I love Michael LaFosse’s butterfly designs. His earlier publication, Origami Butterflies was self-published, hence more difficult to find, and laid out a brilliant. Like my fanpage me on Facebook to be the first to know what my next video will be! Video instructions/ tutorial teaching how to make a paper butterfly Model. Picture of six different origami butterflies designed by Michael Lafosse, and folded by Sara Adams: The Question Mark, The Origamido Butterfly.

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LaFosse For Guy Kawasaki. Butterfly – Origamido butterfly Insects – Butterflies. A Butterfly for June Sakamoto 4.

Butterfly – Doris Asano Insects – Butterflies. Origami Tanteidan Magazine read full review. Butterfly – Vanessa Gould Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Beth Kawazura Insects – Butterflies. Moth – Mudarri Luna Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Evangeline Fritillary Insects – Butterflies. LaFosse Le Papillon de Nuit. lwfosse

  EN 12501-1 PDF

Butterfly – Eric Joisel Insects – Butterflies. Taught by Michael LaFosse, you can be sure that the teaching is of the highest quality. Butterfly – Sharon Friedheim Insects – Butterflies. So I figured I’d give the kozo a go, plus it was so much butterflh convenient that it was already square.

Origamido: Michael LaFosse’s Origami Butterflies

Folded by Herman Mariano. Butterfly – Sandia Hairstreak Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Kyoko Kondo Insects – Butterflies. LaFosse Lafosse Lillian Oppenheimer. Butterfly – Temko Insects – Butterflies.

It contains everything you need to create your own unique collection! Butterfly – Question Mark Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Mara Sparks Insects – Butterflies. Folded by John Farrell. The layout and diagram quality are superb.

Gilad’s Origami Page

Butterfly – Makoto Yamaguchi Insects – Butterflies. A Butterfly for Guy Kawasaki 4. Also discussed are ideas for how to use the finished models in different ways, and choices for materials to fold from.


Butterfly – Kyoko Kondo Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Reiko Nishioka Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Patty Grodner Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Origamido butterfly Insects – Butterflies. The book and accompanying butteffly DVDs contain instructions for folding: These butterflies will be perfect for them.

Alexander and Greg Mudarri read full review.

The Question Mark 4. Butterfly – Boston Insects – Butterflies.

Various Butterflies (Michael LaFosse)

LaFosse The Question Mark. LaFosse For Eric Joisel. Butterfly – Michael Shall Insects – Butterflies.

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