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meet me in st lewis characters

Meet Me in St. Louis () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Inexact title. See the list below. We don't have an article named Characters/ MeetMeInStLouis, exactly. We do have:Film/Meet Me In St LouisFunny/Meet Me In . In a cast that includes Mary Astor as Ames' wife, Lucille Bremer as another As a bonus, Meet Me in St. Louis is lensed in rich Technicolor, shown to Cast. Judy Garland as Esther Smith. Margaret O'Brien as Tootie Smith . Louis! Agnes Smith : [singing] Meet Me in St. Louis! Louis! Grandpa Prophater.

She wears the same costume in the first two acts and one of her "best" dresses for Act Three. He is a spry old gent in his seventies, with a neat white beard and mustache. The children adore him and never tire of hearing his "tales. Katie is ageless; she might be anywhere from forty-five to sixty--you can't tell. She is good-humored, generous loving--and Irish. Her brogue is slight but musical. Through out the play she wears a neat house-dress with a voluminou apron over it.

She is a fussy, irate, middle-aged woman who dresses severely and primly. Ida is eighteen, a sweet, rather shy girl, and very much in love with Lon.

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She wears the same costume in Acts One and Two and an extra-pretty dress in the third act. He is slightly older than Rose a nice strapping fellow, sincere and friendly.

meet me in st lewis characters

On his first appearance he is somewhat disheveled. He is dressed for a "special" occasion in the last act and wears the same suit in the first two act. Fred is a good-looking, well-mannered boy of Esther's age. He is very smitten with Essther, and she is with him.

Meet Me in St. Louis

He, too, is dressed for a "special" occasion in Act Three and wears an everyday suit in Acts One and Two. She is eighteen, a very pretty but decidedly affected girl from the East. Her manner in front of the boys is arch and coy. Her clothes are very expensive and the very latest in fashion.

She may change for each act.

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He is a harrassed-looking business man, a few years older than Mr. His speech is clipped and brusque he is all business. He wears a business suit throughout the play.

Dodge's shadow, a meek little "yes" man. He is somewhat younger than Mr. Smith "You'll Hear a Bell". Dinner is approaching, and by now everyone in the family knows about Warren's telephone call except for Mr. When he joins the family at the dinner table, everyone gulps down their food so they can leave before Warren calls. Unfortunately, they are not fast enough, and the telephone rings. Smith answers, but is confused when the operators tell him that someone is calling from New York.

He hangs up, and Esther accidentally tells him everything out of anger. He soon figures out that he was the only one who didn't know about the call, and tries to put his foot down, but when the phone rings again he tells Rose to answer it. Her phone call turns out to be less than successful, because he was only calling to ask how she was, and he said if his parents knew he was calling, they would kill him.

Katie tries to lighten the mood "Meet Me in St. A few months later, we are at Lon's going-away party, right before he leaves for Princeton. Warren tries to apologize to Rose, but she refuses to accept "Raving Beauty". At the party, Esther is formally introduced to John Truitt, pretending not to know who he is. She takes his hat and hides it in the piano. Agnes and Tootie have crept to the landing to see what was going on, and after being caught, perform a dance they do with Esther "Under the Bamboo Tree".

Afterwards the guests leave, but Esther asks John if he would like to come with them to the Fairgrounds on Friday. He agrees, and then she asks him if he will help her turn off the lights, because she's afraid of the dark "Over the Bannister".

He leaves, leaving Esther slightly disappointed. After they leave, Katie asks the older sisters why they won't go out to the Halloween Social.

They both respond that men are too bothersome and they'd rather not. Katie gives them some advice "Touch of the Irish". Immediately following the number, a scream is heard offstage. Tootie comes in with a bloody lip, saying John Truitt hit her. When he comes by to ask if she's alright, Esther beats him up for hurting her little sister. Agnes enters soon after, telling what happened.

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They stuffed one of Katie's dresses so it looked like a body, then put it on the trolley tracks so when the motorman had to put on the brakes, the trolley would come off the tracks. Tootie then reveals that it was not John who hurt her, but she fell. Esther is ashamed and goes to apologize to John. Smith comes home and breaks the news to the family that they are moving to New York.

He thought the family would be happy, but they all are shocked and upset.

meet me in st lewis characters

He tries to convince them that it will be fun, but it doesn't work "A Day in New York". They all exit, leaving Mr. Now it is winter and their last Christmas in St. Louis is fast approaching. Both Rose and Warren are left without dates. Rose didn't respond to Warren's proposal to the dance, so he decided to go with Lucille Ballard who is Lon's girlfriend.