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Album · · 17 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free. Leningrad Cowboys go America is a album by the Finnish band Leningrad Cowboys and also the soundtrack of the film of the same name directed by Aki. "Thru the Wire" (from Leningrad Cowboys Go America, ), S. Seppälä/P. .. Frederik version of the song is used as ring entry theme by Russian boxer Denis .

Worth a watch, of course, and entertaining enough but not as standout as so many others in this set. Together they falteringly set up a home together after an awkward start. All is well until the husband loses his job, and discovers he has a medical condition making it impossible to get another driving job. This is swiftly followed by a redundancy from the restaurant where she works, bought up by developers who have other ideas for it.

Having just bought a brand new television on HP, the couple now face hardship and need to find jobs. When she meets her old boss, she agrees to fund a new venture with all the old staff from her previous restaurant — including a psychopathic cook who, despite being an alcoholic, may be the best cook in Helsinki.

Her husband also throws himself into the enterprise. The film ends on a wonderfully optimistic note with an incredibly successful opening week. Another wonderful film and seen as the first part of the Finland trilogy.

It looks like the Uncle may have been poisoning his Father, as well as courting his mother, in order to get his ill-gotten gains.

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Like all bohemians, theirs is a constant battle to survive, living in near squalor and never being sure where the next meal or the rent money may come from. When two of the three get girlfriends, they start to see their own world through their partners eyes.

Nancy Sinatra was encouraged by Lee Hazlewood to sing the song as if she were a girl who fucks truck drivers. Sinatras recording of the song was made with the help of Los Angeles session musicians known as the Wrecking Crew, according to Carol Kaye, Arranger Billy Strange believed in using the two basses together.

Producer Lee Hazlewood asked Chuck to put a run on the front of the tune. Chuck complied by playing notes about three tones apart, but Lee stopped the take, No Chuck, make your sliding notes closer together, and that is what you hear. According to Al Casey, Well, Lee and I had been friends forever, and he said, Ive got this song Im working on, and he showed me, because theres a little bit more than banging on an E-chord, which is what most people do.

Theres more to it than that and he said, I want you to do this on the song, and he sang the song and played the rhythm guitar lick, and I went Oh, thats cute. Little suspecting it was gonna be huge, Nancy Sinatra would later record one of Don Laniers songs on her album Nancy. Nick Bonney was the guitarist for the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, in late Februarythe song topped the Billboard Hot chart, a move it replicated in similar charts across the world.

When the single was first released, some thought it had to do with the strike in New York. In the same year, Sinatra recorded a film, which would later be known as the music video.

It was produced by Color-Sonics, and played on Scopitone video jukeboxes, infor the songs twentieth anniversary, cable station VH1 played the video.

InPitchfork Media selected it as the th best song of the s, critic Tom Breihan described the song as maybe the finest bitchy kiss-off in pop history. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company used portions of the song for its s ad campaign promoting its wide boots tires, Nancy Sinatra unsuccessfully sued Goodyear for using the song, claiming that it had violated her publicity rights 7.

American Woman — American Woman is a song released by the Canadian rock band The Guess Who in Januaryfrom their sixth studio album of the same name. It was later released in March as a single backed with No Sugar Tonight, Billboard magazine placed the single at number three on the Year-End Hot singles of list. The songs origins took the form of a jam that emerged during a curling rink concert in Southern Ontario.

When Bachman broke a string he unknowingly played the riff to American Woman when tuning the replacement string and he played it louder and Cummings improvised the lyrics to fit what Bachman was playing. They liked what they had played and noticed a kid with a cassette recorder making a bootleg recording, the subsequent studio recording features the original almost completely unchanged, only a few lines were added. We were back in Canada, playing in the safety of Canada where the dance is full of draft dodgers whove all left the States, Cummings insists it has nothing to do with American pride.

What was on my mind was that girls in the States seemed to get older quicker than our girls, Cummings told the Toronto Star in When I said American woman, stay away from me, I really meant Canadian woman and it was all a happy accident.

