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judge dredd gun scene meet

Buy Dredd: Read Movies & TV Reviews - artsocial.info Judge Dredd, the premier member of an elite police force, is the city's final hope. . the movie is spent on the inside of a vast urban city tower, running up and down corridors, shooting things and people up. I saw a lot of lost detail in especially darker scenes. Judge Dredd first started appearing in the British comics magazine A.D. in He and his boss are killed by a judge wearing Dredd's badge and using Dredd's gun. . someone to fight in the climax while Dredd is facing off against Rico. All comments must meet the community standards outlined in. Dredd is a action film based on the Judge Dredd comics series. Abnormal Ammo: The Lawgiver hand gun carried by the Judges fires several different types of ammo. For example not firing on the van in the opening scene until they run over an innocent, and Lampshaded when they finally meet face -to-face.

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Some Judge then approach Dredd and arrest him for murder. Fargo comes to see Dredd in his cell and asks him if he's guilty of the crime which Dredd denies. Fargo believes him and promises every resource to find the truth. Dredd asks Hershey to be his defence council at the tribunal. Hershey objects and insists the recording is of too low quality to be submitted as evidence which is sustained by Fargo. However, the prosecuting Judge then accesses the central computer bank which reveals that each bullet fired from a Lawgiver is coded with the firer's DNA.

Central confirms the bullets used to kill Hammond and his wife were a perfect match for Judge Joseph Dredd. The tribunal adjourns to confer. In private, Fargo expresses his disbelief to Judge Griffin that "both of them" were homicidal, referring to Dredd and Rico and worries that they won't be able to cover up whatever he's done wrong. Judge Griffin insists that they covered up the Janus project and that nobody will ever know Fargo was involved with it but Fargo has his reservations and worries it will destroy the government.

Griffin says the Fargo can go on his long walk and help save Dredd's life. Dredd is sentenced to death but Fargo resigns and asks that in accordance with custom the council follow his last order which is to be lenient with Dredd. Griffin then betrays Fargo to a degree and only reduced Dredd's sentence to life. Dredd is handcuffed while Judge Fargo is given a ceremonial send off for his long walk. Hershey then breaks in to Dredd's locker and finds a photo of Dredd as a baby and a photo or Dredd with Rico.

As the new chief justice Griffin walks into his office, he's confronted with Rico and his ABC warrior. It's now apparent that they've been in colusion with one another and Griffin says they had to kill Hammond as he had found out about the mysterious Janus project. Rico demands to know the location of the Janus project but Griffin says that first there must be chaos on the streets in order for the council to turn to him for order.

Rico agrees and sets about terrorizing Mega City. On the prison transport, Dredd coincidentally is stting next to Herman Ferguson who guesses his identity.

When one of the other prisoners overhears their conversation, he takes out a knife from his shoe and forces open his restraints and takes a stab at Dredd.

Meanwhile, we meet the Angel family who see the incoming transport ship. Pa angel tells his children to prepare for the harvest and one of them gets out a rocket launcher and shoots at the craft.

This causes an explosion on the ship and it crashes. Hershey asks her computer to analyse and identify the man in the picutre with Judge Dredd. However, her computer is terminated from the main system and her authority removed without explanation. Back in the desert, a search crew has located the downed shuttle but there are no signs of Dredd. Griffin orders the search crew to kill the only injured pilot. Dredd and Ferguson are then seen hanging from a rafter and approached by the Angel Family.

Pa Angel identifies him and introduces his family as Link, his eldest, Junior, his youngest, and Mean machine who's head dial he sets to 1.

Dredd - Three Gatling Guns vs Dredd.. No Problem - 2012 Dredd Gatling Gun Scene

Ferguson tries to gain the Angel family's trust by saying he's a believer. They cut him down before Dredd tells him that the family are known cannibals. Pa Angel then turns Mean Machine to 2 and tells him to kill Dredd but Dredd slips free of his restraints just in time to dodge his attack. A fight ensues which is only broken up by the search crew who try to kill Dredd but get killed themselves instead. As one of the search crew tries to shoot Dredd in the back, Fargo walks in and kills him first.

Fargo then gets stabbed through the abdomen by Mean Machine. Dredd uses Mean Machine's own power supply to electrocute him. Hershey and Cadet Olmeyer are then analysing the photos found in Dredd's locker. It turns out that the picture of Dredd as a baby with his parents is a fake. He deletes the fake background and the baby appears to be stting in a laboratory.

