About the time we can make ends meet meaning in hindi

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I have found several versions of its origin: you get to choose! . The question is " Wondering why make ends meet means to have enough. When is the last time you only used cash to pay for your purchases? . if you have relied on credit to make ends meet, you will find yourself facing some tough . 'English to Hindi Dictionary' is a free dictionary designed to help Hindi speakers learn and improve their English language skills. 'English Hindi Dictionary' can.

Caters for individual differences of the learner. The problem solving activities in this design provides students with process skills they will need to cope effectively with life outside school.

Disadvantages A curriculum based on students felt needs and interests cannot possibly provide an adequate preparation for life. Many things essential for effective functioning in the modern world will certainly be omitted if students are allowed to exclude from their curriculum anything that does not immediately interests them.

It lacks a definite horizontal structure i. It lacks continuity sequence because student needs and interests are dynamic and change even for an individual learner. It demands for an extraordinarilly competent teacher.

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It is not possible to develop specialists in the specific subjects. It makes it difficult to derive common educational goals. Textbooks and other teaching materials organized by separate subject areas are not geared to its requirements and therefore cannot be useful. It presents difficulty in timetabling the various activities for different classes and students. The Problem Centered Designs These have their basis in man-centered philosophical assumptions and contemporary problems to the society.

They depend on the daily life situations, which may be social, economic or political. Content of such a design will cut across subjects because they are selected on account of their relevance. Examples of such designs include: Areas of Living Design The areas of living designs can be traced back to the 19th century and Herbert Spencers essay.

What knowledge is of most worth? Spencer proposed that the curriculum prepares people to function effectively in five basic areas common to all societies; direct self preservation, indirect self preservation such as food and shelter parenthood citizenship, leisure activities.

According to Taba organizing curriculum around the activities of mankind will not only bring about a needed unification of knowledge, but will also permit such a curriculum to be of maximum value to students day-by-day life, as well as to prepare them for participation in a culture. Advantages It presents subject matter in an integrated manner cutting across the separate subjects and focusing on the related categories of social life.

about the time we can make ends meet meaning in hindi

It encourages problem solving procedures for learning. It presents subject matter in a relevant form i. It presents content in a functional form i. It is intrinsically motivational to students because they are learning about what concerns them most; the facts and processes of their own existence in the real world. Disadvantages It is difficult to determine the scope and sequence of the areas of living.

It lacks integration and continuity because one unit developed around separate areas of living can be so discrete that they result in fragmentation like that of the subject design.

It does not provide an adequate exposure to the cultural heritage. It has the tendency to indoctrinate the youth into existing conditions and thereby perpetuating the status quo. Teachers are not prepared with this kind of design. Textbooks and other learning materials needed for the design are not readily available. Parents and colleges are not ready to accept the departure from the tradition of subject design because it is a conventionally accepted way of presenting content.

In organizing the curriculum coherence must be considered. Because of this, both horizontal and vertical relationships within and across various class levels must be considered. For this to happen five key characteristics must be considered and they are: Scope This has to do with the breadth and depth of the content. Questions to be answered under scope include; what content is considered central? What content should be considered elective?

How much content should be learned in one subject area in a year, term, semester, topic and lesson? Ornstem and Hunkins All the above questions are considered in the light of available resources and the vast amount of knowledge that exists.

Determining the scope of the curriculum is a challenge to the curriculum designers because knowledge is dynamic, the learners needs are varied and also change over times and national priorities and global trends are constantly changing. Sequence This is concerned with the order in which the learning experiences should appear in the curriculum.

It refers to the vertical relationship among curricula areas. This is important so that the curriculum planned can facilitate optimal teaching and learning. To be able to do this, the designers can utilize the logical sequencing which draws on the substantive structure of the subjects or by using the psychological principles which draw on the understanding of human growth, development and learning Shiundu and Omulando, In sequencing content, curricularists draw on some well accepted learning principles such as from simple to complex, prerequisite learning to whole part learning and chronological learning.

Other organizers for determining sequence include: Continuity This is the vertical reiteration or repetition of the learning experiences at various levels within the education system. In mathematics for example, the concept of addition is repeated throughout the various classes. In English language pronunciation is repeated across the subject within the class and across the classes.

Continuity accounts for the re-appearance in the curriculum of certain major ideas or skills about which educators feel students should have increased depth and breadth of knowledge over the length of the curriculum. Integration This deals with horizontal relationship between various curricula areas in an attempt to interrelate learning experiences in order to enable the learner perceive unity of knowledge.