The songs lyrics have been the matter of debate, often interpreted as an attack on U. Jim Kale, the groups bassist and the songs co-author, explained his take on the lyrics, The popular misconception was that it was a chauvinistic tune, which was anything but the case. After that one particularly grinding tour, it was just a treat to go home.

Also, the war was going on, and that was terribly unpopular and we didnt have a draft system in Canada, and we were grateful for that. A lot of people called it anti-American, but it wasnt really, john Lennon once said that the meanings of all songs come after they are recorded. Someone else has to interpret them, American Woman has been covered by a number of artists.

InSwiss hard rock band Krokus included a cover on their album One Vice at a Time, butthole Surfers created a drum-heavy experimental version for their album Rembrandt Pussyhorse 8.

Bad was released by Epic Records on September 7, as the single from Jacksons third major-label.

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The song was written and composed by Jackson and co-produced by Quincy Jones, Jackson stated that the song was influenced by a real-life story he had read about. Bad was well received by music critics, with some critics noting that Bad helped Jacksons image become edgier during the Bad-era.

The song also peaked at one on the Netherlands and European charts. The video portrays Michael Jackson and various backup dancers shown performing choreography in a subway station. Bad has been covered and parodied by many different artists since its release and has become a song used frequently in tributes to Jackson after his death in Junethe song is featured in the animated film Megamind.

It is also featured in the first theatrical trailer for the animated film The Angry Birds Movie, Jackson plays a teenager named Darryl, who has just completed a term at an expensive private school. He returns to the city and takes the back to his neglected neighborhood. Darryl finds his home is empty where he is greeted by his old friends, the leader of the group is Mini Max. At first, relations are friendly but slightly awkward, then, the situation begins deteriorate as the gang starts to realize how much Darryl has changed.

They especially notice how uncomfortable he has become with their criminal activities, Darryl takes the gang to the subway station In an attempt to show his friends he is still bad by robbing an elderly man. He has a change of heart at the last minute and Mini Max chastises him telling Darryl hes no longer bad, after more disrespect from Mini Max, the video cuts to Darryl and a group of street kids dancing while Jackson sings Bad.

Darryl insists that Max is headed for a fall which is nearly Darryls undoing, eventually, Mini Max accepts that and after a final handshake, leaves Darryl in peace. At the end of the video Darryl is left alone watching his gang leave, Bad is a song that was written and recorded by Michael Jackson in January for his seventh studio album of the same name and produced by Quincy Jones.

Bad was originally intended to be a duet between Jackson and musician Prince, although the plans were not fruitful, in Jacksons autobiography Moonwalk, Jackson discussed the concept of Bad, elaborating that, Bad is a song about the street. Its about this kid from a bad neighborhood who gets to go away to a private school and he comes back to the old neighborhood when hes on a break from school and the kids from the neighborhood start giving him trouble.

He sings, Im bad, youre bad, whos bad, hes saying when youre strong and good, then youre bad 9. It was included on the Revolver album and issued as a single, the single went to number one on every major British chart, remained at number one for four weeks, and charted for 13 weeks. It won an Ivor Novello Award for the highest certified sales of any single issued in the UK inin the US, the song peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot chart and became the most successful Beatles song to feature Starr as lead vocalist.

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It became the song of the animated United Artists film, also called Yellow Submarine. Although intended as a song for children, Yellow Submarine received various social and political interpretations at the time. McCartney was living in Jane Ashers parents house when he found the inspiration for the song and it was pretty much my song as I recall.

To me parts of the movie were weird scenes happening one after another. Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses begins five years after first movie.

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Band had became successful in Mexico but ruined their lives with tequila. Their old manager has seen vision and started to call himself Moses. He sends surviving band members back home. On their way they meet new band members.

In first movie band had unified look. In second movie there is Mexican section and new band members. Both dress differently to each others and first movie's band's look.

Leningrad Cowboys Go America is good movie which charming band. Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses loses some of the charm. Song selection plays big part. Second movie doesn't have same hopeful feeling first has.