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unusual meet the medic

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She was also a bit curious about the subject just now, but as her friend had just expressed her unawareness in such a flashy way, she wasn't quite sure whether it would be appropriate to keep going with it or not. But as everyone else seemed as uncertain on how to go on with this, Mystia finally decided to break the ice.

This ended up more boring than I had expected, Meiling thought as she went over everything she had seen so far. As Meiling had made her way inside the facility, the first sight she found was that of a flooded canyon, with submerged railroads going beneath the water's surface. Thinking of not leaving any stone unturned, she ended up taking a couple of dives to the flooded man-made cave beside it, but only to find some regular mining tools floating around and a couple of fishes.

After some searching around, she decided to take a break by one of the round metal platforms, one overlooked by a huge red silo and something pointy in the distance. Aaaw, I'm so bored!

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She quickly sat up, and reached out to this strange thing, and after a closer look, she realized that she had found remains of a smoke. And as she took an even closer look, she noticed that the smoke's filter was still a bit wet from spit.

unusual meet the medic

So there is someone here after all! Meiling thought triumphantly, but as she was about to try how the remains smelled like And by the sound that followed, the hand seemed to hit right on it's target. But she quickly noticed that she's not the one the Chinese girl has came to know, mostly because of the tengu's twin-pigtail hairstyle. And as Meiling had calmed down from the initial jolt, she realized that her countermeasures might've been slightly overestimated, as the tengu girl was now lying on the ground, incapacitated by her blow.

Is this how the Scarlet Devil Mansion treats journalism, dammit? N-No, I was just a bit startled when you came up to me all of a sudden, I-I didn't mean to J-Just hold on, I'll patch you up right away! But as her hands began to emit a light-green glow and she placed them above the tengu, something finally occurred to her.

Wait, what happened to the smoke? Meiling realized, when she noticed how freely she could swing her hands around. Well, better just heal her up now and get back to work, I need to see what kind of a visitor we have roaming around here And after a while, she finally caught a glimpse of the road and her blonde-haired friend.

But as she was about to call out for her, Cirno realized that something was off. She noticed a large man, seemingly talking aggressively towards her friend, and the latter being helpless under the pressure. Out of instinct, Cirno's began to gather speed and took a tight grip on the chunk of ice in her hand.

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And the chunk of ice hit him right on the head, making the man flinch for a bit. How do you like that, you big They didn't really know what that something was, but it sure made some strange humming noises. And the pointier end was facing right towards the fairy.

unusual meet the medic

Driven by rage, Heavy kept shooting blindly towards the direction of the surprise attack, determined to take down the one who had just made his already bad headache even worst. Even though he knew he shouldn't waste too much ammo on a single target, his logical reasoning wasn't quite enough to match his overwhelming aggression. One may wonder, whether he would've used all of his available bullets, if it wasn't for this one blonde-haired distraction. Stop it, she just took it the wrong way!

And seems like she was successful, as the man ceased his attack to reply. And besides, it was a frog, a frozen frog! And as he slowly did, he finally began to realize the inequality in power between a frog and a gun, when he eventually noticed all the gunsmoke and gun shells around him. This could have gone better You only realized that now?! W-What are you talking about?

unusual meet the medic

If his confusion were to be a diagram, this would be the part where the blue line shoots off the charts and on the wall. Slowly, the smoke kept fading out, revealing a huge, spiky ice sculpture, with the spiky part of the sculpture pointing right towards him and the blonde-haired girl. And when the light eventually penetrated the smokescreen, Heavy began to spot golden glow beneath the sculpture's icy surface, quickly realizing them to be his bullets. That seemed to explain the shape of the thing, as the sculpture got wider and wider as it extended towards the woods, almost like every bullet he had shot just made another layer of ice, after making contact with the bullets that came before.

But what halted the initial bullet? That's what Heavy was about to find out, as the sculpture suddenly began to topple down, eventually hitting the ground and shattering to pieces.