As Fargo lies on his death bed, he tells Dredd about the Janus project and how Dredd is a genetically modified clone of himself. He also tells him that his brother is Rico. Dredd then deduces that the DNA tag on the ammunition used to murder Hammond was infact Rico's as they're genetically identical and that Griffin is behind the enture plot.

Dredd vowes to find Rico. Griffin introduces Rico the Janus project and to Miss Hayden who apparently testified that Rico was insane in order to save his life. Rico asks how they plan to make more clones when the council has the Janus files locked. Griffin tells Rico to go out and make more chaos to carry out their plan.

Rico does so and begins killing large numbers of Judges in the city and even in chambers of justice.

Dredd and Ferguson recce the exterior of Mega City One and Dredd tell him that two refugees almost made it in through a vent to the city's incinerator between flame bursts6 years previously. Meanwhile, someone plants a bomb on Hershey's Lawmaster and she barely escapes alive. The council then deliberate the fact that they've lost 96 Judges and someone must know their security codes. Griffin offer Janus and accelerated growth technology as the solution to the lack of Judges and the council reluctantly agrees to unlock the files.

Dredd and Ferguson then attempt entry to Mega City One and just make it by shooting a floor panel that leads to another room. Rico escapes and Griffin shoots himself in the arm and blames Dredd for the murders of the council. They are persude by Judges but find the faulty Lawmaster from Dredd's lecture earlier.

After hitting it back into action, they escape by shooting a hole in the wall. A high speed chase ensues, with Dredd eventually escaping.

They go back to Dredd's apartment where Hershey is lying in wait. She asks Dredd to explain what was going on with Rico and he tells. Rico is then in the Janus lab and tells the computer to take a sample of his DNA to use a template for the new batch of clones. Ferguson tries to find the Janus project with his computer hacking skills to no luck. Dredd tells him to check the power grid files for power surges but Hershey noted that there was a power surge recently and one before when they moved the statue of liberty.

They deduce that this must be the location of Janus. Dredd, Hershey and Ferguson make their way into the statue of liberty but they're confronted by the ABC robot who shoots Ferguson and takes Hershey hostage.

Rico and Miss Hayden then appear and take Dredd into the lab. Inside, Rico shows Dredd his clones and tries to convince Dredd to join him.

judge dredd gun scene meet

However, Ferguson rewires and destroys the robot. Rico orders the computer to hatch the clones prematurely as he needs help. They appear as goo-covered pale humans without skin. A fight between Hershey and Hayden and Rico and Dredd ensues, culminating in the head of the statue of liberty.

When Rico tries to kill Dredd, he is out of lethal rounds in his Lawgiver. Dredd instead asks for signal flare from the pistol which distracts Rico long enough for him Dredd to throw him off the statue. Near the climax, Anderson reveals to Dredd that she knows she's failed her assessment due to losing her sidearm, an automatic disqualification, yet points out that until her assessment is officially over she has to fight alongside him.

This willingness to uphold the law despite gaining nothing from doing so is probably the reason Dredd gives her a passing grade. When they prepare for their first bust and Dredd asks if she's ready, Anderson says she is, and Dredd expresses his doubt.

When they're about to breach Ma-Ma's penthouse: Justified because the Lawgiver Pistol's special rounds like High Explosive and Incendiary are voice activated. Ma-Ma doesn't kill one of her lieutenants for getting her drug operation exposed, but only out of practical concerns, because Dredd has already killed too many of her soldiers by that point and she's short on manpower.

Judge Dredd's iconic "I am the law. Four judges do arrive as backup. Turns out they've been bribed to kill Dredd. Fortunately, Dredd and Anderson figure this out quickly. Also subverted earlier when two judges arrive at the building, but they decide to wait outside for a while when the Clan Techie convinces them that there's a technical malfunction with the blast doors.

They get sent off on their way when the other four arrive. A bunch of kids are seen playing on a skateboard ramp installed on a balcony of the Peach Tree Block, which is sealed off by the lockdown.

When trapped on the same floor by Gatling gun fire, Dredd blows a hole in the wall to escape to it. The Lawgiver guns are keyed to a specific ID as seen in the opening sequence when Dredd puts his gear on. Later in the film, when Kay tries to execute Anderson with her own weapon, the ID check fails, causing the gun to explode, destroying his hand and part of his lower arm.

