Gundam seed fanfiction but we just meet in the wrong

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gundam seed fanfiction but we just meet in the wrong

He asked and sat down next to Sai. "We were talking about staying, I felt bad about just leaving" Tolle said as he looked at the table, "Me to" Mir. It goes on in the origanle gundam seed just after Kira found Lacus near . "Ohh my name is Lacus Clyne, is nice to meet you, and this is my friend felt bad about having to wake him up, she took a step closer and bent over. The sequel to the story But We Just Meet, many of the pairings will This is the sequel to my first gundam seed story But We Just Met, so if you .. And just seeing what was wrong made the young man narrow his eyes a bit.

It reminded Kira a little of Birdy, but he soon got other things on his mind. As she flew over him Kira reach out for her and pulled her down to the floor. Mu leaned over to Murrue. Murrue just rolled her eyes at the blond man and walked over to the two teens.

gundam seed fanfiction but we just meet in the wrong

Lacus gave her a nod, then turned to look for Haro, he was up on the platform near the Strike. As Kira got down with the Haro in his hand, he handed it back to the girl, who took it grateful. They enter one of the empty rooms on the ship. She couldn't help herself, she just continued looking at him as he looked right back at her. Murrue looked at the two teens, she turned and looked at Mu, who had a big grin on his face.

Murrue knew that he was no help. Lacus turned back to her. Mu put his hand on Murrues shoulder. Murrue enter the bridge of the Archangel she walked to her seat and sat down. Natarle turned and looked at her. But just as she was about to open her mouth and tell him all of that, someone knock quite hard on the door. Hurry up and finish, I want a shower before going to bed! Both Kira and Lacus didn't say anything, as they heard the person out there, continued saying something that sound very much like he hoped that whoever was in there hadn't used up all the hot water.

It was quite obvious for both of them, that the person out there wasn't going to leave anytime soon. Kira was feeling pretty much the same way, as he watched Lacus wrap the big towel back around herself once more. Lacus didn't say anything, she just nodded a single time while smiling a bit at him, as she saw the water running down his muscular form, removing all of the soap she herself had covered him up in.

Finally when he was done with that he reached out and grab another towel that he used to dry himself of with, when he was done with that he took a small glance over at Lacus that had just finished putting on her clothes.

Meanwhile just outside of the room Sai Argyle was really losing his patience, who the hell was in there, why did one person think he had the right to occupied the entire male shower room, there was after all other people on this ship that maybe want a bath, now that there shift was over, especially after everything that had been going on today. Finally after a few more minutes went by Sai had enough and was just about to reach out and knock even hard on the door, when suddenly it was open from the inside, of all the people Sai had expected to step out of the room this had not been one of them.

It was really no big secret that he had been slightly surprised at seeing Lacus come out of that room, but that was nothing compared to the next person he saw, this was more like a complete shock, the one person that was standing in front of him right now was one of his really good friends and the husband to the girl that had left the room only a few seconds ago. And it really didn't take much of a genius to figure out what the two of them had been doing in there, or at least tried to do when he began pounding on the door.

Kira just nodded a single time, while again taking a small glance down the hall.

I would like to ask you for a tiny favour" the brown hair teenage said, while placing his hand on his friends shoulder, which immediately made the boy other boy jump slightly, almost like he was expecting Kira's hand to give him an elegiac shock or something like that.

Sai however didn't answer immediately, he just stood there with a slightly thoughtful look on his face, as he reached up and took of his glasses where he used his left hand to rubbed both of his eyes a few times. Kira just smiled a bit at her, as he moved over and pulled her in to a tight embrace.

gundam seed fanfiction but we just meet in the wrong

When they finally broke apart this time, Lacus couldn't help but sigh loudly in happiness, as she pressed herself even close to him, enjoying what the two of them where sharing at this very moment, and just one single look at Kira's face was enough to tell her, that he was feeling the same way, which made Lacus feel even more happy, if that was even possible. The two of them continued flying around like that for a few seconds, just looking at each other, until Lacus slowly reached down and took Kira's hand, with that the two of them began flying the rest of the way back to their room.

Where a long a deeply memorable night was waiting in front of them. If he did that she was sure, that she would feel much more at ease about the whole thing, but it seemed quite obvious that the boy wasn't going to wake up anytime soon. Which actually made Miriallia a bit mad at him, how could he continue sleeping so peacefully, while she was sitting here being so concerned about him, but she knew that she couldn't really blame him, the doctor had said before he left the room that the best medicine for Dearka right now was a lot of sleep, that was the only thing he would need to get better.

It was just about the same time that the boy began moving around in the bed, finally after a few seconds he end up with his face pointing towards the wall, holding on to his pillow in a tight grip like he was afraid someone would try and take the soft thing away from him, when he finally succeed in getting comfortable once more, he returned to his peaceful slumber, not knowing that the girl he liked was keeping a very close eye on him.

gundam seed fanfiction but we just meet in the wrong

But unfortunately for her she did not get much time to think about, before the third person in the room began talking over from the other bed, that was in the room. Which made Miriallia turned her attention away from Dearka and over at the blonde man, who was sitting quitely in his bed holding on to a small book.

