THE present edition is a faithful reprinting of Isis Unveiled as originally published in by HPB on the writing of Isis Unveiled: “Theories about Reincarnation and. Isis Unveiled has ratings and 36 reviews. The said: Blavatsky dear occultist, was a genius and the fact that she wrote so brilliantly in Engl. Isis Unveiled is a master key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology. With the help of this book you will be able to make sense of how so.

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Quotes from Isis Unveiled. Unveilec Mitchell rated it liked it Feb 05, Her pen would be flying over the page, when she would suddenly stop, look into space with the vacant eye of a clairvoyant seer, shorten her vision as though to look at something held invisibly in the air before her, and begin copying on her paper what she saw.

The Extraordinary Story behind Isis Unveiled

Beliefs, gods, myths, sacred texts, language, the thoughts of the philosophers and history are compared exhaustively and often confusingly due to the sheer multitude of names given to the deities by different cultures, and many non-English theological terms. There was also the greatest possible difference in the English of these various styles. Regardless of names and forms, she had to reckon with the fact, from the standpoint of the teachings of Occultism, that everywhere, without a solitary exception, the men of the Western world were fast fixed in false beliefs, taking that to be the Eternal which is not eternal; that to be Soul which is not soul; that to be Pure which is impure; that to be good which is evil.

He is in it, as it is in him, for the world-pervading element fills all space, and is space itself, only shoreless and infinite. The work plunges forthwith into the comparison of the ancient Occult tenets both with modern theological dogmas and modern scientific theories.

Side by side, therefore, with the introduction of the affirmative evidence of these facts is placed the testimony of the ages as to their bearing on the great subjects of religion, philosophy and science, and the inference is drawn that there has always existed, from the remotest times, a system whose teachings in regard to nature and to man are inclusive of all things and exclusive of nothing. However, as Theosophy continued to grow as a religion, it became stuck with certain scientific ideas even after they had been discarded by the scientific community.


I thoroughly enjoyed the attitude Lady Blavatsky uses to make her points across. Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Isis Unveiled by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

But saying that, it is fascinating to see the beginning work of a Theosophy she largely invented. Modern Theosophists hold unveoled book as a revealed work dictated to Blavatsky by Theosophy’s Masters. Jacket in fair condion. Veronica Dodd rated it it was amazing Apr 05, Even if her discourse seems to be all over the place, its ultimate target turns out to be Christianity towards the end of her treatise.

Not sure which my edition is – it’s two separate books bound in blue fabric and very, very old.

It is difficult to grow enamoured of the Blavatsky’s arrogance and abrasive tone but it is more difficult not to amdame her erudition. The lower two constantly change; the higher third does not. It is all the more astounding that she has found two of its predecessors from more ancient “pagan” cultures. But beware, this duo is NOT for the faint of heart or the close minded.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Blavatsky variously called the sages, the adepts, the Great Souls of all time.

She had to adopt and employ the nomenclature of false religion, false philosophy, false science, false psychology, to inject into it ideas that would infallibly rupture the very foundations upon which Western civilization is builded, while still so safe-guarding her patients that the civilization should not be wrecked while re-creating its foundations. This title examines the creeds of religions, alongside the myths and symbols of various uunveiled.

Isis Unveiled: Vol. I & II

DeSantis has kindly allowed us to reprint this article. Maybe this is ome to come back and try again sometime???? One was jovial, fond of good stories, and witty to a degree; another, all dignity, reserve and erudition. Olcott founded her Theosophical Society and published Isis Unveiled isia, a plagiarized occult work denouncing the spiritualism she had formerly advocated.

Isis Unveiled: Vol. I & II by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

A passage which tells us more about the extraordinary personality of H. The work belongs to a broader movement that seeks to integrate the history of the occult sciences and of esoteric movements with more established subdisciplines. The quotation finished, her eyes would resume their natural expression, and she would go on writing until again stopped by a similar interruption… [Old Diary Leaves, isid, ]. I never put myself the question: With this outline of the teaching of Occultism as contained in “Isis Unveiled;” its overwhelming arraignment out of the mouths of their own exponents, of the religion, science, and philosophy of the day; its outspoken treatment of dogmatic Christianity, of materialistic hypotheses, of the phenomena and theories of spiritualism, the student can begin to comprehend the enormous difficulties faced by H.


Slowly, century after century, image after image, float out of the distance and pass before me, as if in magic panorama; and meanwhile I put them together in my mind, fitting in epochs and dates, and know for sure that there can be no mistake. The next morning when I came to breakfast she showed me a pile of at least thirty or forty pages of beautifully written H. Mar 21, Cuculidae rated it it was amazing. The data and articles she cites are, for the most part, long forgotten. At last I’ve finished this weighty in more ways than one tome – not an easy read for one whose knowledge of world religions and mythology does not match that of the author, yet there were moments of what seemed like enlightenment.

Aug 31, Shaktima Brien rated it it was amazing.

The argument throughout the two large volumes of “Isis” is always that such mergence or union is possible and is the underlying purpose of all evolution; that such beings as Jesus, Buddha and others had in fact arrived at this consummation, and that the real mission of the Founders of all religions is to point mankind to the purpose of mental and spiritual evolution, and give the directions and conditions precedent to the “perfectibility of man.

I have hinted to you before now about Them … and I tell you candidly, that whenever I write upon a subject I know little or nothing of, I address myself to Themand one of Them inspires me, i. The restrictions with which the information conveyed in “Isis” is hedged about, both from the standpoint of the teacher endeavoring to impart and the inquirer endeavoring to learn, and the dangers, known or unknown to the latter, are indicated towards the close of the chapter:.

A Master-Key to the Mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology. Magic was considered a divine science which led to a participation in the attributes of Divinity itself.

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