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Four men allege sexual misconduct by Senate president’s husband - The Boston Globe

heather heffner meet me

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As the man was leading a question-and-answer session, he said, Hefner groped him repeatedly under the table.

But Hefner kept putting it back. I cannot go anywhere. The Globe spoke to two of those colleagues — who confirmed the details of both incidents — and viewed e-mails from the time in which the advocate described them to two other co-workers. The advocate said he also told a Rosenberg staffer about the incidents at the time. He recalled the aide saying that Senate staffers tried to keep an eye on Hefner, to keep him out of trouble.

heather heffner meet me

The policy advocate said he had discussions with his own colleagues about whether to report the assaults to the police, to Rosenberg, or to other Senate leaders. But they decided together that the risk of alienating the Senate president was too high. It was a very painful conclusion. On a third occasion, Hefner aggressively propositioned him, the man said.

heather heffner meet me

He decided he would go public only if Hefner followed through on talk of running for office. So the man kept his story to himself until a few weeks ago, after a cascading series of revelations of sexual assault and harassment by powerful men, and after the Globe published a column on Oct.

Our policy is working quite well, but we try to be vigilant. He participates in official functions and he uses his influence with the Senate president as a part of his tool-belt of harassment techniques.

He described the alleged assaults only after a Globe columnist called him to speak about sexual harassment on Beacon Hill more generally. Another victim called the Globe back in August — before the start of the national discussion of sexual harassment triggered by revelations of predatory behavior by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein — to say that Hefner had sexually assaulted him several times in and This man was in his early 20s and just starting out as an aide on Beacon Hill when he met Hefner and Rosenberg at a social event.

In the summer ofthe aide met Hefner for drinks at a bar near Government Center, and they agreed to meet a mutual friend elsewhere for margaritas.

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He was surprised then when Hefner led him not to another bar, but to the apartment Hefner shares with Rosenberg, just behind the State House. Rosenberg was not in Boston that evening. He said Hefner then grabbed at his crotch. The aide went to the bathroom and stayed there until a mutual friend arrived, then left. Two friends whom the aide told about the incident immediately afterward confirmed his account. The aide made a point never to be alone with Hefner after that night. But in the spring ofhe said, Hefner assaulted him again, this time at a small dinner with Rosenberg and some activists following a political event.

heather heffner meet me

Rosenberg was sitting directly across from them, the aide said. Later that spring, the aide said, Hefner grabbed his genitals again, this time while they rode together to a political event in the back seat of a Prius.

Rosenberg was sitting up front. A third man said he was assaulted by Hefner at a fund-raiser in Two friends whom the man immediately told about the assault confirmed the details of his account. He was too scared about the repercussions. He sends inappropriate things, so it looks like you are a party to it.

His husband is the Senate president. What am I supposed to do? A fourth man, a lobbyist, said Hefner assaulted him in the summer of He and his partner were preparing to leave a party when Hefner grabbed his arm, wheeled him around, and kissed him, forcefully and against his will. She was upset by what had happened, and said the lobbyist apologized to her repeatedly afterwards, even though he had done nothing wrong.

Even as legislative leaders — including Rosenberg, as recently as Tuesday — have invited them to come forward, they choose to stay hidden. Like the women who have previously told their own stories of harassment on Beacon Hill, these men say they simply do not trust that the culture in Massachusetts politics will ever change enough to truly protect them from the potentially career-ending consequences of identifying themselves.

That same culture, they say, has protected Hefner for years. I'm hardly a star. What, are you kidding? I love your stuff. The first was the best. Where the girlfriend's cut open and dragged across the ceiling.

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Four men allege sexual misconduct by Senate president’s husband

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