Summer flowering bergenia flirt

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summer flowering bergenia flirt

White' - evergreen large leaves with flowers from spring to early summer, low growing .. Bergenia Flirt Hardy Perennials, Shade Garden, Garden Plants, Shade Flirt Bergenia Bonsai Balcony Flower Potted Seeds DIY Home Garden This miniature Bergenia boasts an extraordinary show of large, deep pink flowers in spring. It's shiny Flirt Elephant Ears Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. A new and distinct Bergenia plant characterized by a vigorous, miniature shiny green late spring to summer foliage, numerous short inflorescences, large, deep pink flowers in a very showy spring display, and clean, shiny.

  • Bergenia plant named 'Flirt'

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summer flowering bergenia flirt

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summer flowering bergenia flirt

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