Curriculum experts are of the view that learning is more effective when content from one subject is meaningfully related to content in another subject Shiundu and Omulando, For example content in history can be related to content in geography; content in mathematics can be related to content in home science, content such as the Gas Laws is related in both physics and chemistry soil is related in both geography and agriculture.

Balance A balanced curriculum implies order in its scope and leads to the advancement of all the educational objectives outlined. This means that a balanced curriculum should develop all major areas of human competence such as communication, problem solving, understanding concepts and the environment, health care, recognition of interest and physical, mental and affective development of the learner.

According to Ornstein and Hunkinspg. A balanced curriculum is difficult to achieve given the many factors at play and the dynamism involved in developing and implementing curricula.

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However, curriculum designers should make concerted effort towards curriculum balance. Purposes of Curriculum Design Enables the designers to focus on goals when designing a programme. Reduces stress and enhances confidence in providing education to learners. Ensures uniformity in education across the nation. Allows room for comparison with others.

Ensures uniformity in evaluation and accuracy in monitoring programme success. Curriculum as a Tool for Instruction Education is about teaching and learning. The organizing tool for teaching is the curriculum itself which is a tool for instructing the youth.

Objectives which instruction intends to achieve are products of the curriculum itself. It is a component of the curriculum which gives instruction what it should focus on so that the aims of education can be achieved. The structures of the objectives in instruction are determined by the curriculum itself. The main purpose of education is to prepare people for their roles in the society. This is through exposing them to the many experiences which the society has filtered, provided and systemized through the curriculum itself.

The learner is exposed to these experiences through instruction on what is provided by the curriculum.

about the time we can make ends meet meaning in hindi

Learning takes place through the active behaviour of the student, it is what he does that he learns and all the student activities are determined by the curriculum. In some countries, curriculum development is not done centrally while in Kenya it is centralized and the body changed with the responsibility of developing the curriculum is the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development Kowino, On the other hand, Marsh and Willis define curriculum development as a collective and intentional process or activity directed at beneficial curriculum changes.

This definition captures curriculum innovation, which is an important aspect of the curriculum development process. It also points at the dynamism of the curriculum. Nallathe ariyo nayike Does the dog know what's good Marathi equivalent: What does Donkey know about the odor of Camphor? Gadida kemi thelusu Gandapu vasana or Pandi kemi thelusu panneru vasana. Allied Chambers transliterated Hindi-Hindi-English dictionary. Ab pachhtaaye hote kya, jab chidiya chug gayi khet?

There is no use crying over spillt milk. Chethulu kalaka akulu pattukunnattu Sanskrit equivalent: Shyam Bahadur Varma, ed Nau sau chuhe khake billi haj ko chali.

After eating hundred rats, the cat goes to Hajj. Indian Literature 51 Fell from the sky, got stuck in a date palm. From the frying pan into the fire. While trying to avoid a a bad situation one might end up in an even worse situation. Anna prasanannpude avakayi annam pettaru.

A child is not fed with pickled rice at the time of naming ceremony. Even if the salary is worth six penny be employed in the palace Meaning: Always do a respectable job, although there is less monetary benefit. Opportunity unavailed becomes harmful. One should not delay. This suggests subtly the final glow or false promise before the approaching end.

The fact does not change by saying it in a different way. Do not believe a man who cries for everthing and similarly a lady who smiles things away.

At a loose ends Meaning in Hindi

It's like frog jumping on a person who is already afraid of it. It is like placing a lamp atop a partitioning wall. He is as undecided as an orphan: Sometimes, it is used in the negative sense to chide people who are indecisive. Give him six denominations he sides with mother-in law backs her upgive him three denominations he sides with daughter-in-law backs her up. Increase Your Spending Awareness Consider what you learned about your spending habits by only using cash.

about the time we can make ends meet meaning in hindi

Was it easier or harder to part with cash than plastic? Did you only buy things you needed, or was there also enough money to buy something that you wanted?

At a loose ends Meaning in Hindi, Definition of At a loose ends in Hindi, OneIndia Hindi Dictionary

How much did you have left at the end? Spending more on every purchase adds up over the years, and if you want debt solutions that last for life, be aware of how you spend your money.

Your second assignment is to track your spending for at least 2 weeks. You might want to track what you spend on certain types of expenses, e. So to help with this lack of training, your third assignment is to outline your budget. A budget based on real numbers sets you up for success, so use what you learned when you tracked your spending.

This will tell you if you can stick it out for the long term. Find a Replacement for One Large Expense in Your Monthly Budget Cutting out an expense or changing a habit is easier if you replace it with something else.

For instance, if you want to quit buying expensive coffee on your way to work, plan how you can replace this habit with a new one.