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balls of steel meet the

Mark presented all 17 episodes of Balls of Steel from The first ever episode featured Alex Zane's Buzzin Game, The Annoying Devil. and hidden camera acts in order to judge who has the biggest 'Balls of Steel'. someone who goes out of his way to meet his fans, someone who bends over. Balls of Steel (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Theo Robertson 21 September This show hit the headlines well before it was transmitted due to a prank played on Tom Cruise where he was squirted in the face during a mock interview.

Balls of Steel

Ah you remember seeing that on the news don't you? Someone playing a prank on Tom Cruisethe same Tom Cruise who is legendary as being a great guysomeone who goes out of his way to meet his fanssomeone who bends over backwards for an adoring public and who is recognised as the most sinceregenuine and nicest guy in Hollywood today and someone plays a prank on him. As people picked up on this the question was quickly asked " Why didn't they try that with Russell Crowe?

Someone invents a new game called " human rodeo " where a man jumps on the backs of passers by. If you want to give it a name I think " Assualt " would be a better title. Strange that no one caught up in this game thinks of calling the police or giving their assailant a bloody good kicking. There's also another game called " Urban sprint " where a man goes out of a shop with a tag that causes the alarms to go off and he's pursued by security men who strangely never catch him and the game ends with the man running into a fast food joint and telling the staff to " Give me a f--ckin' cup of coffee you f--kers " Are we to honestly believe that these sequences are genuine?

Of course their not.

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Shops and fast food joints in shopping malls would only be too happy to see Channel 4 approach them asking if they'd like to take part in " a dangerous stunt show " since it gives them free publicity. It's the same with members of the public who happy with a few seconds of fame agree to let a man jump on their backor take them on a dodgy taxi ride or allow a hot brunette to chat up their boyfriend.

Especially writing down entire conversations in dialogue form. All of this puts me in a good place for the work-related part of my writing not that the two are entirely separable, everand then I usually work on whatever I am doing until about I do a lot of thinking, walking, talking to people about what I am writing.

In a way, I am always writing, just maybe not physically. This business, where we write, get rejected, write some more, and hustle our own work can burn artists out quickly. How do you relax? I am devoted to taking walks and listening to storytelling podcasts like The Moth, and my favorite: I feel like hearing other people tell their stories is so interesting and useful.

balls of steel meet the

I laugh, I cry, I look like a crazy person walking down the street in my neighborhood. I always come back home inspired and invigorated.

BALLS OF STEEL: Meet Guinevere Turner and Her New Project, ‘Creeps’

I highly recommend it. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

balls of steel meet the

I struggle most with losing perspective and thinking that maybe what I am writing is boring, and I am on my own trip. Sometimes I am right, I am sure!

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So, I have to step away a lot, work on something else, watch movies. Oh wait, is that all an elaborate justification for just messing around when I should be writing? I think most writers can identify with the emotional roller coaster of it all.

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What are your ambitions for your writing and filmmaking career? To continue on the indie path? My very realistic goal is to win BIG, BIG at the lottery, and then use the money to make indie films and help other people to make indie films until I get sick of it all and become a reclusive novelist with a team of devoted staff. I have actually never read one. My education has been through experience, trial and error, and reading volumes and volumes of screenplaysas a writer and as an actor.