Gujarat global investors meet 2011 nfl

Should India really follow Modi's 'Gujarat model'?

gujarat global investors meet 2011 nfl

Vibrant Gujarat is the name given to a biennial investors' summit held by the government of Vibrant Gujarat: Global Investors' Summit was organized during the Navratri festival. The Industrial Extension . Vibrant Gujarat Summit was held at Gandhinagar on 12–13 January It is to be held at a special site. The Modi government hired APCO Worldwide as the official relationship partner for its Vibrant Gujarat Global Investment Summit The firm. N.F.L. Playoff Picture: The Paths That Remain for Each Team Global Business . In , Gujarat attracted more planned investment than any other state in on billboards throughout Gujarat during the investment summit meeting , A version of this article appears in print on February 9, , on.

gujarat global investors meet 2011 nfl

If lobbyists are unable to convince a lawmaker, at least they can plant seeds of doubts in the mind. Such groups are also handy for attacking the government without fear of retribution against an individual company. Rajan Mathews, director-general of COAI, which represents most of India's largest telecom operators, says his association only helps members present a common stance before government agencies such as Trai and DoT.

If a company believes that legislation will mean job losses, it might create an alliance that also includes labour unions. The idea, obviously, is to persuade politicians that the legislation they are looking at is unpopular, that supporting it might cost them votes.

The top eight companies that spent the most on lobbying in the US from to all saw their reported tax rates decrease from toaccording to an analysis by the Sunlight Foundation. Not all companies have the patience for lobbying. Earlier this week, British company Rolls-Royce made public its concerns about bribery involving its overseas offshoots.

Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, which has long lobbied for entering India, is probing bribery allegations in India.

Despite efforts, clean water is scarce in India's industrial Gujarat state

In the Indian context, there is no better example of corruption than the award of telecom licences in Nor are all countries as tolerant of lobbying by the rich.

In Germany, as a recent NYT article explained, money in politics is always seen as trying to buy access. In India, like elsewhere, PR is identified with promotions or disruptions - toadying up to journalists to prevent a negative story. Public affairs are more lucrative simply because the results are more valuable for clients. Apco has so far been content playing a business strategist and promotional manager in India.

The company has expanded beyond its public affairs base into an intersection of business, government and media, according to the Holmes Report.

Vibrant Gujarat Summit sees 25,578 agreements signed

Narendra Modi is no slouch in publicity. During the nearly year reign, he has raised a formidable self-promotional network that spans every spectrum of the media. Modi believes a large international audience, members who no doubt carry weight in policy matters back home, helps to burnish his credibility and image, given the cloud over the riots.

But erasing the scars of is far from easy. Earlier this week, 25 US lawmakers urged the administration to continue to deny Modi entry.

Curtain Raiser - Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors' Summit 2011

Yet, Modi would see great value in an organisation that has a great record in gathering important talking heads. Groundwater is also polluted as a result of indiscriminate industrial dumpingcausing freshwater scarcity in the region.

Diamond city Surat set for image makeover

In Gujarat, even regions with otherwise plentiful surface water sources are affected as creeks and rivers turn into black cesspools thanks to increasing municipal waste and insufficient sewage treatment plants. More water does not mean clean water In the past decade, India has made progress in ensuring its citizens have access to water by investing in comprehensive water augmentation measures.

This has included building, inthe Narmada canal networkconstructing check dams and harvesting rainwater, among other schemes. Vishwamitri river, near Vadodara in Gujarat. The Gujarat Pollution Control Board forced non-compliant industrial units to implement a time-bound action plan, including a series of strategies to mitigate water and air pollution within the industrial clusters.

gujarat global investors meet 2011 nfl

There were no fines, but the industries may face closure or restrictions on expanding operations if they do not fulfil their environmental obligations.

These steps are beginning to show some results. It is an attitude, a leadership style, even an ideology.

Surat: Diamond city Surat set for image makeover - The Economic Times

But the model itself is somewhat more difficult to discern. Its GDP growth over the last ten years has been It has the sixth highest share of foreign direct investment destination among Indian states as of The foreign investment that has come has tended to concentrate in the areas of chemicals and petro-chemicals.

gujarat global investors meet 2011 nfl

These are areas of low employment. In terms of human development, Gujarat performs badly in redistribution of income, health, nourishment and education. It may be a haven for private investment, but in Gujarat was 15th among the states in safe water access.