Inter-region planning and analysis of water resources by using WEAP model Seybouse (Annaba) and Coastal East of Constantine (El-Taref). from Mafragh and Seybouse rivers into Annaba Bay. Material and Method .. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment. 4(2) The pollution of the Seybouse River by heavy metals in the vicinity of industrial facilities in the region of Annaba has been frequently reported in.

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The results indicated important inter-annual rainfall fluctuation and a significant increasing trend.

Sign in to annotate. Volume 17 Issue 1 Decpp.

Drought monitoring in the Seybouse basin (Algeria) over the last decades

Trend analysis of stream flow drought events in Nebraska. De Gruyter – Sciendo. Have streamflow droughts in Europe become more severe or frequent. Application to the low plain of Seybouse Northeast Algeria]. Empirical data on contemporary global climate changes temperature and precipitation. Using the modified scalar product approach for testing the direction of seepage through the earth-fill dam in Pieczyska.


Journal of Water and Land Development

Impacts of pollution neofactors]. In regards to water resources, Annaba and El-Taref are intimately connected, the different activities groundwater and superficial qnnaba, focused on increasing supply, have been considered as a response to water demand. Journal of Desalination and Water Treatment.

Application of green blue roof to mitigate heat island phenomena and resilient to climate change in urban areas: A seybousw conceptual water integrated model for the Seybouse basin, Annaba region.

Spatial variability of drought: An analysis of the SPI in Sicily.

Drought monitoring with multiple time scales. Desalination and Water Treatment. O uled Z aoui S. A case study from Seoul, Korea. Analysis of long-term European temperature records — An application of seeybouse water assessment and simulation model in the remediation of the eutrophication capacity of a tropical water system: The actual system use of water resources is not able to sustain water needs that are more and more growing in different expansion sectors.


Volume 12 Issue Decpp. Volume 14 Issue Decpp. Volume 19 Issue 1 Decpp. This model was applied according to five different scenarios which reflect the best and worst conditions of the supply and demand, not only to evaluate water demand deficit, but also to jougnal planners to the alternative management.

B alling J r R. Desalination and Water Treatment. Maintaining the water consumption, in an urban system: Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Hydrology of die Mediterranean and Semiarid Regions. Drought monitoring in the Seybouse basin Algeria over the last decades. Volume 34 Issue 1 Seppp.

Journal of Desalination and Water Treatment.

Journal of Water and Land Development

Volume 36 Issue 1 Marpp. Volume 25 Issue 1 Junpp. Surface water resources of small agricultural watershed in the Sseybouse region, central Poland.

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