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As a method to replace the indirect calorimetry in measuring a RMR, there is a method using a formula to estimate a RMR. That is, a person's anthropometric measurements including weight, height and gender are substituted in the formula to calculate a RMR. Dietary Reference Intakes for Koreans [ 12 ], however, recommended that weight, height and physical activity be substituted in the formula proposed Institute of Medicine of the National Academies IMNA, to calculate estimated energy requirement EER [ 13 ].

Therefore, this study was intended to assess RMRs of police officers doing shift work and use various statistical methods to evaluate the precision of representative RMR estimation formulas mostly used in clinical fields among RMR estimation formulas developed so far.

Additionally, in this study, this researcher used the physical activity level of police officers doing shift work, which was shown earlier, to calculate daily energy expenditures by type of work and compare the calculated results using the formulas for EER proposed by Dietary References Intakes for Koreans.

Materials and Methods Subjects The subjects were 28 police officers aged 25 to 46 doing shift work in Youngdong province Samcheok, Donghae, Gangneung, and Sokcho. Also, they had no specific diseases and have never taken any medicines or hormone drugs affecting energy expenditure. The subjects had fully understood the test of this study and had given written consent before their RMRs were measured, and then had voluntarily participated into the test.

During the study period, they had maintained the similar life styles and working environment as in ordinary times. In particular, the meeting about the research and operation had regularly been held to check that human rights and privacy of the subjects had safely been protected in this study process. Anthropometrics With the use of Inbody Biospace Co.

Evaluation of the food safety training for food handlers in restaurant operations

Based on the measured weight and height of each subject, body mass index BMIobesity index, fat free mass, and body surface area BSA: In order to minimize a measurement error, the temperature and humidity of a measurement room remained unchanged constantly, and the measurement was performed in a quite circumstance. Prior to the measurement, subjects were forced to abstain from food for more than 14 hours and avoid doing exercises for 24 hours. After lying on their back for more than 30 minutes to keep their composure, subjects put on a canopy and breathed for more than 15 minutes in a peaceful condition.

During the time, their oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production were measured at an interval of 10 seconds Based on all the measured values of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production except for the values measured for the early 5 minutes of the measurement, oxygen consumption's average value and carbon dioxide production's were calculated.

And then, respiratory quotient RQ was calculated with the average values. The calculated result was substituted in Weir formula to calculate a RMR [ 15 ]. Food intakes Food record method was used for exploring how much food each subject takes for one day of day shift work, one day of night shift work, and one day of holiday shift work.

Regarding food intake record, a trained interviewer fully explained a way of recording their food intake. When subjects brought their record to a surveyor, they had a person-to-person interview with the surveyor to correct and add something omitted.

When selecting restaurants, customers increasingly perceive the hygiene and price as the critical determinant. Similar to customers, the owners of restaurants also pointed out that, in selecting the strategic plans for surviving the competitive markets, food quality and hygiene have been regarded as the top priority [ 5 ].

In fact, according to the Korean Food and Drug Administration infoodborne disease outbreaks with 9, patients were reported, of which approximately In particular, outbreaks in the foodservice sector reached commercial foodservice settings and 93 institutional foodservice operations [ 6 ]. Now that these food safety problems in the foodservice operation sectors can lead to detrimental results on the customers' health as well as enormous economic loss when improperly managed, sanitation matters have received continuous attention and now require high standards for improvement.

The previous studies pointed out that the factors most commonly associated with foodborne illness outbreaks include food purchases from unsafe sources; inadequate cooking or reheating; holding at room temperature in advance service; cross-contamination from other foods or food contact surfaces; poor personal hygiene; or improper food handling practices [ 7 - 8 ].

In the case of microbial substances, time and temperature control and prevention of cross-contamination could be effective methods for the prevention of foodborne illness. Therefore the reinforcement of safety education for food handlers and manager in foodservice establishments is on the rise. Studies for testing the effectiveness of hygiene education pointed out that hygiene knowledge education alone was not sufficient to improve the hygiene attitude and practices of foodservice worker [ 11 - 12 ] and a discrepancy between hygiene attitudes and practices existed [ 13 ].

For inducing foodservice workers to positive changes in hygiene attitude and behavior through the safety training, hands-on training materials should be equipped and the training program should be angled towards worker viewers with various activities.

A design for planning, implementing, and evaluating a safety training program appropriate for employees' characteristics in the organization is necessary.

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On these points, this paper proposed the sanitation education plans with demonstration techniques and hands-on activities e. Specifically, the purposes of the study were as follows: Employee knowledge and practice for food safety were evaluated before and after a food safety training program, and [ 2 ] the relationships among food safety knowledge, food safety practice, and food safety scores were determined. For this we set the hypothesis as follows: Employee received the sanitation training will have a more knowledge on food safety than no-trained group.

Employees' hygiene practices will be increased more after training than no-trained group.

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Sanitation management performances in restaurants which employees received sanitation trainings will be improved. There will be positive correlations among employees' sanitation knowledge and practices, and sanitation performance score of restaurant.

Materials and Methods Research design and samples Research design was the nonequivalent pretest and posttest control group method [ 14 ].