Meet dave dvd date

Meet Dave DVD Release Date November 25,

meet dave dvd date

Meet Dave () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Release Dates ( 47); Also Known As (AKA) (25) Sweden, 31 December , (DVD premiere). Meet Dave Blu-ray (): Starring Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks and Blu-ray Movies 4K 3D DVD UV MA iTunes AIV Games People Forum. ×. ▽ . For more about Meet Dave and the Meet Dave Blu-ray release, see Meet. Meet Dave Trailer: Meet Dave movie trailer - starring Eddie Murphy, Gabrielle Union, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation | Release Date: July 11,

Some movies demand flow charts.

Meet Dave DVD

Are you under the age of 11 and instantly amused by the notion of a spaceship that looks like Eddie Murphy, captained by a tiny Eddie Murphy and a crew of Spandex-clad explorers?

If you answered "yes," proceed to Meet Dave.

meet dave dvd date

And if you're amused by the notion of a character called "Lieutenant Buttocks," don't waste any time reading the rest of this review. If you answered "no," you're likely to spend much of the film silently asking questions. Why, for instance, would humanoid aliens whose culture has so much in common with Earth's spend so much time baffled by what they encounter?

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Members of Murphy's miniscule crew smile at each other, but seem baffled when humans bare their teeth to greet the giant, Murphy-shaped ship. A spacecraft is sent to find out what has become of the sphere — that's Eddie there as the spaceship, which is conveniently human sized.

meet dave dvd date

That's also Eddie piloting the ship — he and his crew are just a couple inches tall, and don't get out much. The ship soon finds its his way to the home of fishbowl boy Austin Myers and his single mom Elizabeth Banks and introduces itself as Dave Ming Cheng. Meantime young Josh loses the sphere to his nemesis at school and Dave is in a race against time to locate it and get on with his mission. The only problem is that, if he succeeds, it would be the end of our planet as we know it.

The second number places this image along the full range of DVD and Blu-ray discs. Despite exceedingly high bit rates in the upper 30s, the image is only pretty good: A fine fuzz pervades - not that this material screams out for better resolution. I assume this all has to do with the way the movie was photographed and processed.

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She first cooperates in the command change but later agrees with the Captain's view on humans. Both are caught by Number 2 and they are expelled from the spaceship. In the meantime, Number 17 Kevin Harta young, fun-loving alien, jumps out of the "ship" while drunk from the alcohol Dave has imbibed. The Captain apologizes to Number 3 for ignoring her. He admits that he too loves her and wants to be with her.

Back at the police station, Dooley discovers Number 17 in his coffee and interrogates him to find out where Dave is going. Number 2 takes Dave to the harbor, where he tries to throw the metal orb into the ocean, but is stopped by the Captain and Number 3, both of whom managed to gain reentry back onto the ship. They convince the rest of the crew that the real Captain is in charge again. Reinstated, he orders Number 2 to be stuck in the ship's "butt" forever.

The metal orb meanwhile slips out of Dave's hand and rolls into the ocean. The Captain attempts to retrieve the orb but is told that they only have enough power to either retrieve it or return home.

The Captain decides to save the Earth and the rest of the crew agrees.

meet dave dvd date

The ball, thrown in the ocean by Number 2, is retrieved. Dave powers down while Dooley and his partner catch up and point their guns at him. With no power, Dave's shields are disabled, leaving the crew defenseless. Josh tries to tell the police officers that Dave is harmless but is ignored. He then grabs Dooley's taser which he uses on Dave, recharging him.

The Captain and Number 3 reveal themselves to the police officers who stand down. The Captain says goodbye to Josh and Gina saying he now understands love. Number 17 is then returned to Dave by Dooley.

meet dave dvd date

About to fly away, a team from the FBI arrives and throws a net over Dave. While the FBI agents wrestle the body down, "Dave's" crew evacuates to one of the ship's "lifeboat" shoes, activate the engines, detaches the shoe and heads home to Nil, leaving behind both the ship and Number 2. While in the lifeboat, the Captain asks for Number 3's hand in marriage.

meet dave dvd date