Peach Trees is one for Mega City One. A hot bed of crime and poverty, it also serves as the center of Slo-Mo distribution and manufacture in the city. Ma-Ma was able to ruthlessly take over the block due to the low presence of Judges across Mega City One.

Peach Trees had not seen a judge for a long time until Anderson and Dredd showed up to investigate a trio of grisly murders meant to send a message to rival gangs. The very premise is trapping Dredd and the rookie he's saddled with in a high-rise building and forcing them to fight it out.

Initially played straight with Anderson, who's portrayed as caring considerably more about people than Dredd and then subverted over the course of the film, although she's still able to convince Dredd that letting Clan Techie go is the right thing to do. Every Judge is provided a very basic field medicine kit, which apparently contains just enough equipment quick clotting bio foam, sutures, and possibly morphine for patching holes.

Most of the movie's humor comes from Dredd himself, who reacts to every outrageous and terrifying thing with his trademark stoicism. The miniguns used by Ma-Ma chew through the entire side of the block they're fired at, and one lucky shot actually went clean through the reinforced blast doors at the back.

Dredd orders Anderson to take cover behind the elevator shaft because it offers the strongest protection, but even this gets chewed through by the barrage of fire. Later on, Dredd hides behind a brick wall but the corrupt Judge Elite Mook hunting him just fires straight through it with armor-piercing rounds, eventually nailing Dredd in the side.

The four Judges called in as backup for Ma-Ma get taken out in short order, two by Dredd and two by Anderson. Justified in that Anderson is psychic, and Dredd is way too experienced to fall for the ruse. We first see Ma-Ma in the tub, stoned on Slo-Mo, grooving to the splash patterns her hands are making in the water. When Ma-Ma is falling down at the end, she is shown passing the booth where Dredd made his "I am the law" speech as well as the floor wrecked by the minigun fire.

Of the film Judge Dredd into a more dark and gritty film. Like all orphans in Megacity One, Anderson is given a Judge Aptitude Test at age nine, though in her case she was rated unsuitable and only let in because of her abilities as a telepath. It's not stated why the Hall of Justice prefers orphans as Judges, but the job has an extremely High Turnover Rate and requires a ruthless detachment.

Anderson's family is shown to be a motivating factor for her decision to be a Judge — her introductory scene shows her holding a well-worn picture of her parents and smiling at the associated memories. Conveniently Timed Attack from Behind: Anderson when she rescues Dredd from Lex by firing a burst of automatic fire into Lex's back before he can finish off Dredd.

The Law Master motorcycles of the Judges. Not only is their design and coloration with the Judge symbol on it unique, they include other special features such as machine guns and voice activated features like "crowd control" with the bike warning bystanders away under penalty of law via a built in loudspeaker.

Unlike the Lawmasters in the Stallone version, the props were actually built realistically and actually worked properly.

See those blocks on the poster that're on fire? The movie takes exclusively inside only one of them and the threat is not city-wide. Mega-City One is, for lack of a better term, a shithole, located on the edge of the radioactive wasteland that covers most of North America.

That's not over the course of their first year, that's over the course of their first day. Crooks Are Better Armed: On the other, Ma-Ma's cartel is in possession of five or six Gatling guns that they pull out against Dredd at one point. Then there's the fact that the cartel is able to bring some crooked Judges onto the payroll. Cruel and Unusual Death: The three drug pushers in the beginning are skinned, dosed with Slo-Mo, then tossed off the top-floor balcony so they can experience every moment of their unavoidable deaths in agonizing detail.

Because of the sheer height of the building and the effects of the drug, from their point of view it took minutes to make the fall. Justified when the Lock Down is ended and the blast doors are opened at the end of the movie, letting in the outside light. So much that the cinematographer admitted to basing the film's look partly on Blade Runner. Exemplified in Dredd and Ma-Ma but evident across most of the characters; not surprising given that the majority of them are either professional highly-armed police officers or hardened highly-armed drug dealers.

Day in the Life: Dredd, despite being a non-stop action film, is actually like this. The creators chose to make it a "day in the life of Judge Dredd" type story as opposed to trying to adapt one or more of the big storylines of the comic where the entire city is in peril. This is most emphasized at the end after Dredd has killed hundreds of mooks, nearly died himself, and dismantled an entire drug network, he casually notes it down as a "drug bust".

