The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King: Lemegeton – Clavicula Salomonis Regis, Book 1 [Aleister Crowley, Hymenaeus Beta, Samuel Liddell. Lemegeton – The Complete Lesser Key of Solomon [Mitch Henson, Jeff Wellman] on The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King: Lemegeton – Clavicula. The Lesser Key of Solomon: Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis and millions of other . of this famous magical grimoire, “The Lesser Key of Solomon the King.

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Aug 06, Lindsey rated it really liked it. He also procureth Friendship between Friends and Foes.

Lesser Key of Solomon – Wikipedia

He answereth truly of things Hidden or Secret. He govemeth 30 Legions of Spirits, and his Seal is this, etc. He is to be observed towards the West. He is a Great King, Strong, and Powerful. The small Maltese crosses are placed to mark the conclusion of each separate set of Hebrew names. Descend unto thy dwelling place in pleasure: He seemeth to answer in Burning Ashes, or in Coals of Fire.

It is remarkable as showing the same hieroglyphic human form with the crescent above ; the latter in the Secret Seal of Solomon has a flattened top, and is therefore more like a bowl, and is placed across the hieroglyph.

I think I will look again in a few years and maybe add that extra 1 star His Seal is this, to be, etc. In rhe Hexagrams the outer triangles where the letters a, d, o, n, a, i, appear are filled in with bright yellow, the centres, where the T-shaped crosses are, blue or green.

He teach- eth the Virtues of Precious Stones and Woods.

And his Seal is this, which is to be worn as aforesaid. He ruleth over all Spirits in the parts of Africa. He was of the Order of Virtues. And he hath under his command 36 Legions of Spirits. He speaketh with a Comely Voice, and declareth that he fell first from among the worthier sort, that were before Michael, and other Heavenly Angels. The Lesser Key of Solomonalso known as Clavicula Salomonis Regis [note 1] or Lemegetonis an anonymous grimoire or spell book on demonology.


His Seal is this which thou must wear as a Lamen upon thy breast, etc. It has to be informative. One of a couple goetia – lesser keys I have read, only this one includes “illustrations” by Crowley.

Goetia the Lesser Key of Solomon the King: Lemegeton, Book 1 Clavicula Salomonis Regis

Lemegetln 34 Furfur; This jinni tells the fisherman that his name is Sakhr, or Sacar. I invoke and move thee, thou, Spirit N.: It will be observed that the evident desire is to represent sokomon a person raising his or her hands in adoration. And being exalted above ye in the power of the Most High, I say unto thee, Obey! If the magician inadvertently summons the spirit from a plain where he is being held in captivity or being punished, is the magician indemnified against damages the now unleashed spirit may cause in the future?

He telleth all things Past and to Come. Waite, the world of Magic is a mirror, wherein who sees muck is muck.

The Lesser Key of Solomon Index

And the Chief Bangs may be bound from 9 till 12 o’clock at Noon, and from 3 till Sunset lemegeyon Marquises may be bound from 3 in the afternoon till 9 at Night, and from 9 at Tne till Sunrise; Dukes may be bound from Sunrise till Noonday in Clear Weather ; Prelates may be bound any hour of the Day; Bjiights may from Dawning of Day till Sun- rise, or from 4 o’clock till Sunset; Presidents may be bound any time, excepting Twilight, at Night, unless the King whom they are under be Invocated ; and Counties or Earls any hour of the Day, so it be in Woods, or in any other places whither men resort not, or where no xioise is, etc.

Also perfumes, and a chafing-dish of charcoal kindled to put the fumes on, to smoke or perfume the place appointed for tje ; also anointing oil to anoint thy lesesr and thine eyes with ; and fair water to wash thyself in. Oct 07, inoel rated it liked it.


The lower exterior triangle, where the Sigil is drawn in black, is left white. Also, by this seal King Solomon did command all the aforesaid Spirits in the Vessel solomoon Brass, and did seal it up with this same seal.

If thou hast come thus far, and yet he appeareth not, thou mayest be sure that he is sent unto some other place by his King, and lsser come ; and if it be so, invocate the King as here foUoweth, to send him. It’s all very interesting. The thr aspect is a little too complex for a casual scholar and so I tended to lessfr page after page of tables and complex information that requires a greater understanding of the topic.

The names of God are vibrations calculated to estab- lish: I need not enter into more particular discussion of these points ; the intelligent reader can easily fill in what is lacking.

Let the Light and all the hosts of Heaven curse thee into the fire unquenchable, and into the torments unspeakable. This is one of the works commissioned by Alister Crowly and is similar to the necromonicon. Return to Book Page.

The Lesser Key of Solomon

Weyer’s Officium Spirituumwhich is likely related to a manuscript titled The Office of Spirits[6] appears to have ultimately been an elaboration on a 15th-century manuscript titled Le Livre des Esperitz 30 of the 47 spirits are nearly identical to spirits in the Ars Goetia. Also includes detailed descriptions of the incantations, materials and symbols for summoning the thhe. Given forth from our Mountain of A.

His Office is to teach Philosophy perfectly, and to constrain Souls De- ceased to come before the Exorcist to answer those ques- tions which he may wish to put to hte, if desired.

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