Daffy duck porky pig meet the groovie goolies

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daffy duck porky pig meet the groovie goolies

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies is a Made-for-TV Movie that aired as part of ABC's Saturday Superstar Movie. It was produced by. The Daffy/Porky—Groovie Goolies. Perhaps the most hated of all of Filmation's productions, was the special they did using-- gasp-- several of the Looney Tunes . Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies is a animated one-hour TV-movie (with a live-action segment near the end) that was part of The ABC.

Drac, hanging upside down from a chandelier, complains that he's trying to get his beauty rest. She asks them about the rumor floating around about a "mysterious stranger" that has been causing "all kinds of trouble" on the set. Daffy thinks it's just a fan seeking an autograph. Frankie says "Aw, lookie, lookie, lookie, there's Daffy and Sylvester and all of may favorites!

They show scenes from the movie: Foghorn, as "King Arthur the Chickenhearted" paces back and forth, until the nurse a female rooster! He calls for the court jester. Sylvester awakes out of his hammock, asking the king what he wants to see, and proceeds to try to entertain him by slipping on a banana peel and pole vaulting out the window into a monster-infested moat.

The King simply tells him to "take this youngster for a walk-- a long walk! Tweety watches and claiming "that egg might be one of my cousins", then threatens to blow a whistle to call bulldogs. Sylvester repeatedly calls the bluff, until he notices that there are several dozen dogs surrounding him.

They chase him off. The egg hatches, and it is Daffy, who Tweety names "Arthur". When asked "why not Lance; or Lot; or Daffy? At this point, the film is interrupted by the Phantom of the Flickers, who tells the TV audience he plans to "destroy every frame of film Daffy Duck and his friends ever made, including his full length flop, 'King Arthur'.

Sorry Daffy, but that's show biz! Frankie tells how he was Daffy's biggest fan ever since the day he was assembled, and says he's going to Hollywood to give him a hand. Bella LaGhostly is one of their other regulars; the switchboard operator! Mummy brings his movie camera. In Hollywood, Hagatha casts a spell to magically stop the Gool Bus so they can ask a movie star directions to the studio and get his autograph.

Behind their back, he reveals himself to be the Phantom. Hagatha finds Daffy and Porky on her crystal ball. When she at first gets the wrong picture, she consults the "CB Guide". Daffy is impatiently demanding his stuntmen. The Goolies show up saying "we came to help", and Daffy says "It's about time! Daffy comments "If I didn't know that was makeup, I'd be scared stiff!

Daffy begins fighting with Hagatha "Stick with me, and I'll make you a star. My brains and your ugliness! They begin shooting the next scene.

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet The Groovie Goolies - video dailymotion

All of the Goolies are up on a balcony of the castle set. The Phantom pulls a lever which causes the floor to drop out Wolfie: They land in the holes of a giant pool table Hagatha magically activates parachutes too lateand the Phantom springs them out.

Meanwhile, Sylvester and Petunia observe how scary they look. They wind up hanging from a chandelier. Daffy greases it causing them to fall again. They slide down a bannister which the phantom causes to propel them back into the air.

They land standing on each other's shoulders, but Daffy, who thinks the whole thing was "pretty good", asks them to do it again, because they missed the mark on the floor, by about a foot. Drac turns into a bat and flies out of his armor costume, causing the others to collapse. The Phantom sneaks along in the dark, "I don't know why they keep it so dark. Makes it hard for a bad guy to cause trouble" and falls, winding up hanging from the sleeping Drac, who thinks he "knows him from somewhere" just as Hagatha had earlier said.

He drops him, and Frankie catches him. Daffy confronts him and demands he removes his make-up. He pulls off several masks, including ones of each of the Goolies. Daffy figures "I should have known!

You're all in this together", and tries to pull Frankie's "make-up" off, and then unravels Mummy. When Drac flies in as a bat and turns back into a vampire, the Looney Tune gang all flees.

Frankie asks the Phantom "why are you trying to scare all our friends", and he pulls of his face revealing a blank mask that reads "I'll never tell" and escapes down a trap door. Hagatha casts a spell that drops the Goolies through trap doors as well, but they land in the moat. Phantom and his weirdo friends are trying to stop us from completing 'King Arthur'.

daffy duck porky pig meet the groovie goolies

But as you know, it has to be finished in time for the annual Ozzie Awards tomorrow night! When I described these guys to the police, they said I was nuts! Yosemite suggests organizing a "posse" to "net them varmints".

Everyone is reluctant, and Daffy asks "What are you all, chicken? Coyote holds up a tiny sign "I'll go", and Porky agrees to go.

daffy duck porky pig meet the groovie goolies

On a filming of a western showdown, Frankie appears out of a manhole tossing one of the actors. They see the Phantom running into a house set. Hagatha thinks the graveyard in front of it is a "lovely yard". The Phantom changes into a maid, a gardener, and "the head of the house" his head was a houseslamming the door on them, then the whole prop falls over on the Goolies.

They hear the Phantom laugh and chase him into a little shed. Yosemite and his posse are watching and think they are "skedadling into their hideout", and also give chase to "trap five prairie gophers in one hole". Inside is actually a large fancy room. They split up, and right after they leave, The Goolies come out from a wall panel. Frankie worries about Daffy and suggests going to check up on him.

