By Kenneth Goldsmith September 11, In the conceptual artist Douglas Huebler wrote, “The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not. So, tonight I’m going to be talking about uncreative or conceptual writing uh, which is a type of literature that is made possible and uh, ii, ueh, born of and made. A recent interview on The Awl reminded me of a wonderful book by Kenneth Goldsmith — MoMA’s first poetry laureate, founder of the massive.

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Jul 15, Stella Ottewill rated it it was amazing Shelves: Many of his examples here focus on the machine rather than the human.

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Examining a wide range of texts and techniques, including the use of Google searches to create poetry, the appropriation of courtroom testimony, and the possibility of robo-poetics, Goldsmith joins this recent work to practices that date back to the early twentieth century.

There are those who will doubtless balk at offering the work this sort of critical attention, yet the number of positive reviews it has received in mainstream publications suggests to me that ignoring it is futile.

Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age

Is he really not that good? He gives academics an alibi for doing nothing.

Yet it is surely not accidental that Capital is published by Verso, the radical house whose list includes a good number of books by and about Benjamin, including most recently an edit of his archive. Really, I don’t think Goldsmith is being completely sincere about this claim; it’s a think piece, essentially, and it’s a provocative and interesting one, even if I don;t quite buy it. He teaches writing at The University of Pennsylvania and is a senior editor of PennSound, an online poetry archive.


The tension between this focus and the lack of authorial context provided is discomforting; in itself not a problem. I’ve seen less typos in self-published stuff! Lists with This Book. I can only surmise that his notion of “managing” language is entirely at one with Wall Street.

As a result, he opens up a vital debate for anyone who cares about literature, between notions of traditional creative writing and the set of practices he labels “uncreative writing”.

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I’m evacuating any philosophical questions about aesthetics. When Goldsmith announces “the future of literature will be increasingly mechanical” p. Doubtless he would maintain that we ought to turn to the text, rather than uncreativ author, for meaning. Rather, he imagines that copying and reappropriation would get literature out of a rut of sorts, as well as lend itself to the types of information management projects that our digital skill sets demand.

There are also some really great pedagogical ideas in there uncreatiive will make students rethink the physical act of writing, acts of transcribing, the nature of research and of documenting sources, alongside questions of appropriation, pastiche, sampling, etc.

Review of Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age by Kenneth Goldsmith

Mar 18, Julia Kennrth rated it really liked it. Of course, he conveniently ignores advances like e-readers or unfreative Gutenberg project which have made traditional literary forms more accessible than ever before. Poetry by Other Means in the New Century. He’s just trying to be provocative to make a name for himself. While uncreaitve of our current approaches go without saying, Goldsmith invites us to start talking about them and taking them more seriously. Read more Read less.

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Behind all his insistent rhetoric, Goldsmith seems to understand that what he most desires–a remaking of literature as sweeping as the redefinition of visual art in the s–is beyond his grasp. That on some pages he invokes identity politics, emotion or ecology and on other pages he simply praises outright theft while the book itself contains a proper copyright sectionexploitation or being downright transgressive is, again, all part of the bundle One implication of this style of text consumption goldwmith that our creative and composition habits may be leaning this way as well: Want to Read saving….

Twenty-First-Century Poetics What Goldsmith argues has significant implications for the world of poetry, poetics, and pedagogy.

Uncreative Writing for a Digital Age – Los Angeles Review of Books

Aug 11, Sandi rated it liked it. The work of these visual artists and their unique uncreztive to creation are laid out as precursors to the kinds of digital methods that so interest Goldsmith today.

Apr 13, Mugren Ohaly rated it it was ok Shelves: I’ve heard Goldsmith on the radio, and he’s an entertaining hncreative man. Three chapters address the growing tendencies of authors to take the most mundane details from daily life and turn them into poetry.

It is as if by merely combining an idea, the right technology, and any ability at all, something interesting is bound to happen. Even the most cursory reading of Capital takes the reader down this path.

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