In this tutorial we will see how to interface a 16×2 LCD with ARM7-LPC microcontroller and display a simple welcome message. presented in this paper is the interfacing of LCD with ARM controller LPC to display a suitable text message on the. LCD. The text message ‚ÄúDYNAMIC. I think there is no more need to introduce how to interface LCD with microcontroller because we earlier learnt it. So in this module we learn how to interface LCD.

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As per the name the 2×16 has 2 lines with 16 chars on each line.

Here each character is displayed in a matrix of 5×7 pixels. Apart from alphanumeric chars it also provides the provision to display the custom characters by creating the pattern.

Interfacing LCD with LPC | EngineersGarage

As shown in the above figure and table, an alphanumeric LCD has an 8-bit data bus referenced as D0-D7. This pin is used to send the enable trigger to LCD. Below schematic shows the minimum connection required for interfacing the LCD with the microcontroller.


As we are interfacing the LCD in 4-bit mode, only the higher 4 data lines are used as the data bus. Below table shows the LCD pins connection. The below configuration is as per the above table.

First let’s see the timing diagram for sending the data and the command signals RS,RW,ENaccordingly, we write the algorithm and finally the code. The below image shows the timing diagram for sending the data to the LCD. As shown in the timing diagram the data is written after sending the RS and RW signals.

Interfacing LCD with LPC 2148

It is still ok to send the data before these signals. The only important thing is the data should be available on the databus before generating the High-to-Low pulse on EN pin.

The timings are similar as above only change is that RS is made high for selecting Data register. In the above tutorial, we just discussed how to interface 2x16Lcd in 4-bit mode.


LCD 16×2 interfacing with LPC (4-bit mode) | ARM7-LPC

For that you need to include the lcd. After including these files, the only thing you got to do is to configure the PORTs in lcd. The below sample code shows how to use the already available LCD functions. Download the complete project folder from this link.

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