnPC game box, Vertical menus select the character, item, or spell to be acted upon. This option is not available on all computer systems. The moons affect the magical powers of all mages.

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