Ma-Ma uses one linked to a bomb to try and protect herself. He's thinking of making a move for your gun. He just changed his mind. Death by Looking Up: An unfortunate beggar, sat beneath Peach Trees' blast doors, is crushed to death when Ma-Ma puts the block under lockdown. It's then subverted when Anderson unceremoniously kills her and moves on to kill the one that has cornered Dredd. If there was ever any doubt, Dredd later proves he has no problem killing women. Dredd drops the Big Bad out a window after issuing a death sentence.

Justified, in that she has a transmitter that will destroy the top fifty floors of the block and Dredd needed to make sure she was out of range when she died. A justified one appears when Kay starts his Battle in the Centre of the Mind. To begin with, he's as bloodied and beaten as he is in real life, yet when he realizes he can imagine whatever he wants, he's instantly spotless. Four Judges are called in by Ma-Ma when Dredd proves too formidable an opponent to take down on her own.

Dredd can do this even with his eyes obscured. Also check out the scene when the Clan Techie has trouble convincing the operator that they have an unscheduled war drill, with Ma-Ma hanging on his shoulder giving him a cold lizard stare.

Caleb is Ma-Ma's right hand man. Though he gets killed rather simply by Dredd about halfway through. Averted, although still worth noting because of how common they are in comic book movies, how judges wear helmets that conceal their face, and how the previous movie did it. Dredd never takes his mask off at all. The original intention was for this trope to be played straight, but Karl Urbanin keeping with the character, refused to take his helmet off.

Appropriately, Dredd fits this trope, at least within the Justice Department. The knowledge that Dredd is in Peach Trees is enough reason for Judge Lex to demand a million-credit bounty. That said, he's not as known and feared by the general populace as he is in the comics. In a broad sense in the film with the use of narcotics being illegal, but the spotlight is given to the new kid on the block, Slo-Mo.

Earn Your Happy Ending: Anderson, in a way. After getting disarmed, which Dredd told her earlier was an automatic fail, she gives him her badge and admits she's not cut out to be a judge.

After she leaves, Dredd, the most feared and badass judge in the entire city, tells the chief judge she has passed.

The Clan Techie sports them for working with computers; it's the result of Ma-Ma gouging his eyes out with her thumbs before the surgery. Basically the role of the four dirty Judges hired by Ma-Ma late in the film. Ma-Ma's gang consists of white people, black people, and Asians justified as the Ma-Ma clan has taken on the survivors of other clans they've defeated.

However, there is an odd lack of other women. The Clan Techie has cybernetic eyes he uses when he's working with computers. The area around them looks pretty badly irritated, and to make matters worse it's later shown that Ma-Ma gouged his eyes out with her thumbs before the surgery. As in the comics, Dredd's face is never seen with his helmet off. The back of his head is seen with the helmet off once as he is in the process of getting dressed for work.

Even then he is heavily silhouetted leaving the view obscured. A young rookie judge. Kay comments on her as being pretty as part of his attempt to intimidate her. Slo-Mo, which causes the user to experience time at a fraction of its normal speed. Mutants aren't normally allowed to become Judges, but Anderson's skills are too useful.

We see her disturbed by some anti-mutant graffiti in one scene, though the trope isn't really emphasised. There's a shot of Anderson bearing her midriff Fate Worse than Death: Dredd and Kay both say this will happen to Anderson if she's taken alive. Subverted when she is captured, but Ma-Ma forbids any torture or rape in order to successfully cover her death up as a drug bust gone bad. Dredd orders newbie Anderson to put a bullet through a disabled mook's head.

Dredd and Anderson develop into this over the course of the film. Ma-Ma has this done to the three drug dealers that Kay caught in the beginning of the film. Followed shortly after by Destination Defenestration. A crimelord called Ma-Ma ruling over a slum tower named Peach Trees. From Nobody to Nightmare: Ma-Ma was a petty prostitute getting abused by her Pimp, before she became the most violent and ruthless crime lord in Peach Trees.

The three gangs that dominated Peach Trees before the Ma-Ma Clan took over all had their own distinctive looks, including "The Judged" who tattooed their heads to look like judge helmets and wore improvised judge outfits.

More like Gatling Bad. Ma-Ma and her mooks attempt to take out Dredd and Anderson using mounted rotary cannons, which carve up the entire floor they're on. Dredd manages to escape by blowing a hole into a exterior wall nearby.

