Anchoring script in hindi for sports meet decoration

anchoring script in hindi for sports meet decoration

Annual Function Anchoring Script in Hindi (Hindi Edition) - Kindle edition by Anchor Mohit Rathore. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. What can I do to write a script of anchoring for college annual functions? If you' re not comfortable with this hindi lines you can also try other lines to start your anchoring In collage event: (Should start with hit movie songs and dialogues). शुभ संध्या श्री एक्सवाईजेड, आज के मुख्य अतिथि, प्रिंसिपल सर, सम्मानित शिक्षक, स्टाफ सदस्य, खेल प्रशासक.

We will be also buying the new equipment and material for other Sports too. We believe sports are as important as academics. I would like to request Sunil to call in individual winners and winning team on the stage for prize distribution. The vote of thanks is the part of the closing ceremony. You can end the vote of thanks with nice good quotes.

anchoring script in hindi for sports meet decoration

Honorable chief guest, respected principal sir, teachers, sports coordinators, ground curator, non-teaching staff and my friends, a very good evening. On the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood, sweat and the occasional tears. Today, you all earned it with your efforts and discipline. This year was the best for us, we completed all events on time with no major injuries. Food, medical facilities were excellent.

Teams were trained better this time. This year is best so far for our school, we hope we will surpass this performance next year and this progress continues. We have been informed in the morning that our chief guest Mr. Sharma helped our sports planning team to plan, execute the event efficiently not only in terms of arrangments but the financial part of it too.

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I express my hearty gratitude for sharing your expertise and time. A big round of applause for sir.

anchoring script in hindi for sports meet decoration

Now let me thank our principal sir. Most of you might not know this but our principal sir is a former athlete, he was national level badminton champion. Now we know why he always supports sports and education equally, because of you sir we have achieved great success in sports and academics too.

Thank you very much for teaching and showing us the importance of sports in life. You are an inspiration to us. I should not forget to thank our sports council, you have executed the whole annual sports day perfectly.

I would also like to thank ground curators, you gave us perfect pitches and grounds. In the end, I would like to thank all players who participated in the various events, without you this event is not possible at all.

anchoring script in hindi for sports meet decoration

Thank you for nail-biting and jaw-dropping performances. Once again, I express my gratitude to all for making sports day a success.

Check out famous quotes to use for the vote of thanks. By making some changes in the speech this script will be the best National Sports Day speech for If this sample sports day anchoring speech script helped you in any way, then kindly comment in the comment box. I am sure these tips will definitely guide and help you. You can also suggest the correction and improvement in this script. Today on the auspicious day of teachers day we will thank all the teachers in this school and in the whole world.

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnanin the welcome speech. You can also use famous quotes about teachers in welcome speech and add some decorative explanation to the quotes, find such list of such quotes at end of the article.

Teachers Day Welcome Speech, Anchoring Script, Quotes

Here is the separate anchoring script for Ganesh Vandana for various events. She is also an active member to the Central Education Committee, where she had taken a major role in rural education development activities. Singh with a big round of applaud. Give a big round of applause for Mr. He is a great teacher, who loves teaching and every student enjoys his presence in the class.

We will always remember your advice and will try to live by it. Students are always inspired by teachers and Gurus and some of such students are going to present their thoughts and views. Students from junior classes are going to talk about their favorite teacher and students from higher classes are going to talk about the importance of a guru in our lives.

Teachers Day 2018 Welcome Speech, Anchoring Script, Quotes

You showed us the various perspectives of the life of a teacher. Now XYZ student will present the vote of thanks to thanking each and every one who is responsible for the successful completion of this teachers day event. Now I would leave the stage for XYZ.

Well, here it is. The following video contains this whole speech on teachers day in audio-video format. This video will help you understand the pronunciation of various words as well as where to pause, stop and about the voice variation.

Annual Sports Day Anchoring Speech Script, Vote of Thanks

If you like the videos https: The future of the world is in my classroom today. Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning. I hope this Welcome Speech and Anchoring Script helps you for a successful anchoring of the teachers day event.