In a screening room, Daffy and the others view the movie. Arthur, Merlin Porky and Tweety are walking in a carnival. Arthur sees Lady Guinevere's Petunia kissing booth and falls in love, turning into a big thumping heart, and his ice cream into fireworks. When she says she would only marry someone of royal blood, he offers to have a transfusion.

He gives up his entire life savings stored in his footand then asks Merlin to use his magic to make her fall for him. Hagatha shows up to show him how to cast the spell, she makes the court jester fall in love with the dog who's still chasing himbut when he does, the "big hunk of bird" he actually makes her fall in love with is Tweety.

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies (Part 3

He is not interested in trying the game until Mordred insults him. He is able to reach "king" and pull the sword out, and is crowned king, angering Mordred who lays claim on the crown and had " tries and only paid once, ya know", according to Mummy, the game's manager! The town crier announces the wedding of Arthur and Guinevere and then begins the sports report.

Mordred shoots up to Arthur a typewriter on an arrow, followed by arrows that type out his message challenging him to a joust.

Arthur then sends a singing telegram sung by the horse the messenger rode onsaying he'll be there. The joust begins, Guinevere: But peeking is OK". Also, typical Filmation wackiness: Mordred's lance being so long, it bends with its end rolling on the ground on wheels. In the middle of it, the Phantom interrupts, and now has the film. Daffy's gang starts to go after him until the Goolies, across the theater, say they'll help.

The Looneys panic and then then disappear into the movie screen Hagatha" "I've heard of 'breaking into movies', but those guys are ridiculous". The Goolies chase him into a studio, and the Phantom causes various weather changes as Sam and his posse also see them with the film and give chase Sam: The Goolies have the Phantom cornered on the gang plank of a ship set, but he jumps off and the Goolies follow.

Sam and company are now on the ship, and accidentally pull the lever that starts it rocking. They are getting seasick, and Sam tells them not to think of food, but then uses several slangs that involve food, making Porky and the coyote sicker. They are finally catapulted off into the African jungle set.

The Phantom runs into another studio and changes into Hauntleroy who is otherwise absent from the story. He hides the film in a guitar which he plays badly. Wolfie takes it and begins playing, but then it opens up revealing the film. The boy grabs it and runs through a mirror into "Mad Mirror Land", a live action world in which he, along with Frankie, Wolfie and Drac who follow him, all become live action. Sylvester, watching in amazement with Foggy and Pepe exclaims "sufferin' succotash!

The boy drives off in a toy car, and the three monsters pursue in imaginary cars their bottoms scraping against the ground. The brat causes them to get stuck with some bubble gum Frankie utters his trademark "I didn't need that! They begin playing music with some bones and a totally flat, floppy keyboard such as exist today, in places like the Sharper Image!

Frankie pounds on the ground causing the guitar to pop out of the boy's hand and land in theirs. They then perform the song "little Texas Goolie" reused from the original series, and omitted from the previous versions I had seen.

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies (Part 3 - video dailymotion

Frankie begins sneezing, which pushes them all the way back into animated land. They have caught the Phantom, who Drac now remembers is his long lost uncle Claude Cheney, silent screen star. In classic Scooby Doo fashion, they ask him why he did it, and he says it was revenge because color films like Daffy's came and ruined his career.

Drac suggests he could return to filmmaking. Mummy had filmed the whole thing with all his disguises, and could show it to Daffy. Even though Porky Pig's name is in the title, he plays a fairly minor role compared to Daffy Duck.

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies

The Goolies do this at one point as part of their "stuntman work" for Daffy's movie. Cast as a Mask: When the Phantom wears rubber masks of the other Groovie Goolies, along with when he disguises as Hauntleroy, he perfectly imitates their voices by using this trope. Averted with his other disguises ones not impersonating existing characterswhere Larry Storch shows off his range of voice work.

Daffy Duck, of course. Excalibur in the Stone: A carnival attraction in the King Arthur movie involves Daffy as Arthur pulling a sword out of a stone in a test-of-strength game, as whoever pulls out the sword will be crowned King of England. The sword isn't referred to as the Excalibur, though. After the Goolies confront Claude Chaney, a. There are quite a lot of puns in this, especially coming from the Goolies. One of the Phantom's disguise methods, often going into a tornado-like spin to do so.

The Phantom of the Flickers a. Claude Chaney has quite a few hammy moments. Another method of disguise the Phantom of the Flickers employs. He'll also often wear numerous layers of rubber masks over each otherespecially when demonstrating his disguise abilities to others. Well, it is a Filmation production. Even the Looney Tunes characters are animated in a quite limited manner, which is unusual for their franchise.

Frankie is a huge fan of Daffy Duck, and wants to help him save his movie and career. Initially, he and the rest of the Groovie Goolies keep getting in the way, and Daffy and the others are terrified of them, but later on they become more useful to the Looney Tunes. The Phantom of the Flickers. He is able to flawlessly impersonate others and completely change his form by various disguise methods, often by a Full-Body Disguise sometimes done by a tornado-spin Instant Costume Changeor sometimes done with conventional rubber masks.

He even goes as far as to impersonate all the other Groovie Goolies and Daffy Duck. The "Mad Mirror Land" sequence, where three of the Groovie Goolies Drac, Frankie and Wolfie chase the Phantom disguised as Hauntleroy through the mirror into a live-action world, and they all become live-action as well.