Freud rarely treated psychotic patients or psychoanalyzed people just from their writings, but he had a powerful and imaginative understanding. Seishin Shinkeigaku Zasshi. ;(9) [The Schreber case and Freudian dynamic psychopathology of psychoses]. [Article in Japanese]. Matsumoto. THE SCHREBER CASE. REVIEW OF LITERATURE. For the purpose of reviewing briefly the literature it is convenient to remember that Freud’s paper is divided.

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Psychoanalytic Review, 76 He shcreber that hundreds of people’s souls took special interest in him, and contacted his nerves by using “divine rays”, telling him special information, or requesting things of him. For Schreber this was focused upon his personal and institutional relationship with Dr. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Around the same time, Freud wrote to Karl Abraham that he had worked out his ideas on the Schreber case during a recent trip to Freid. He went then through a final hospitalisation.

[The Schreber case and Freudian dynamic psychopathology of psychoses].

Please try again later. The loss of reality in neurosis and psychosis. As his psychosis progressed, he believed that God was turning him into sdhreber woman, sending rays down to enact ‘miracles’ upon him, including little men to torture him.


Similarly, many psychoanalysts found the same libidinal disturbance of these disorders.

Daniel Paul Schreber – Wikipedia

For example, one of the “miracles” casw by Daniel Schreber was that of chest compression, of tightening and tightening. Each human soul was composed of nerves which derived from God who with “His” own nerves was the ultimate source of human existence. InMorton Schatzman published Soul Murderin which he gave his own interpretation of Schreber’s psychosis.

Schreber, Freud, Flechsig, and Weber Revisited: He even hypothesized that the thought had come from a doctor who had experimented with hypnosis on him; he thought that the doctor had telepathically invaded his mind.

It may be of benefit to anybody who wishes to study the case: As such, he performed miracles, he miracled. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Notes on some schizoid mechanisms.

Their reading of Schreber’s Memoirs is a part of their wider criticism of familial orientation of psychoanalysis and it foregrounds the political and racial elements of the text; they see Schreber’s written experience of reality abnormal only in its honesty about the experience of power in late capitalism. Moritz, the elder Schreber, was a physician, author and pedagogue, particularly interested in the upbringing.


Paul Flechsighad contact with him using a “nerve-language” of which Schreber said humans are unaware. Jung, October 31, Pierson Lindenhofand Dr. Because one can guess a good deal in reading the book.

[The Schreber case and Freudian dynamic psychopathology of psychoses].

Yet he allows himself to converse schrever indifferent matters. In defense of Schreber. Flechsig projection of his feelings towards brotherand then around God who represented Schreber’s father, Daniel Gottlob Moritz Schreber. Email required Address never made public. As one researcher put it Niederland, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Daniel Paul Schreber German: To that end, he prescribed elaborate methods by which children could be taught and disciplined, and illustrated his works with pictures of devices, to be used to keep a child in the correct posture during various activities.

Stay in Touch Sign up. Schreber was released from psychiatric hospitals aroundshortly before the publication of his book.

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