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Eder has over hundred songs to her name and if I could only listen But, she did name some people who are great artists and entertainers as her Meeting Frank Wildhorn (who has written many songs for her and is the. Linda Eder. 24K likes. The official Facebook page of singer Linda Eder. Below are some upcoming show dates with links to buy tickets. I hope to see you at. Although Michael Feinstein and Linda Eder have strong, steady Where Showmanship Meets One-Upmanship, Singers Seek a Partnership.

All of her songs are that good, that emotional, and that amazing.

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So, what were Eder's choices? I go in streaks and listen to one artist over and over until I can't listen anymore and then I move on to the next one for a while. I think I would pick several instrumentals.

I love orchestral pieces. I was curious how Eder picks her songs for her sets each concert. These three goals are always at war. I know that I can never satisfy everyone, but I try to do as much as I can and still make it fun for me. I don't want to eat something rich or exotic or filing. I try to fly on the day before the show because over the years I have noticed that air travel is not that good for the vocal chords. I need to drink a lot starting in the morning and that can mean multiple trips to the bathroom, something that is not always convenient on an airplane.

Mostly I drink water and slowly warm my voice up throughout the whole day. People always comment that I never drink during the show. That is because it does no good by that point. You have to be internally hydrated before you ever hit the stage. I was curious if people suggested songs that she should cover or if she picks them out herself.

Usually it is just their favorite song and not because they actually thought about whether it would be right for me. I love to sing other artist's music but when it comes to adding it to my show or recording it, then I have to consider two things. Can I bring something to it? Hers start with family and ends -thus far- with her stint on Broadway in Jekyll and Hyde. I am first generation and my dad was only planning to stay in America for a certain length of time. Winning Star Search think American Idol without the condescending comments for those who aren't old enough to remember.

My first record deal. Eder is also a heck of a songwriter herself. Why-in the plus songs Eder has performed and recorded have there not been more of her original songs?

I have to split myself in order to do both. But, I enjoy it and I continue to write and am planning to release some more of my songs in as part of a project I have been working on. I wanted to know if this led to more creativity and freedom or if it caused more headaches.

I have three cd's now and am working on a fourth. It was nerve wracking at first, but it truly did bring back the fun.

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