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We are putting the banner in place. In the background is the famous Dresden cigarette factory Yanidze. Gert Postel impersonated a psychiatrist, applied for work and was accepted, later even promoted to head psychiatrist, and in the meantime ppostel “mental illnesses” which were accepted by the other psychiatrists.

He was discovered – by chance – got sentenced to prison and now has the time of his life dokktorspiele his book relating his adventure and being very popular in Germany. So we invited Gert Postel to be part of our protest against the World Congress. Additionally, by promoting his nomination for a Nobel Medicine Prize, we wanted to emphasize the truth which he uncovered by his lie: The point about Gert Postel is that psychiatrists and their “mental health consumers” present themselves as caring for the welfare of the patients, and here the patients are running a campaign to poxtel an imposter for a Nobel Medicine Prize.

The other point is that the Gert Postel experiment is a completing counterpoint of the famous Rosenhahn experiment. This is a link to the full text which Stanford Dotkorspiele refused to publish! In this experiment, students pretended to be mental patients and hospitalized themselves and were diagnosed accordingly.

Persistant rumor claimed that Foucault declared this experiment worthy grt a Nobel Prize for Humor in Science. Of course, fake patients we can have by the dozen, the cleverness of the Postel experiment is the proof that also on the other side, you don’t need to be a psychiatrist – geet. That means that both sides are fake. We just needed to wait until a person would show up in the role of psychiatry and publicly admit that he is a fake.

– Doktorspiele: Geständnisse eines Hochstaplers by Gert Postel

Apparently this did not deter them. While we put our protest banner outside the congress hall, David Oaks from the North American organization “Mindfreedom” came out of it to us shouting why it is important to collaborate with the psychiatrists. On the right you can see him trying to convince Alice One reason for his shouting was soon discovered: I figure out that the shouting meant to prove to his intended listeners that he is also protesting Another reason was discovered after seeing the SCI website: Thomas Kallert Torture-Congress Organizer and last but not least: See the results here.

Kallert had no other reply than to say: So it is a record of some kind. And in an even more bizarre reaction to our action, the German consumer association, which unshamingly participated in the torturer’s congress, issued a statement to the media, complaining that our action would be “a slap in the face of those with psychological health problems.

The allegation that there is no mental illness would degrade them to simulators”proving that without this rhetoric of “illness” they cannot be truly sick! After a more careful examination on the internet of this press notice, it turned out that it was composed by an organization of psychiatrists and social workers at the direct request of the organizer. When we settled in front of the congress center, we noticed the low attendance of this event.

Our group separated into three, one holding the big banner, one occupying the tent, on the other side of the road, with the slogan “Forced treatment is torture!

Here in this center it is being perfected. Kallert, let the cat out of the bag by making the following declaration: Thus Professor Kallert himself unmasked the fact that the invitation of “critics” of coercive treatment was only a cunning evasive maneuver.

The actual goal of the congress however was never to place this practice of coercion and violence in psychiatry in question but instead to come to an agreement on an international level on how the coercive methods can be perfected and standardized. The is exactly the goal which we strongly criticize and we therefore demand the strict termination of all psychiatric coercion — be it “coercive treatment”, “compulsory custodian-ship” or “only” involuntary labeling with so-called psychiatric “diagnoses”.


We are of the opinion that psychiatric coercive treatment is a despicable form of torture or comes close to being torture. According to the Anti-Torture Convention of the United Nations, coercive psychiatric treatment fulfills all criteria for the definition of torture: Psychiatric coercive treatment cannot be justified as medical or therapeutic treatment, because informed consent is necessary for it. The self-determination over one’s own body is an inviolable human right. The only purpose of so-called psychiatric “diagnoses” is to divide adults into two categories: History has proven how the medical libel of the psychiatric diagnosis “Schizophrenia” can lead to criminal acts: In the long ongoing discussion on the responsibility of science regarding crimes against humanity, one institution was omitted: We, the signatories, call for remembrance of the immoral granting of the Nobel Prize for lobotomy to Antonio Egas Moniz in Lobotomy, especially being applied alongside force and violence in psychiatry, was an obvious crime against humanity.

Having it rewarded with the Nobel Prize gave this cruelty the aura of good medical practice and promoted its use. As the Nobel Prize cannot be recalled, we appeal to the Nobel Prize Committee and Assembly as well as to the universities which are entitled to create a nomination of the candidates for the Nobel Prize, to apologize for this by a deed of its own: Since he has thrice proved the mere lie of any psychiatric knowledge and thus denounced it as an act against humanity.

He proved with his existential experiment that within science there is a moral voice which is indeed necessary to limit the possibilities of science-based techniques and medical practice. Gert Postel accomplished the famous David L. This would be the crowning event of one of the most curious careers in the whole country.

