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meet musicians in toronto

Want to start a band? Find musicians for a jam session, artists, photographers, and other creative types in the Toronto (GTA) community on Kijiji, Canada's #1. Musicians wanted Toronto. Find or place musicians wanted ads. Toronto musicians wanted available classifieds. Drummers, bassists, guitarists, singers wanted. Most of the young musicians coming together for this project say they have no with an eclectic style and a vast experience in the Toronto live music scene.

Most music fans will agree that taste is subjective and art is about more than money, fame or awards received. Yet when we ventured to answer the question "who are the most famous Toronto bands right now? Add your nominees in the comments section.

meet musicians in toronto

Drake While we're not assigning anybody numbers here, it's fair to say Drizzy is Toronto's most famous musician right now. Winner of three Junos, six BET awards and one useful Grammy, Drake is currently riding on the September release of his critically acclaimed third studio album Nothing Was the Same, which has been blasted from cars, apartments, and clubs both across Toronto and the world to the point that if you don't have a NWTS track stuck in your head right now, you might want to get your hearing checked out.

He plays the ACC on his birthday later this month. Rush Rush might be a little outdated since their formation inbut everyone listens to vinyl now anyway, right?

Each member of Rush is respected as a master of their instrument. Ever watched a Neil Peart drum solo? You might want to Youtube that. Rush has been awarded twenty-four gold, fourteen platinum, and three multi-platinum albums, totaling over 40 million in sales. Sure, they might be your dad's favourite band, but their name keeps buzzing for good reason. Feist You can't deny that our homegrown girl Leslie Feist has become an international superstar.

She first hit it big with " ", the song that got permanently stuck in everyone's head for the next year.

Her album The Reminder went on to sell over 2. She has too many accomplishments to even list here, and I think we can all agree that Feist is among Toronto's top indie royalty.

meet musicians in toronto

The artsy, room destroying hardcore group steadily gained traction over the years until their "rock opera" David Comes to Life, which became Spin Magazine's 1 album of the year. That a band called Fucked Up including members who nickname themselves fucked up, seriously things like "concentration camp" can become critically acclaimed and beloved by indie and punk fans worldwide might just be the largest testament to Fucked Up's being on to something original that works.

The Broken Social Scene associated band have been based in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, and London, and as they started out in what they describe as "difficult" lodgings in a Brooklyn loft, still wear their indie-ness on their sleeve — perhaps with good reason since their most recent album was the self released Synthetica.

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The Polaris shortlisted album debuted number 12 on the Billboard and number 2 on the Canadian Albums Chart, and while it sometimes seems the band have legions of haters, they clearly have a huge and devoted international fan base as well. The Juno winners have toured the world, opened for the Rolling Stones, and collaborated with Lou Reed. It doesn't matter, the name is still reverberating, partly due to all of the side projects and connected bands the massive collective has accrued Feist, Do Make Say Think, Stars, Metric, etc.

Toronto fans got to see their beloved band reunite and perform this summer at Field Tripa short story contest based on their songs took place here this summer, and BSS have appeared on some compilation albums so far this year. There just might be another chapter of BSS in store. Owen Pallett Aside from being a clear favourite personality in the music scene and on TwitterToronto's Owen Pallett has made a huge name for himself and continues to be a Toronto citizen of note: No longer working as Final Fantasy, Pallett has been focusing on contributions to, remixes for, and collabs with what adds up to be a huge list of names, including R.

Crystal Castles Experimental and controversial electronic duo Crystal Castles have gone a long, long way from being a noisy underground Toronto project named after a line from a cartoon. Their punky, futuristic aesthetics have captured the hearts of dreamers, glitch lovers, and fashion students world wide — one question, though: The Weeknd Abel Tesfaye emerged anonymously via Youtube inposting tracks from his House of Balloons mixtape over black and white images of decadent urban grit.

His break out song "Loft Music" suggested the bleak claustrophobia of cosmopolitan condo living and drug-fueled hook ups.

meet musicians in toronto

Drake got behind him, and Tesfaye's talent, anxious falsetto and feel for urban ennui combined with Zodiac's unique production made The Weeknd something of an overnight success. While Toronto's seedy 4am condo high life needed and still needs more representation in art, some media backpedaling about Tesfaye's genius has been stirring, partly because his misogyny and apparent theft from artists like Portishead seem more than a little uncool. Still The Weeknd is only rising higher, and has three upcoming dates at Massey Hall this month.

The Birthday Massacre "Who? This spooky band might never be as big as Drake, but they're famous in circles where black lace is a lifestyle and each boot should take a minimum of 66 seconds to get on. Billy Talent Can you believe it's been 20 years since this group formed as Pezz?

With their uniquely coiffed hair dos, alternative rawkers Billy Talent look like a band doomed to play punk music forever to the mall crowd — yet a lot of people go to malls, and a lot of people go to Warped Tour, a lot of people listen to bands signed to Warner, and a lot of people worldwide will fill clubs and stadiums for Billy Talent.

Meet the musicians

Here at home, they're the most nominated band in the history of the Much Music Video Awards. After forming Zed's Dead inDC and Hooks soon after started weekly party Bassmentality, which gave them a chance to play and curate music they liked, their way. They are currently headlining a massive North American tour called Altered States. Oriana Barbato Oriana Barbato is a versatile bassist with an eclectic style and a vast experience in the Toronto live music scene.

meet musicians in toronto

Dave also teaches music, both at schools and privately at his Toronto studio. Brian Collinge Brian Collinge is an avid keyboard player, composer, videographer and computer trouble-shooter. He is an avid vlogger, with hundreds of videos posted on the internet. Joni Fico Joni Fico has been performing on keyboards and drum set with Keys for 9 years. He has a talent for playing music by ear and is a riveting improviser.

15 Toronto Bands and Musicians You Need to Know

He also performs with the Surrey Place choir. Johnny Fletcher Johnny Fletcher is a singer, rapper, guitarist, keyboard player and composer. He regularly can be found busking around the streets of Toronto. He was featured on Breakfast Television and performed for the premiere screening of a documentary on street busking.

Lori, who holds a Masters of Music from the University of Toronto, has released a solo album and is a harp instructor at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Meet the members

Dan Goldman Dan Goldman — Guitarist Dan Goldman received his BFA in jazz performance from Concordia University, and has also studied improv acting at Second City and worked as a freelance guitar instructor and volunteer literacy tutor. In he was awarded the KM Hunter award from the Ontario Arts Council to recognize outstanding achievement on record.

Dan is working on an album of his own compositions, in collaboration with David Travers-Smith and the Pendercki String Quartet. Anita Graciano Anita Graciano was born in Colombia where she studied classical piano, music theory, singing and Latin percussion, attended the Institute Staccato Colombia and played salsa, merengue, son, flamenco, jazz, cumbia, rock and funk with various musical orchestras in Medellin.

She has worked with excellent recording musicians and directors throughout her career and gives the beautiful power of music to the world, wherever she goes. He has also released two CDs of his own, and played on numerous other albums. John Jowett John Jowett is an instrumentalist trombone, euphonium, pianoconductor, composer, arranger, teacher and Key Artistic Director of Keys To The Studio which he launched in