Ibbo Mandaza remembers the first time he saw Grace Marufu: “She was very beautiful, pretty braids, sitting at the switchboard at State House.” But one day, a. On Hot Seat we focus on the disturbed political landscape in Zimbabwe. Political Scientist Dr. Ibbo Mandaza says President Robert Mugabe. TOP academic and publisher Ibbo Mandaza has called for a ban on “biased” African Union and Sadc observer missions from monitoring.

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Let’s ban AU, Sadc observers: Mandaza – NewsDay Zimbabwe

Well, they have been most opposed to it, the opposition parties. Platinum in CL draw pleasure. For the first time in two decades, the forthcoming elections will not feature ousted former president Robert Mugabe and the popular late MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai — who lost his valiant battle with colon cancer in February this year.

Zimbabwe is currently hosting a group of Sadc observers who came into the country to assess the electoral environment ahead of national elections in the next few months. Some mandaaza have met Grace Mugabe describe her as humorous and say she feels victimised by the western press. I said that those who are fighting Kasukuwere, right?

What do you make of this opposition coalition and what is their governance plan? We had a coup in this country but neither AU nor Sadc have said so in the face of a blatant coup. English Premier league title race 6 hrs ago Views. On Hot Seat we focus on the disturbed political landscape in Zimbabwe. What you will see basically in the next few weeks, is a fight back, led by the old man himself as they roll back the kind of offensive, which appeared on the face of it to be an attack on Kasukuwere.

Sadly, the opposition look very marginal. Social Media the new agora 15 secs ago 0 Views.

Mnangagwa end of year address. DeMbare in Xmas shopping. Mandaza claimed Mutsvangwa was in South Africa for three months to sell the project some time last year and approached him upon his return. And I repeat, elections are not the solution.


And we came back on a Sunday and that Monday we had a SAPES Policy Dialogue to discuss the Summit and lo and behold, whilst we were discussing it, the court papers arrived calling the MDC to court to show reason why the elections should be postponed.

On Saturday, he told mansaza well-attended party rally in Murewa that the MDC Alliance would also soon unveil its election manifesto. In time for an election next year or a year away? That is the formula of politics, basically. And, it is the role of us civil society, academia, intelligencia to assist towards resolution of the problem. Subscribe to The Standard now Subscribe. Welcome to the Hot Seat program my name is Violet Gonda and my guest today is Zimbabwean author, ibbbo and publisher Dr.

Mandazaa though the opposition as a whole, the country is opposed to Mugabe. Justice For Lucy Duve Cause. Where are modern day Tongogaras?

Mancaza disguising, the reports that this was a disguised coup, and the coup was not against Kasukuwere, a coup is against Mugabe, a disguised coup, as evidenced, according to the reports, by a presence of soldiers who had been bussed, in civilian clothing, from Harare to Bindura, which in particular, provoked the attention of the security agents who have warned Mugabe that this is more than just an attack on Kasukuwere, this is a coup mandazz the making.

Economy on road to recovery: These are laments, you know.

Ibbl the NTA was proposed by some of us as a kind of a peacekeeping process, as a stabilizing process. Am I not a Zimbabwean? The least we require right now is elections. The country is on fire. The poll outcome was, later overturned by Kenyan judges amid allegations of poll fraud by the opposition. Sunday we received reports, or Saturday, that Mugabe had directed a high powered delegation to go out to Bindura to investigate the allegations that Kasukuwere was trying to topple the President.

High Court throws out Machaya application 2 hrs ago 98 Views. And it appears that over the last 24 hours, that reality has dawned on the powers that be. The event, one of a series often convened mandazz the non-governmental organisation, was patronised by the Japanese ambassador to Zimbabwe, Toshiyuki Iwado, his staff and civil society activists, among some. That is the essence of the thing, and therefore the opposition have not had the courage and conviction to tackle, first and foremost, the need for reform.


The allegations are that among their demonstrators, particularly in Mashonaland Central and Bindura, were identified some military personnel in civilian clothing mwndaza evidence ,andaza they had been bused from Harare to Bindura to effect the demonstration. Welcome on the programme Dr.

What can the civil society do or even inbo are you trying to do to push these political players to the negotiating table to at least start these discussions since you say, especially the opposition has rejected calls for a national dialogue via an NTA?

Mwenezi — what do you see there? Dec 30, 27, 4.

Chamisa will beat Mnangagwa says Ibbo Mandaza – Nehanda Radio

Leave a Reply Iibbo reply Your email address will not be published. The failure to realize that the failure by ZANU PF to effect electoral reforms is a reflection of a bigger problem, which is a failure to reform the state itself. The City of Harare Government Organization.

The debate was to what extent she was her own person or a missile sent by her husband.

Let’s ban AU, Sadc observers: Mandaza

Who will ban the Sadc and AU observers. She also gained a sociology PhD from the University of Zimbabwe in just three months in what critics saw as a desperate push for gravitas.

Chiwenga, doctors in crunch meeting 35 mins ago Views. When Grace Mugabe fulfilled her dream of rising from secretary to first lady by marrying the man four decades her senior, that appeared to be the limit of her ambition.

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