Meet asian music award 2009 winners

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meet asian music award 2009 winners

The Asian Meeting Festival (AMF) was started by Otomo Yoshihide in . large-scale international festivals and award winning art works. Yii was the festival director of Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival "Life As Is " - Winner of the Global Music Award - Outstanding Album Award. - Arts Tour - Global Connections grant from the Meet The Composer Inc. in New York. - USArtists Chinese Heritage Foundation Grant. - Cultural. Woonjung Sim, the winner of World Music Award () and Experimental Spirit Award () of the 21st Century Korean Music Project.

She deserves the apology more than anyone. Thank you [Twitter co-founders] Biz Stone and Evan Williams for creating a platform where we can communicate directly. And [she] rode the wave and rode it and rode it.

meet asian music award 2009 winners

Swift has immortalised the VMAs moment In embroidery, of course. A revelatory Rolling Stone interview reveals: Above the fireplace, which is emblazoned with a small heart, there's even a photo of the moment Kanye stormed her VMA stage captioned, "Life is full of little interruptions," a phrase that's also in the liner notes of her last albumright next to what is presumably the actual award in question under glass.

West has no regrets "I don't have one regret" he said when asked by the New York Times about the incident. But then West releases a new song, called Famous, which contentiously contains the lyric: I made that b famous". West says that Swift found the lyrics amusing after the pair had an hour-long conversation ahead of the song's release.

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Swift's team vehemently denies this, but says that West did ask Swift to promote his new single. Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, 'I made that b famous'," the statement said.

meet asian music award 2009 winners

On the same day that photographs emerge of Swift and British actor Tom Hiddleston cuddling up on the rocks outside her Rhode Island home, an interview with Kardashian is published on GQ.

In it, she discloses that Swift "totally approved [West's song Famous]". I swear, my husband gets so much s for things [when] he really was doing proper protocol and even called to get it approved. With DoraVideo, Ichiraku is well received in rock music, jazz, media art, film and art festivals worldwide.

Inhe was nominated by the digital music department where he won the Honorary Mention in Ars Electronica. In the field of new media art, Ichiraku's works sometimes incorporate common, coarse, and even vulgar entertainment. Later on, he was inspired by a noise performance his band shared the bill with and started to perform with the CDJ. In parallel to actively performing solo, he formed the Denshi-Takujo Ongakudan in and Deshi-Takuan in Sincehe has been responsible for music venue Fuji in Omuta, and has hosted countless artists domestically and internationally.

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His composition methodology consists of allowing the circuitry of the synthesizer and the circuit board of a rhythm box short circuit in real time, a technique that views circuit bending as a metaphor of a prepared piano. Sincehe joined the band Goat as drummer and percussionist. His solo project under his own name is minimal electronic music made with analog synthesizers.

While Yoshimi is known as a drummer, she is a multi instrumentalist who also plays guitar, keyboard, trumpet, and using her own voice. She is also the leader of the experimental band OOIOO, a member of Free Kitten with Kim Gordon ex-Sonic Youthand her latest band called Saicobab - a spiraling grind raga core band that uses electronics mixed with an ancient numerological music method. Yoshimi has contributed to innumerable session works and participated in many musical adventures outside of her usual projects.

Yoshimi is truly a multi-disciplinary artist. With her creative work in music at the base, she projects authenticity in her entire vision. Whether she is projecting her voice, channeling the characteristic vibrations of an instrument, or designing clothing, Yoshimi propels a primeval expression with vivid color cohabiting space between many dimensions without force, to create a devotedly multidimensional sensitivity to forge a non-discriminate expression, harnessing the inherent force propelling from herself and the mediums she uses to create.

She was born in Shiga and now based in Kyoto. At the age of five she started learning the piano, painting and ceramic art. As a result, her productions, performances and any other of creations show a high level of originality.

meet asian music award 2009 winners

After university he moved to Koriyama Fukushima and formed the band Redd Temple. He was fascinated by the encounters with a variety of music and people and that eventually led to him developing his own style of playing the guitar and viola, both in improvisation and in his band.

He currently plays in ReddTemple, lasnotrikalkulo, jamps and spinks. After editing zines, he aspired to become a poet but abandoned that dream soon after. He moved to Sendai in and started his activities in music.

2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards

He formed his group Yumbo in Yumbo has released four albums with all songs written and composed by Shibuya. Other than Yumbo and playing solo, Shibuya has played in MaherShalal Hash Baz, and has collaborated with Tenniscoats and Hiromichi Hosoma kaerumoku in live performances.

In they released their first album from P-Vine, which was critically acclaimed for their rock, hardcore, and garage rock sensibility. He has also released three albums from his site as "salmon cooks U-zhaan. Inhe published Mumbai Now, which is a collection of his tweet during his stay in India in and it became a best seller. InMumbai Now 2 was published. Yuji Katsui Saturday, Sep 23 Sapporo Art Park, Large Practice Room Yuji Katsui is recognized as a pioneer for pushing the boundaries and exploring new possibilities of the electric violin through various bands and projects such as: After returning to Japan, he organized one of the first rave parties in Japan called Water.

With a unique style of dance music played by a band, ROVO lead the alternative music and outdoor festival scene in Japan that developed during the late 's. After collaborating with Juana Molina and Fernando Kabusacki inhe has continued to have active exchange with the new music coming out of Argentina. Since aroundhe developed a unique style of improvising by incorporating small objects such as empty cans, Styrofoam, scrap wood, and toys.


When he was invited by Nicolai Dmitriev to play in Russia he recieved high praise, which later lead to playing in festivals in Russia, Germany, Finland, and Lithuania. While based in Sapporo he is active playing in other regions in Japan collaborating with local and international artists.

meet asian music award 2009 winners

Sincehe has been exploring the endless and spiritual possibilities in playing completely improvised duo sets with artist such as Koichi Makigami voiceLiudus Mockunas reedsTomo Yamaguchi percussionand Hugues Vincent cello.

Recently he has toured and recorded in France, Switzerland, and Germany and also has revisited Vilnius, Lithania to collaborate with local musicians. She studied classical piano from the age of three, and began playing the saxophone as her main instrument at age Since then, she has been learning music in streets from the underground musicians themselves, attending concerts, rehearsals, recording and mastering sessions, and seeing the mechanics of making music first hand.

She has been working on sax solo project, released solo album Lotus from her own label, and toured Canada in She moved back to Japan in December He has been a central member of many groups from the Tokyo psychedelic underground from the early eighties. In recent years he has played under the name Anoyondekigoto, frequently a duo unit with his partner, the dancer Yoko Muronoi.

When ‘Old’ East Asian musical instruments meet ‘New’ Western technology - curious arts

They create uniquely distorted rhythms by feeding-back the internal mixer of a classic drum machine and utilises noise and glitches created by directly touching cables. While reflecting on their influences from noise and techno, they also find joy in the unpredictability of feedback and the oddities, harshness, and sometimes humor it creates by chance. As their name suggest, they are moist Shimetteiru. She is cm tall.

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She joined BiS inbut after their breakup in she went independent. She has been described as a multifaceted avant-garde artist who embodies the indie spirit of Japan that has developed since the 90's.

Her works freely moves between mainstream and underground, morning to midnight, appearing on TV shows, playing pop to industrial, and presenting no limits to what she can do. In Augustshe release dher first digital single Hokago Sympathy. In Decembershe released her first mini album Kogyoseihin.

meet asian music award 2009 winners

Her versatile musical talent deserves notice.