GNU Calc Reference Card. (for GNU Emacs version 26). Starting and Stopping start/stop standard Calc. C-x * c start/stop X keypad Calc. C-x * k start/stop either: . Starting Emacs To enter Emacs, just type its name: emacs To read in a file to edit, see Files, below. Leaving Emacs suspend Emacs (the usual way of leaving it). GNU Emacs Reference Card. (for version 18). Starting Emacs. To enter Emacs, just type its name: emacs. To read in a le to edit, see Files, below. Leaving.

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When in the toc buffer: These are the bindings I use the most that are AucTeX specific.

Want to add to the discussion? I’ll revise my answer slightly to emcs claiming that you asked for something you didn’t. M-x list-packages and choose yas-snippet. C-h b displays a list of all the key bindings now in effect: C-c C-f C-c – same thing for small caps etc. I might write up a CW answer containing all the information below sorted by topic.

  IEC 62220 PDF

Package: lang/lisp/util/emacs/refcard/

It seems that each answer contains good information and accepting one or the other seems odd somehow. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Email Required, but never shown.

Oct 20 ’11 at If you do that, then you lose having symmetric shift keys on both sides, which means that many Meta commands become awkward to type. RET Go to the selected header and hide the toc buffer.

C-h m is useful for identifying bindings provided by the current major editing mode. The refcard lists many usefull shortcuts. I use the font selection commands a lot, e. I’m always learning cool new stuff about emacs. For example I like using easy-todo for notes. For example, I only learned about C-c C-m last week!

C-h m describe-mode displays documentation on the emacw major mode, which normally describes the commands and features that are changed in this mode. There is a great package called yas-snippet which can facilitate many things one does while editing TeX files in Emacs. RefTeX also provides a lot recard convenient options through its menu, including conflicting label detection and fix runs a search-and-replace query rmacs, document-scaled grep, document-scaled search and replace.


If you installed Auctex, the pdf is on your computer already. It’s like a compose key for LaTeX mathmode. If you want to use option for the standard purpose, one way to that is to remap command to be the meta key.


Space Go to the selected header, don’t hide the toc buffer. I may have missed stuff in my summarising, please add stuff I’ve missed. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Submit a new link. I am looking for those that people here use often. Sign up using Email and Password.

Please google ‘refcard auctex’.

It is like reccard C-c C-c see below repeatedly, but with just a single key binding. Now for some details. Summary answer This answer is CW. In addition to what Seamus mentioned: Ben Liblit 8 The price is that you now are using command as meta.

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