Responsible Organisation, ENDA Maghreb (Moroccan branch of ENDA Third World). ENDA faced a number of constraints: local authorities refused to provide. with the aim of adding value to the work of informal street collectors in the districts of Agdal and Hay Riad. Partner: Enda Maghreb Website: ma. Visit their site: HeadQuarters: Contact Person Dr. Ibrahim Magdi Mailing Addres is , Quartier O.L.M., Rabat-Souissi, .

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If the publication is by a SuSanA partner and you work for that SuSanA partner, then you can also add it yourself by going through the partner profile page option.

Women also started a literacy programme, a community micro-credit programme and a magnreb care centre. The experience enhanced the capacity of the local population to negotiate with the authorities through the new districts association. Use the map or the search tool to access maghteb most relevant information and knowledge products for your region or country.

The production and training initiatives have been expanded to other women 40 to date and young girls in the district 15 to date. This programme now provides classes in Arabic and French for 61 women and young girls and has a waiting list of 50 due to its success.

Vocational and social integration of informal waste collectors – drosos(…) Foundation

The campaign organised to clean up the district has also helped to promote environmental awareness. A number of research projects were undertaken together with the local population, to tackle the neighbourhood’s solid and liquid waste management problems. The local authority was planning to move the residents to a new site, which meant that residents as well as having to pay for the new site would also lose the money that they invested in the old site.

Other achievements include the installation of a sewage system to clean up the waste caused by nearby military base and construction of a landfill for the local area.


Content – Summary This library entry also contains a second document: The social fund aims to help the women in times of financial hardship and is based on the rate of sales of their products. The initiative – through solidarity and business fund – provided the local population with a low interest form of finance fnda can fund small business and contribute to a social security system for a marginalised community. The costs entailed by the displacement could not be met either by the local authorities or by the community.

In particular the need for a rubbish dump and sewage system was identified, since the lack of these facilities was causing serious health problems for the local residents. This library entry also contains a second document: However, their right to stay on this plot is not as yet being resolved and we continue to lobby the local authorities to provide a basic level of housing for the community and to integrate them into the wider economy.

The population clearly needed a structure in which maghrev organise themselves.

Vocational and social integration of informal waste collectors

It contains information about news, events, new partners, projects, discussions and publications of the SuSanA network. Discussion forum Go to discussion forum Share knowledge, maggreb experiences, discuss challenges, make announcements, ask questions and more. The population was largely illiterate, without the experience, the solidarity or the confidence to act.

Please contact us if you would like to add a project. Sustainable Development Success Stories. Endw operations If you tick two options within one filter parameter, then this is treated as an “or” search, meaning either of them could be true.

Targeted through the local women, the project improved their position also thanks to their permanent representation in the local association. Working Groups 1 – Capacity development 2 – Market development 3 – Renewable energies and climate change 4 – Sanitation systems and technology options 5 – Food security and productive sanitation systems 6 – Cities 7 – Sustainable WASH in institutions and gender equality 8 – Emergency and reconstruction situations 9 – Public awareness, advocacy and civil society engagement 10 – Operation, maintenance and sustainable services 11 – Groundwater protection 12 – WASH and nutrition 13 – Behaviour change.


Register as an individual member of SuSanA free of charge. Women started to undertake research to develop their product, both in terms of artistic design and the range of goods being produced. Our aim is to facilitate forward the participative planning taking into account the local context and the necessary partnerships with the different actors.

Share this page on. Women started collecting – in an organised fashion – the waste products from the local households and factories to produce the carpets, bags and rugs. A number of those women turned to the production of rugs from used materials, to sell to the families in the district.

Write us an e-mail close. Shit flow diagrams SFDs help to visualize excreta management in urban settings.

Advanced filtering functions and a global map are also available. Endq, it has provided a forum that promoted communication and solidarity at district level, leading to the recognition end the local community by the local authorities.

We are hosting content from some other communities of practice and information-sharing portals. Development of a successful business using local knowledge and recycled material. Share knowledge, exchange experiences, discuss challenges, make announcements, ask questions and more. Click on a working group to the right to find out more about its work or to join it.

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