A nonalert downer cow appears systemically sick and depressed. Downer cow syndrome also describes the pathology of pressure-induced muscle and nerve. A recumbent cow is often described as being ‘down’ and when it has been recumbent for a prolonged period as a ‘downer cow’. There are many causes of a . Downer Cow Syndrome. • Definition: Any cow that remains in sternal recumbency for more than 24 hours after initial recumbency, and after treatment for primary.

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In most cases, recovery depends on the quality of recumbency management and nursing care. The downer cows most difficult to treat are those that do not try to eat.

Metabolic diseases of Cattle and Buffalo

On stimulation the cow either makes little attempt odwner no attempt to rise or simply unable to rise even with treatment for milk fever. Their proper use requires experience, skill, and a delicate touch. A sharp blow is delivered by driving the knees into the muscle mass below and caudal to the scapula.

Cow should not be made over fatty through too much feeding during advance pregnancy. This is frequently met in clw and sybdrome bred dairy cows. Attempt should be made to lift the cow on its fore legs by using body slings. This is often seen in association with hypophosphataemia. Even if the cow does not stand, the lifted position provides an opportunity to manipulate the limbs, auscultate for crepitation, and perform vaginal and rectal examinations.


A shallow rubber feed bowl prevents spillage. However, if the cow becomes listless, shows no interest in feed, or has decubital lesions or starts to lose condition, slaughter on humane grounds must be considered irrespective of how long she has been recumbent. Dyndrome downer cow is not very well defined. If an apparently hypocalcemic cow does not respond to calcium therapy, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium should be given as additional treatments pending the results of laboratory tests.

Cow is inability to rise and remains in recumbent position.

1 alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol for the treatment of the downer cow syndrome.

Placing bitter-tasting weeds such as ivy or dandelion in the mouth may provoke salivation and an interest in eating. Low calcium and high phosphorus diet should be given to stimulate parathyroid gland and thus to avoid hypocalcaemia.

The so-called manure pack provides good footing but also may soil the skin with urine and manure. More seriously, the risk of mastitis resulting from the contaminated environment is very high. Appetite, rumination, defecation and urination are usually normal. Attempting to stabilize a recumbent cow on a concrete surface is highly undesirable but sometimes unavoidable.

The affected cow usually crawls around utilizing the forelimbs whereas hind limbs remain in flexed position. Skin, Eyes and Feet.

Early detection and treatment of milk fever.

Downer animals should be milked normally and the udder kept dow by washing with germicide soap before milking and post milking teat dips should be applied. Massaaging the legs Sling support.


1 alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol for the treatment of the downer cow syndrome.

Cow should be made to stand within a short time following parturition. Acetonaemia Fatty Liver Rumen Acidosis. We should provide most comfortable bedding prior to calving and in advanced stage of pregnancy. If the cow struggles and scrapes the wet manure, xyndrome concrete, more manure must be added.

Recumbent animals should be treated as soon as possible and not delayed for more than 1 hour. Well fed highly obesed syyndrome during later part of pregnancy very often suffer from a condition known as fat cow syndrome which predispose to downer condition.

Straw bedding should be provided to help insulate the cow from the ground. If the cow does not drink, she must be given fluid therapy either by drench or parenterally.

Dermatitis can result, and comfort of downee cow is reduced. This should be cleared away every 30 min if not accepted. This should be repeated several times a day.

This method must not be used on the syndrlme wall unprotected by the muscle mass to avoid fracturing the ribs. A low level of blood magnesium has been incriminated as cause but it may develop along with low level of calcium. Muscular injury due to too much confinement in the byre, obesity, over feeding during dry period and too much compression of limbs.

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