Mu however just smiled a bit at the girl, he had no trouble at all understanding why she wanted to stay here and be near the boy in the bed, but it seriously wouldn't do neither her or Dearka any good if she passed out from exhaustion, it was quite obvious for the blond man, that she was completely worn out and the best thing for her was to get in bed and sleep for a few hours.

Miriallia on the other hand didn't give the man any kind of reply, as she sat there trying to come up with an excuse to stay there longer, but in the end there was really nothing she could say to convince the man that she wasn't tired, especially because just thinking about crawling in to her bed was enough to make her yawn loudly.

The girl just looked at him for a few minutes, before she nodded slowly a few times trying not to show the man her sad eyes. Just seeing her look so depressed, made the blond man feel a little bad about the whole thing, it wasn't really all that fun being the bad guy, but he knew that this was for the girl's own sake, she could not stay the whole night on that small chair, and it was completely obvious that if he hadn't told her to go to bed, she was going to sit there the entire night.

Hearing the blond man said that, Miriallia finally stood up from the small chair, with all of her attention turned over towards Dearka, that was now once again sleeping on his back.

After watching him for a minute or two, she slowly kneel in front of the boy where she reach up and ran her fingers through his thick blond hair a single time, before she moved in a placed a gentle short kiss on his forehead. He hadn't been reading for long, before the door to the room was opened one more time, at first he was a bit concerned that it was Miriallia again but he visibly relaxed when he saw that it was his girlfriend, just the sight of her was enough to make his smile.

Murrue however just let out a small sigh, as she rolled her eyes a bit at the man, while sitting down at the foot of his bed, smiling a bit at him.

Since his and Kira's meeting with Rau Le Creuset, he had for some reason he had seemed a bit sad, at first she had thought it was because he hadn't been able to killed the crazy bastard when he had the chance, but it quickly became obvious that there was more to it then that, unfortunately there hadn't really been many opportunities to talk with him, before now.

There was a few smaller damages on the Eternal, no big surprise, seeing as that ship had been the Zaft force's target, but the Kusanagi on the other hand had escaped almost completely intact, which was a very good thing in Murrue's eyes, both the Archangel and the Eternal where in need of some serious repairs and when the crew on the Kusanagi wasn't busy, they could properly help out getting the two other ships fixed up for whatever would happen next.

Who gave him that beating? She nodded "well it was nice to meet you Kira Yamato" she said and ran of after her friends. Kira couldn't help but sigh in relief as the girl was gone, "you two would make a cute couple" Erika said and smile at the boy.

Kira looked at the woman "I'm already married" he said. Erika blink not sure if she heard him right "what? Erika got out of her shock, "that" she said and walked over to a big window.

Kira walked after her and looked at the three M1's standing there, "ok you three begin" Erika said, the three mobile suit began walking around in a slow speed. Kira blink as he looked at them "they a slow" he thought out loud.

gundam seed fanfiction but we just meet in the wrong

Kira didn't know what to say about that so he just stood there looking at the three mobile suit. Back at the Archangel, Lacus was playing cards with Miriallia and Tolle in the mess hall, the three of them didn't say much they just concentrate on the game. Murrue and Mu sat at another table talking quietly and drinking coffee. Lacus looked over at the watch that was hanging on the wall, it was getting late, she couldn't help but wonder where Kira was and what he was doing, 'I hope he will be back soon' she thought and drew a card.

Miriallia looked at him and smile, "you just want to stop because you a losing" she said and laid her own cards down. Lacus took another look at the clock 'where is he, I'm getting worry' she thought, she turned her attention to Murrue and Mu who was still talking, "Miss Murrue, when will Kira be back? Lacus nodded as she looked at the table. Lacus lift her head and looked over at the blond man. Both Murrue and Mu looked at each other then back at the girl, "what?

I Need that to hear! Lacus giggle the look Mu had on his face when he was pull away from to mess hall was really funny, Lacus again glance over at the clock "Kira" she whisper. Finally after waiting a little long she decide to go to their room and wait for him there, she stood up and walked out of the mess hall. The girl slowly walked down the hall, looking around but there was not much to look at right now, the ship was mostly quiet now, not that it was strange there was no way they could be attack in here.

So most people on the ship was properly using the time to get a goodnights sleep, she got to the door to their room, she open it and walked in. As she got in Haro began jumping around yelling her name and Birdy flew over and landed on her shoulder "hello you two" she said as she pick up the pink robot that was jumping around in front of her.

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Finally after they quiet down she got undress to get in to her sleeping clothes, when she got that on she crawl in to her own bed, resting her head on her pillow, she looked over at Kira's bed 'where was he, Kira' as she thought that, the door open up and the boy she was waiting for walked in.

Lacus sat up and looked at him, he had a sad and confused look on his face, "what's wrong? After he was done he just sat there looking out in to space.