The front mounted winch fitted to Land-Rover models used different types and style of shear pin: Fairey Winch – uses threaded shear pin. Aeroparts Winch – up to. Unipart House. Cowley, Oxford 0X4 2PG. Telephone: Oxford () Telex: Cables: UNIPART Oxford. FRONT RECOVERY CAPSTAN WINCH. Capstan Winch for Series II lla, and III Land Rovers -. ✓. PAS. Supplied and Manufactured by: AEROPARTS ENGINEERING CO. LTD., (R.T.Z.-Pillar Group).

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Fairey Capstan winch – video & value?

Peoples Republic of Marylandistan Posts: I believe the serial number is something like SG, but I could be way off. I don’t think that the Ebay ones will sell at that price, but it is interesting to see them listed there. June 4th, I want to go with an electric winch and aftermarket bumper, so it would be nice if this thing was worth some money.

Would love to see some more video of capstan action on you tube, only found one. This one fits the engines with a 3 bearing crank.


Series Landrover Fairey Capstan Winch – Complete Setup

So it will never rust away like the original Aeroparts Capstan Winch – Drain Plug. Winvh pics of it Pushing the handle back disengages it – this can be done while the engine is running.

A new starting handle for the Fairey and Aeroparts Capstan Winches. As for u-tube I’ve got video but need to transfer it to digial one day. Offline Joe Defender Member. What is a fair price for the setup?

The powdercoat is bubbling and cracked in places. A laser cut reproduction support plate for the aeroparts capstan winches.

Messages Points Age This offer will wincy The time now is More of an After sales question. It has a red serial plate similar to the one in this photo, but mine is mounted on the side of the winch: Fzirey starter JayHoe Start date May 10, Messages 82 Points Fairey Capstan Winch – Thrust Washer. Messages 6, Points Maybe ill own one some day?? One reproduction distance piece for worm shaft. If you would like to register then please Click Here.

Aeroparts Capstan Winch – Winch Label. These often get damaged when removing the bollard One bearing for the worm shaft of the Aeroparts Capstan Winches. One reproduction fairlead for the Fairey Capstan Winches.


Not as rare as one thinks and one often sees one for sale with the landie, but a working one complete with dog cutch and all the workings cwpstan. I have the Superwinch version.

Landrover Winches: Mechanical Capstan Winches

Anyone else hazard a castan The PTO driven one worked out ok for all involved. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I forget what those boxes are for.

Landrover Winches: Fairey Capstan Winch – Drive Line Parts

I think those kind of winches look great on series landys, they just look good. Messages 3, Points I’ve seen a few on landies for sale but missing the vital part. It is missing the bracket that holds the ‘drive arm’ in line with the pulley but when manually inserted works fine as seen in the video.

If you intend to fit this to a series

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