Dredd is not the standard run-and-gun action hero. He's perfectly capable of setting traps, using squad tactics, and taking third options. Minus the movie being a comic property, the action scenes seem to resemble the gory 80's action movies.

judge dredd gun scene meet

Many of the gory parts of the film are rendered in high detail with a few using slow motion. Ma-Ma reportedly bit her pimp's penis offat the start of her rise from a prostitute to a drug lord. When Anderson ventures into Kay's mind, he imagines that she's performing fellatio on him, which she changes into Ma-Ma biting his penis off.

Justified; the two people talking are behind cover and maneuvering for a shot at each other, while a third gunman who isn't talking is working his way around Dredd's flank while his partner is holding Dredd's attention.

judge dredd gun scene meet

A man wearing headphones is run over by the robbers because he didn't hear Dredd's siren. When Peachtrees is put into Lock Downa child doesn't notice because he's wearing some kind of virtual gaming helmet.

He Knows Too Much: The main plot is kicked off when Kay is arrested by Dredd and Anderson, since his position in Ma-Ma's gang makes him privy to information that could unravel their entire operation. Judge uniforms consist of leather-looking jackets. Justified in that they patrol on bikes and the sturdiness of leather would be good backing for even ballistic armour. Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Notably averted by Dredd who keeps his helmet on for the entire film apart from the Lock and Load Montage in his first scene.

Played straight with Anderson who wears one while riding her Lawmaster but otherwise doesn't wear the helmet because it interferes with her telepathic powers. Even when Dredd notes that a bullet to the head would interfere with them more. Anderson displays this when she and Dredd encounter the Clan Techie, and Anderson, reading his mind, sees how badly abused he's been by Ma-Ma, and lets him go.

Dredd reminds her that letting a perp go is both a fail in terms of her assessment, and a felony. She in turn observes that she's already failed, because she let herself be relieved of her primary weapon, but as long as the assessment is still under way, she has the right to dispense justice as she sees fit. As such, she's determined that the Techie is a victim, not a perp, and she intends to finish the job she and Dredd started, even though she knows that her chances of ever being a Judge are now zero.

From the expression on what we can see of Dredd's face, this would seem to be the moment when he decides that she has, in fact, passed; they just had to execute four Judges for corruption, so a Judge willing to show mercy to the innocent and punish the guilty without hope of personal gain is indispensable. Kay is ordered to shoot Anderson, so he decides to do it with her own Lawgiver.

As Lawgivers are designed to prevent strangers from using themthis goes poorly. For him resulting in part his lower arm and all of his hand being blown off. Ma-Ma's plan to bring in outside help in the form of corrupt Judges to kill Dredd and Anderson ultimately only serves to provide them with more ammo. The entire plot of the movie is kicked off by Kay trying to score points with Ma-Ma by suggesting that she might want to make an example of the three rival drug dealers.

He could have just killed them himself and disposed of the bodies without drawing the attention of the Judges. Averted for the most part by Clan Techie. Gaining control of the building involves a team of gunmen storming the operations room and monkeying with the hardware, and then Techie has to make a number of high-pressure social engineering phone calls to convince other controllers in Mega City One that the lockdown of the building is warranted.

A Freeze-Frame Bonus also shows him using NMapa genuine network scanner frequently used in computer security circles. Whenever he's hacking something, you can see he's actually using bash instead of going through the usual graphical eye-candy associated with the trope. Consistently defied with Dredd. Once you've been sentenced, you have a choice between surrender for standard punishment or resist for summary execution. Or, if you're already sentenced to death, you can choose how quick it will be.

The one thug left standing after the opening car chase takes a hostage and tries to negotiate with Dredd. Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Downplayed with Dredd and Anderson, but in certain shots it is clear he is at least half a foot taller than she is. In real life, Karl Urban is 6'1" to Olivia Thirlby's 5'4". I Am the Noun: Mobilize all your heavily-armed thugs, level the apartment with your giant mounted minigunscall in your cavalry.

It won't make a difference. Dredd will walk through that Hell and bring you to justice without even moving above a run. Lawgivers, the standard sidearm of a Judge. Looks like a Hand Cannonsounds like the God slamming his car doorand fires an assortment of ammunition for a variety of devastating effects. Usually employed against mooks as per standard action movie rules, but memorably Averted twice: An early gunfight leaves a wounded survivor.