As she walked over the piles of shattered ice, her gaze was eventually met with that of an extremely confused man. What's the big idea, assaulting a young girl like that?! Don't you think you should state your intentions first before you Wait, wait, wait, there's an explanation for that! Rumia let out a sigh of relief, but quickly noticed the ice fairy's oblivious expression. Cirno seemed to catch the point, as she began to try her forehead, and she quickly felt something that didn't seem to belong there.

It was something hard, sticking out in the middle of her forehead, but there was enough contact surface for her to take a good grip on it and pull it out.

Oh, you did manage to get one through", Cirno noted, as she recognized it as one of the man's pointy danmaku. A mischievous grin spread on the fairy's face. It didn't hurt at all, those puny little things!

Even if danmaku against him were to be a piece of cake, the look on the man's face didn't seem like one to rely on that humming thing alone. And for once, in front of an average human, Cirno felt a bit frightened.

The man didn't have much of a magical aura, that much was certain, but she was completely unable to tell, whether his physical strength would be able to make up for that fact. This unusual uncertainty made cold sweat drip down on the fairy's cheek. Well then, what should I do now? Maybe I should go check our inventory, I think we were running low on ibuprofen Reisen closed the gate and walked back to the building, but as she had taken her shoes off Say, have you seen Tewi anywhere?

Didn't you send her to check up on that light thing that ended up in the forest? But before she could wonder about the list's purpose further, she quickly recalled quite a number of occasions with a strikingly similar note, and her face was nearly as quick to reflect on that. Oh, and this time, it's your treat. I hope this will motivate you on that. Right now she's probably just digging holes again, hoping that we get worried and go look for her, only to end up in one of her dirty little!

Reisen had already took a couple of steps down the corridor, but after a few moments in silence, she slowly turned around, walked back to the shoe rack, took her shoes, put them on, and walked past her master to the front door. It is an extreme environment to work in. Just getting here can be a challenge. Everyone travels to and from the rig by helicopter. Flights can be delayed during bad weather.

If there is a lot of static, the rotor blades can even trigger lightning. That can cause further delays while we wait for things to calm down. It is hard for the crew to work in such harsh conditions. Many jobs also involve heavy machinery, bringing the added risk of accident and injury. Tell us about your working day and what you do The main part of my job is looking after the well-being of everyone on board; that is between people.

Basically I treat any illness that comes my way. Plus I do a lot to prevent problems arising in the first place. On a rig you have a lot of people living in a small space. So one task is to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

Each day is different and so is each placing. Some medics focus on putting safety procedures in place, others are more administrative. It depends on the environment, the equipment and current priorities. Can you tell us more about work related injuries? The extreme environment and unusual equipment inevitably brings challenges.

Although in this industry risks are kept to an absolute minimum.

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Over the years I have seen work related stress, back injuries, chemical dermatitis and other conditions. Also, hearing problems from excess noise, and hand vibration problems from power tools. I have seen some strange injuries and it can be hard to visualise how they happened. So I spend time watching the crew to see exactly what their work involves. Understanding how injuries happen helps prevent them.

I carry out workplace assessments to understand every job from both a health and safety perspective. Occupational Health is a real priority in this industry. It is a big interest of mine too. I have used my work experience in my studies. For example, I analysed what brought people to our Sick Bay. I found that, inthe most common complaint was muscular conditions. Then I worked with the crew to find safer ways of doing things. It helped my studies and improved safety on the rig.

A Day in the Life of an Offshore Medic

Can you give some more examples of how you work to improve safety? Another of my responsibilities is carrying out safety inductions for new crew members.

These used to be quite time consuming but I have captured the key messages in a DVD.

unusual meet the medic

The industry continues to learn from experience. For example, following a Civil Aviation Authority review of helicopter safety, there are new rules on the size of oil workers travelling to and from offshore installations by helicopter.

Now, before boarding helicopters, every passenger is measured. Those with broad shoulders sit by the widest windows and exits.

unusual meet the medic