In the revised edition of The Nag Hammadi Library in English, published as The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, the “Hypostasis of the Archons” received the less. Because the Archons are real, the Apostle Paul– talking about “the Rulers of Darkness”– told us that “our struggle isn’t against flesh and blood. The esoteric meanings of this ancient Gnostic scripture are revealed here.

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His voice carried up to the perfect realm and a Voice shouted back: But, since Pistis Sophia wanted him to, he unwittingly threw his power down to the abyss of Chaos by saying these hyoostasis. She then set up each one of his children based on their qualities, based on the pattern of the Pleroma.

As perfection gazed into the abyss, her reflection showed up in the water, and the Archons fell in love with the reflection. They were too weak. They came from underneath, while she came from above. She looked down into the abyss because the Father wanted her to redeem everything by bringing it into the light. They were confused, though, and modelled this body partly after what they themselves looked like, and partly on the female image they saw reflected in the abyss.

Of course, the human was still inanimate and just laid there on the ground. So the Archons are blowing on the human figure, to no avail, and hypostawis the Holy Spirit sees the ensouled human laying on the ground.

The Holy Spirit swooped down out of the Diamond Land and agchons inside of the human. It came to live inside him, so that ensouled human came alive. The Archons took all of the animals and birds to Adam so he could name them, and a Voice from the Pleroma came down to help him.

So the Archons were talking to each other and decided to put Adam into a really deep sleep and excise the Spirit inside him.


This woman, however, contained the Holy Spirit, leaving him with nothing but a soul. The Archons saw the man and the woman talking and became really angry and anxious, and developed a serious crush on the woman. She laughed and laughed at them, because they were so stupid and blind and naive. They tried to grab her, but she turned into a tree and left behind a shadow that looked like her. The Archons were so ignorant they raped the shadow instead.


They really doomed themselves by doing this, because they raped the image of something they created based on an image from above combined with their own image. They were really enmeshed in illusion at this point, and opened the door to their own destruction. So the shadow-woman plucked the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and gave some to Adam.

Then the leader of the Archons came along looking for them.

I ate it because the snake told me to. The snake will be cursed until the Perfect Human arrives. After this happened, Eve had a son named Cain, and Cain became a farmer and sacrified material things to the Archon. Then they had a second son, Abel, and Abel sacrificed living things to the Archon. Meanwhile, Adam and Eve had another son, who they named Seth.

So, with the assistance of Norea, humanity started to grow and evolve. Put it on Mount Sir. So she blew on the ark and it burst into flames and Noah had to start over.

She always has been; she even let us know her.

You never knew my mother. You only knew your own female image.

They sent me down to talk to you and save you from the Archons, and tell you where you came from. His bearing is perfect whiteness, like snow, and his face is like gold. Are you really worried about these Archons? You, and your generation, are imperishable and reside in the Pleroma with the perfect and pure Holy Spirit, who always defeats the Archons and the World of Forms. Why are there Archons? How were they born? What were they made of, and who created them and gave them their power?

The Feminine Power, Sophia, also known as Faith, decided to create something on her own, without her Masculine counterpart, and she gave birth to something in the skies.

The Hypostasis of the Archons

The shadow hardened and gave it form, and it looked like an androgynous lion. She swooped down and showed the light, then swooped back archone, and the World of Forms went dark again when she left.


She breathed on him, and her breath aarchons into a messenger of fire who tied up Yaldabaoth and tossed him down into Tartaros, the lowest and densest part of the World of Forms. He gave up on the World of Forms and sang prayers to Sophia and Zoe, who hypostqsis him up and put him in charge of bypostasis seventh sky, right below the border between the Pleroma and the World of Forms.

Sophia asked Zoe to sit on his right side teach him all about the eighth heaven, and an angel of severity sat on his left side. This is how envy came around. Envy gave birth to Death, which created its own children and parcelled out parts of its own heavens within chaos.

Of course, and this is important to understand, all of this happened because the Hypostasjs wanted it to, because everything that could possibly happen— the sum of all chaos— needed to happen in order to perfectly reflect all of the possibilities of the Pleroma.

I still had one more question. They have truth and spirit dwelling within, and everybody who has gnosis of this lives outside of death even though humanity still dies. This entry was posted on April 4, at 5: You can yhpostasis any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Hypostasis of the Archons – Wikipedia

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