Since he attacked a judge, Dredd demands that Anderson executes him. Turns out he was the husband of the woman they ask for refuge later. At the very end Ma-Ma's fancy dead man switch linked to her heartbeat fails because the bullet doesn't kill her. Dredd becomes suspicious of the corrupt Judges when he runs into one who claims to be Dredd and Anderson's backup, yet doesn't ask about Anderson's status.

Dredd, when cornered by two juves, gives them the option of a body bag or the juve cubes. When they attack him, he uses stun rounds on them. In the aftermath of the rotary cannons, a lone child is seen crawling from the rubble caused from the destruction of several layers of concrete, since he was lucky enough to be just short enough that most of the fire was above his head.

Also subverted during the minigun scene, where a family including two kids that tries to hide behind a table in their apartment tragically find out that a door, concrete walls, and a flimsy wooden table won't stop high-caliber bullets.

The corrupt Judge Lex's name means "law". Anderson has a hard time putting down a wounded perp, but does so on Dredd's orders. She's a lot quicker on the trigger after that, to the point where later in the movie she coldly shoots a disabled mook in the back as she walks over his body. Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: Dredd attempts to beat the information he needs out of Kay partly because he is royally pissed at Ma-Ma's recent massacre.

Anderson stops him, since she can get better results with her Psychic Powers. After getting shot in the abdomen, Dredd stalls a corrupt Judge just long enough for Anderson to come to his rescue.

Dredd gives Ma-Ma a taste of her own "medicine", giving the same treatment that she gave to competitors in the beginning of the film: He gives her a dose of Slo-Mo before tossing her out a window, similar to how she dosed the three competing drug dealers before throwing their skinned alive bodies off the balcony.

At the start of the movie, Dredd uses a Hot-Shot round to kill a perp, frying the guy's skull from the inside and leaving no blood spatter on the hostage. Later, in Peach Trees, Dredd uses an Incendiary round to torch a group of thugs who've converged on what they think is his current position. Attempted murder of a Judge carries the death penalty. Judges can carry out sentencing for crimes on the spot. This confers upon Judges the right to execute almost anyone who participated in a shootout against them.

Even if the perp is wounded and helpless. Dredd manages to turn this into a Badass Boast. Do you require backup? Dredd and Anderson both get one just before they storm Ma-Ma's final strong point. Near the final confrontation, Anderson notes that although she can technically no longer succeed in the test due to losing her weapon, she's still considered a judge until the evaluation is over.

This means she has the power to render judgement as she sees fit, including pardoning the Clan Techie with no other evidence of his innocence than her visions. The Lawgivers have biometric locks that limit them to a specific Judge. Kay learns this the hard way.

A lot of blood and body parts go all over the place through out the film. Make It Look Like an Accident: Ma-Ma orders her mooks to make it look like the Judges walked in on a gang turf war and were shot in the cross fire.

In this Crapsack Worldit would count as an 'accidental' death. Averted both in the film and on the poster. Dredd is only seen without his helmet briefly at the beginning, his back to to the camera in a darkened room. The first two, he looks at her sceptically or adds that she doesn't look ready. Third time, after she's gained his respect, he amends the statement.

A psychic who just happens to be named Cassandra. However, this is more of a reference than anything else, as Dredd shows plenty of trust in her abilities. When Kay has Anderson captured and at his mercy, he claims that shooting her is this. As he says, she's "not cut out for this; if it didn't happen today it would be tomorrow, or a week from now" and that being shot by him is merciful compared to what someone else might do.

It ends up being subverted a few moments later, however, when he stupidly tries to shoot her with her own gun, which self-destructs because of the Lawgiver's biometric scanner. Taken to its most literal extreme with Judge Anderson and Kay. Since her abilities are always on, he tries to get to her by imagining himself actually raping her. She smacks him with her gun to make him knock it off. Later, during their Battle in the Center of the Mindhe tries it again. This time, however, Anderson is ready and changes the experience somewhat.

Minor Crime Reveals Major Plot: A triple homicide reveals a massive drug operation headquartered in Peach Trees. The baddies jamming communication between Dredd and Mission Control is a key plot point. Ma-Ma takes this approach when she decides to get Gatling Good. Averted with the lawgivers. Automatic fire is an option on them, but Dredd and Anderson never resort to firing more than short bursts. A result of the atomic wars that occurred in the backstory. Some are stated to have no arms, three arms, etc.

Anti-mutant graffiti can be seen in the Peach Trees block.