Freed of london meet the makers tv

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freed of london meet the makers tv

Freed of London Foxtrot Open Side Wide Fit Court Shoe check out new shoes for kids from a range of famous makers that offer quality you can feel good about . I haven't been to the ballet but I have seen my dancers on television – Leanne Benjamin, Jane Taylor to name two. The dancers are fascinated to meet the makers. . At Freed of London, Ballet & Theatrical Shoemakers. With an extensive history dating back to , Freed of London shoes are hand Freed of London regularly supply to West End and Broadway productions, feature regularly on national UK television on Strictly Come Meet the Makers.

They appreciate us I think. I need to rest and put my feet up.

freed of london meet the makers tv

I make thirty-eight pairs a day and am booked up until mid December. I was born in Cyprus. I never imagined I would have done this. When I came here thirty years ago, I expected to work in a fish and chip shop. I had no idea what I was getting into. Have I been to the ballet? I started off unloading lorries, and it took three months before I got on the bench.

freed of london meet the makers tv

Then did soft toes, then hard toes. I make forty pairs a day and I have a waiting list. I call myself a shoe maker. Do I enjoy making shoes? I have been here for twenty-six years. My father-in-law got me a job interview here. I get satisfaction from making the whole shoe myself. Other shoes are made by lots of people.

At Freed of London Ltd, Ballet & Theatrical Shoemakers

I love that dancers are wearing my shoes. You are trained and learn the basics. People teach you their ways and sometimes those ways are conflicting.

Then I had to find my own way. Every dancer likes a different shoe. Each Maker is different — one might use more paste than the other. But dancers come back and stay with you for life. They will tell you what they need.

Meet the Makers - Pointe Shoes

I know how to craft the shoe by touch, feel, look. I instinctively know how much paste to use, how much hessian. If she wants a shoe with more give I do that. The dancers are fascinated to meet the makers. I make forty pairs a day. People wait weeks to get a shoe from me. I make a lot of shoes for the New York City Ballet. I love my job. I was born around here — grew up bit with my dad and a bit with my mum.

It was all a bit of an adventure. My two daughters take up my time. I made a pair of soft toes for my six year old girl. They have found their own interests. She was a dancer, went away and travelled the world.

We met when she was in the Philippines, and she brought me back with her and we had babies. She went back to the shop and four months ago I started to make shoes here. I do enjoy it. I always found it fascinating when my wife talked about dancing and shows and make-up. I always had the curiosity. So there can't be confusion! When you do get a dancer, you expect they stay for you for life, and all of their career. Like, once you find your sole-mate, you stick with them!

The shoemakers then flatten out the tip with a hammer, providing a platform strong enough to support a dancer -- but only for so long.

And then it just breaks down. Salie tried on a pair, and felt the effect of dancing on her toes. There must a pointe to all this pain? Kids, don't try this at home! How do the shoes feel? Never while you're dancing.

freed of london meet the makers tv

I think because, you know, adrenaline and everything. Maybe sometimes afterwards, you know, they're a little sore and swollen. But, you know, we're so used to it. I said this is my first show this season, and I was, like, watching the tree grow backstage, and it just, like, never gets old.