A trained postman who made a career as a false doctor and convicted imposter is to receive the Nobel Prize for Medicine. According to them, Gert Postel had apparently proved that there is no such thing as psychiatric knowledge and that psychiatry is directed against humanity. His imposter escapades made for quite some embarrassment. The story of the Nobel Prize is a crazy idea, which certainly won’t be followed up.

However, Postel is honoured once again. Today he has his big appearance in Dresden – as patron of the anti-psychiatry movement.

He is to lead the protest of the “psychiatric survivors” against the international congress organized by Prof. Thomas Kallert from Dresden. Several hundred doctors plan to discuss coercive treatment there. Kallert is of the opinion that coercive measures are certainly justified, however for the protesters it is nothing but torture. This was a project for Postel, who in the meantime had sat out a jail sentence, wrote a book called “Playing Doctor” “Doktorspiele” and is currently writing a second one.

The year-old, who now lives in Marburg, isn’t at all regretful but rather proud of his professional career. He did a “society critical thing” and boasts at having held up a mirror to psychiatry. Today in Dresden he will read from his book and pronounce “critical comments” on the congress of the “World Psychiatric Association”. In addition to this, protest demonstrations will be held in the next few days in the vicinity of the Congress Center.

Protest days against the World Psychiatric Association on “coercive treatment”. The WPA congress – a deplorable disaster. From 6 – 8 June in Dresden Germany a World Congress of Psychiatry is to take place on the subject of coercive treatment. The congress is evil, since it has as its premise torture-like coercion and force as the basis of psychiatry.

This was confirmed by the organizer and speaker of the congress, Professor Thomas Kallert, on Humans are subjected to great physical and mental harm by being locked up or the compulsory mechanism of a guardianship so-called “support”by the forced administering of harmful drugs psychopharmacological drugselectroshocking so-called ECTbinding so-called “four-point-restraint”by slandering as allegedly “mentally ill”, by the loss of dignity and one’s self-determination and lasting social and physical consequences of coercive treatment.


It is not only a matter of persons just being tormented by others, it happens on the basis of national laws such as the “PsychKG” German mental health laws and custodianship law and is also exercised by “persons with official status” e.

Nobody demonstrated the complete void of posstel of psychiatric jargon better than Gert Postel. Potel postman Gert Postel successfully impersonated a psychiatrist and was promoted to the position of head physician of a Saxonian psychiatric institute. As a result of this undercover “adventure” he knows the power apparatus of coercive psychiatry from the inside. So he can report from the inside of a power which is based only on the mystification of a non-existent knowledge and the gullibilty of its subjects.

You too can send your own demand to the Nobel Committee using the enclosed specimen letter. Incidentally we have pleasantly observed that the number of participants of the congress falls well, well below the expectations of the organizers.

We can thereby check off this congress as a further failed attempt to save this violent type of system. This is also because in on a legal level not only did the higher regional court of Celle establish that the legal basis for coercive treatment in the Federal Republic of Germany FRG is missing, but by a special form of the representation agreement in the FRG we have a legal loop-hole, allowing the exclusion of compulsory hospitalization and coercive treatment for those who have signed such a representation agreement.

Thus for those protected in such a way, these criminal actions become what they really are: Starting at 16h we will proceed in a demonstration to the square in front of the “Kulturpalast” intermediate demonstration and later to the Town Hall Rathaus square with a closing speech at ca. Additionally there will be a further protest demonstration from 17h at the Jorge-Gomondei-Platz Neustadt. Gert Postel in a discussion with the public will deliver a critical comment there on the World Congress of Psychiatry and at the beginning will read from his German book “Doktorspiele” “Playing Doctor”.

This event takes place in co-operation with WIR e. Am Brauhaus 8 entrance free – donations requested.

Gert Postel

Further information on psychiatry critique in German: Landesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener Berlin-Brandenburg e. We are pleased to announce that the Federal Association of Psychiatric Survivors die-BPE has initiated a campaign together with cooperating organizations advocating the nomination of Gert Postel for the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

In addition to the information about the protest against the World Congress of Psychiatry in Dresdenannounced in the meantime, we are glad to inform you about this campaign, the motivation for it and the support it has on an international level.

Kallert, now also publicly confirmed that at this congress torture, coercion and violence in psychiatry will not be discussed, dojtorspiele rather only be perfected. Bild anklicken, um das ganze Plakat zu sehen! The torturers are worried Resolution Point 1 of the G.

From 6th-8th Doktprspiele, in Dresden Germany a World Congress dpktorspiele Psychiatry is to take place on the subject of coercive treatment.

We are of the opinion that psychiatric coercive treatment is a despicable form of torture. We request the organizers to call the congress off. Participants who have already booked their journey and overnight accomodation could instead enjoy the touristic attractions of Dresden. It is precisely this premise which we dispute. For these acts of violence there cannot be an apology, even when it is alleged to be “medical” treatment, because in this case “informed consent” as an inviolable human right applies.

The direct proximity of psychiatric coercive treatment and torture is thus evident [1].

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