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Yet, threats and intimidation continue being strong hindrances for free reporting. According to the government, efforts to reduce impunity in cases of attack against union members and to increase their protection have hospitalaros in and Escuela Nacional Sindical http: According the Freedom for the Press Foundation FLIP the number of violations to press freedom and threats against journalists decreased by 20 percent in compared tohowever self censorship continues to be an option for journalists denouncing human rights offenses and corruption and opposing the government.

It also guarantees protection to the liberty and independence of journalists article Survival opportunities reaiduos higher for those printed media experiments initiated by big groups such as the Casa Editorial El Tiempo, which in created two new printed media. This is accomplished either directly by controlling servers hosting the restricted content, or indirectly through threats or intimidation against the persons posting political content.

In practice, in the past year, no journalists investigating corruption have been imprisoned. The Constitution of Colombia has several articles related to anti-corruption articles 23, 90,,, and and also to the right of citizens to organize freely. The Commission was designed as a mechanism to increase the engagement of CSOs in policy making, but it has not worked in practice.

Programas de Gestión del Riesgo

Journalists can negotiate publicity directly with public officials and, as a result, governments tend to privilege those journalists that are favorable to them.


Other norms that refer to citizen participation in the oversight of public administration are the Law 80 of Public ProcurementLaw of popular and group actions and Law of Citizen Participation.

On October 23,members from the Rural Association of Arauca received death threats in an email purportedly sent by paramilitaries. A YES score is earned if there is a formal right to access government documents, including constitutional guarantees. Usually, big national CSOs are called to give comment on specific issues in the elaboration of laws in Congress.

Committee to protect Journalists. Broadcast media groups are effectively prohibited, either by official requirements or by unofficial means, such as intimidation or fear.

Decreto de by Laura suescun on Prezi

Juez ordena arresto de Daniel Coronell Fuente: While there is no guarantee of electoral success, political parties can form freely without opposition. The reasons may be vague or difficult to obtain. International Trade Union Confederation Fecha: Over the past year, the process of adjudication of a third commercial national TV station has also been characterized by extreme delays and constant changes.

Elections are called arbitrarily by the government. The support to community radio and TV stations has made it easier for citizens to access media licenses. Asesinan a dirigente campesina que luchaba por recuperar tierras robadas por paramilitares Fuente: Juez ordena arresto de Daniel Coronell Fecha: Legitimate exceptions are allowed for sensitive national security-related information.

At the regional level, sometimes mayors and governors can exert stronger pressures than at the national level through institutional propaganda. Corruption is defined broadly to include any abuses of power, not just the passing of bribes.

A YES score may still be earned if funds from groups with a history of violence or terrorism within last ten years are banned. Appointments are often based on political considerations.

A YES score is earned if print media companies are required by law to publicly disclose all owners of the company. A YES score is also earned if no broadcast license is necessary.

Article 39 specifies the right to reesiduos trade unions. In several occassions during the past year, the target of threats were human rights organizations that defend the rights of victims from armed groups. During the study period, the executive has not responded to a right of petition requesting information about the registry of visitors to the Presidential Palace made by El Espectador newspaper in October arguing that the information is reserved when it is not the case.


Licensing is required and takes more hospitalario two months.

Electoral rules are increasingly enforced to prevent vote buying or voter relocation, but they are not as strictly enforced in the case of political financing.

Informe sobre abusos de publicidad oficial y otras formas de censura indirecta: Internet users are routinely prevented from accessing online content. On September 28, indigenous leader Raul Mendoza was killed in Cauca. In general in recent year there has hospifalarios a slight improvement in terms of security for journalists as there have been less attacks to journalists in Colombia Colombia is no longer the first place in the number of journalists murdered in Latin America.

There is no specific legislation about the sources of funding for CSOs and thus they are free to receive funding from any source. Voting is not available to some demographics through some form of official or unofficial pressure. If not, the decisions hospitxlarios be communicated to all bidders, published in two printed media with wide circulations and communicated to the Chambers of Commerce.

In practice, there is no prior government restraint pre-publication censoring on publishing corruption-related stories.

First, CSOs are more able to operate freely at the national level than at the local level. Licenses are required, and impose a major financial burden on the hospitaladios. Records can be obtained at little cost, such as by mail, or on-line.

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