ILFORD WASHAID is a hypo-eliminator formulated to aid the efficient removal of the thiosulphate by-products of fixation by ion exchange. It is particularly useful. Ilford states that their Washaid can be used with prints and film. Has anyone used it with film? What exactly does it do? The information on their. Hello, I recently purchased a bottle of Ilford Wash Aid to act as a hyper cleaning agent after using the fixer. I used to use Kodak Hyper.

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Before you know you’re lost in too many parameters and possibilities. Send a link to this item so recipient can review, customize or exchange for an alternate washais equal or lesser value. Test it by dropping a film end into the fix, time how long it takes to clear, double this is your minimum fix time with that solution.

Controlling the temperature of running water?

There is always a minimum amount of concentrate you need to use ilofrd a film area or roll film. Lex ikford described why you do not want to agitate the surfactant type wash aids. Most developers are one stop developers. I stick my jugs of chemicals in warm water if they are too cold, or cold water if they are too warm, water from the tap that is.

No, I don’t use wash-aid in film processing.

Ilford Wash Aid – The Imaging Warehouse | Nova Darkroom & Digital Inkjet Supplies

However, the Ilford Wash Aid is in ready to use liquid form. Anything that reduces the surface tension of water will increase foaming when the water is agitated.

Your clear time x2 for conventional films is your minimum fix time. This time will go up if your fixer is used but will not give an exact indication of the fix saturation. If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice. Which solutions can be recycled? Hello, I recently purchased a bottle of Ilford Wash Aid to act as a hyper cleaning agent after using the fixer. It did say how long the solution lives 7 daysbut that’s it.


Fotohuis Robert Washhaid you! Gareth Harper 11 years ago. This process is going to depletion. Kodak’s is based on the “salt” principle of washing.

It is particularly useful if a hardening fixer has been used. I don’t use a hardening fixer and it’s probably the most important bit. Only for prints on fibre. In Europe the EU law requires that the tap water company publish their lab results on the internet which is very easy so see all the water specs on: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Those are fill and dump cycles, by the way, with the number indicating how many times I agitate the tank before dumping. I live in an area with soft water so I had to dilute extremely, your water might allow less extreme dilutions. Also the storage time for working solution fix is limited till several weeks. Florellea 11 years ago. It should be noted that if you do, often you have to add a bit of time and accept a slight reduction in quality.

Actually, I will follow all of your advice: A wetting agent is used in the last rinse to prevent drying marks and stripes when the film is drying. Place your order by 5pm and your order will ship the same day.

Ilford Wash Aid

I always follow the Ilford recommended method of using discreet water changes when you have much better control over the temperature, and as for longevity some of my negatives are now over 40 years old.


I’ve heard of people developing at temperatures in the high washaidd to deliberately get more contrast, but have never done it myself.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. I hope my contribution helped a bit. I either follow the Ilford archival wash sequence or if lazy I use a Paterson force film washer in the Paterson tank. Are the highlight aashaid in, are your shadows not awshaid It does kinda foam up a bit, but it really doesn’t loose much in doing so, as long as you can get the mix into your tank and fill it properly then once its in, the amount will limit the foaming up.

This is the reason why there are products sold like “hypo clearing agent” and “hypo eliminator. Am I mixing it incorrectly or is this a normal chemical reaction with this particular product?

And when printing or scanning get the maximum information out of that negative. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Water Saver Water is expensive and time is valuable.

If the running water temp is say 5 degrees C, what I do is reduce the film temp in stages. It feels soapy, wahaid the water bubble and when I use it as a wetting agent, I don’t get drying marks on washaiid film, when I don’t use it, I do.

Ilford Universal Wash Aid (Liquid) B&H Photo Video

Wow, the Europeans are so far ahead in terms of being environmentally responsible, aren’t they? The effective result depends on the D.

Thank you for the information! Aug 4, 1.

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